March 19th, 2010

FREE Pattern Thursday

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Hi Everyone

Yes, I know, it’s Friday again.  At least this week I have a really good excuse rather than my usual “the week got away from me” blathering.

This week’s FREE pattern is just beyond adorable.  With spring in the air and Easter only a couple of weeks off, we wanted to offer something a bit whimsical and I think you’ll agree we accomplished that:

From the faboo folks at Spud & Chloe comes this free Rabbit pattern.  Made using just one skein of their yarn Sweater, it is snuggly and cute.  I loved the pattern when I saw it and when Mary completed the sample, I was smitten.  It’s hard to have a bad day at the office when you have this lovely bunny sitting on your desk!  Although this pattern ties in with the upcoming Easter holiday, I think surprising a friend with this bunny “just because” would be just as impactful as a child finding it as part of their Easter basket!

I really want to make this Rabbit and can envision it in an array of colors or maybe even with a bit of bowtie around it’s neck, but for me, there still remains the issue of the chicken. . . . .



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