February 19th, 2010

FREE Pattern Thursday on Friday

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It has become very apparent to me that my family & I are in desperate need of a vacation.  Yesterday was one big, messy day and we were all a bit frazzled.  The boys have one more week of school before March break so there’s lots of end-of-term happenings.  Steve is prepping to head to Stitches West and I am still/back on crutches.  We’re all moving in a million directions and not very gracefully.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am no longer a 16 year old athlete capable of bouncing back from injuries (or lose 5 lbs) in the blink of an eye.  The reality that we’ll be heading out on vacation (thankfully)  in just a couple of weeks and the thought of my foot not being healed has hit home.  At the moment, the only shoes I can wear are my Ugg-a-like winter books.  As cute and comfy as they are – sporting them in Florida is not my idea of a fashion statement.  So I am all about ice, elevate, repeat.  My foot will be healed.  I will be able to get a pedicure and wear flip flops.  I will.

So in the craziness of yesterday, I never had a chance to post our Thursday FREE Pattern.  This week we’re featuring the Purple Maze Messenger Bag, Valley Yarns Pattern #141:

It’s knit in Valley Yarns Amherst and is a great bag.  Normally $3.99/ball, we’ve put Amherst on sale this week at $2.89/ball.

How’s the Olympic Knitting coming along?  I’ve slowed.  Need to cast-on the second hat tonight.


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