February 2nd, 2012

Free Pattern Thursday: Sally Cardigan by Nikol Lohr in Valley Yarns Sheffield

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Hi Everyone,

This week’s free pattern was featured on Craft. It is the Sally Cardigan and it was designed by Nikol Lohr using Valley Yarns Sheffield.

The colorwork looks complicated, but is achieved using slipped stitches, so you’re never using more than one color at a time. The cardigan is also steeked and there is a fantastic tutorial on the site. I know steeking is a little fright-inducing (it’s still something I’ve yet to tackle, but want to!), but this tutorial makes it very clear and helps take that fear out.

Valley Yarns Sheffield is a favorite around here. It’s warm and super cozy. It is a blend of merino, angora, and silk. The angora gives it just a hint of a halo and the merino is super soft.

Click here for a link to the pattern.

Have Fun!


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