June 14th, 2007

Freezing in Red Sox Nation

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One of the things Steve and I have in common is that we are both big sports fans. Among others, we are card-carrying members of Red Sox Nation. Both Jackson and Jonathan are fortunately on the band wagon. Jonathan often toys with us and proclaims he “now likes the Yankees” but the suggestion of homelessness bring him back from the dark side.
We’ve had the good fortune to see our beloved team twice during spring training in recent years. That is an absolute treat. But visiting the homeland – there is nothing like it. Now taking a family of four to any major league sporting event is not something that just happens, especially in a sports-crazed city like Boston.

Last night, we made the pilrgrimage. The boys had their first visit to Fenway Park and Steve and I went back for the first time since 1998 (is our best guess). It was awesome. There is no place like Fenway. We got there early, had good seats, AND NEARLY FROZE TO DEATH. We knew it was going to be chilly and planned accordingly. Remember, I am a Bostonian – I know how the weather can be. We were prepared – or so we thought. I had on four layers, jeans and a scarf. Now granted, I followed my post-May 1st footwear rules of only flip-floppy sandals, but other than that one item, I was dressed. I.WAS.MISERABLE. The boys’ were pretty tough, but they too were uncomfortable. Steve, well, there was enough complaining going on around him, there was no need to add to it.
It was great to be there, our beloved Red Sox were trounced by the Rockies, but that’s okay. The kids’ got to see Curt Schilling pitch (a fave of J2) and Big Papi (who doesn’t love him). Today we went to the aquarium to see the new baby Blue Penguin (the picture is of a Macaroni Penguin, says Jackson) and walked through Quincy Market. It was nice to have a little family time, but it was really nice to come home (where it is warm!).

The good news is that the 2+ hour drive each way gave me lots of time to work on my crocheted “More than an Apron”. It’s coming along quite nicely. I’m crocheting in black, so it’s rather pointless to take photos at this stage.
Oh, and while we were away, I had a new companion delivered. I am so excited, I can barely stand it:

I am a grill master, if I do say so myself. I grill a good 4/7 nights a week, 365 days per year (and that’s being conservative). Yes, I grill in the snow, the cold, the sleet, the rain, the heat and all that is good in between. My old grill was, by our best estimate, eight years old. Now, the average grill is used maybe, once per week? I think even that is being generous, so figure 8 years times and average of 4 times per week usage and the elements, well, my old Weber more than served it’s time. I am sure to ruin tonight’s meal. No question about it. Sorry honey!


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  1. Melissa Says:

    No side burner? Man, I LOVE my side burner.

    I have lived in this state for 40 years, give or a take a few brief forays into NH, and have never been in Fenway.

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