October 6th, 2009

Giveaway with KnitPurlGurl

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There’s only one week left to the faboo contest I’m running with lovely KnitPurlGurl! Full details are on her blog http://www.knitpurlgurl.com/ and the prize is a set of our NEW Interchangeable Needles!

She has a great blog you should check out – lots of fun stuff going on and great info. KnitPurlGurl is one of those ladies I swear must not sleep. The contest ends next Tuesday, 10/13 so be sure to follow the steps to get yourself entered!

I know I’ve been a bit remiss about the blog lately. Steve & I made some choices for the boys as they headed back to school which have caused my regular schedule to be less than regular. Couple that with two boys playing hockey and needless to say, I’m finding myself about 15 hours short at the end of the week and so far the blog has suffered because of it. I’m trying to get the new schedule and routine in order and I appreciate everyone sticking with me!


38 Responses to “Giveaway with KnitPurlGurl”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Knit Gurl sent me here! This is a really neat give away. I’m going to start following this blog. The store is great (I’ve never shopped there before). Thanks!

  2. UberDorkGirlie Says:

    I’m another Knit Gurl disciple and a rookie knitting addict. I am just making the leap to circulars and decided to invest in some interchangeables. The issue I was having during research- all my current needles are bamboo and I heart them in a big way and most inter circ sets people were recommending were plastic or metal. SOOOOOO excited to see these!!!!

  3. debbieb97 Says:

    Hi Knit Gurl sent me and this is a great give-away! Thank you for making it possible.

  4. Name Says:

    Test Test Test

  5. Tammy Says:

    Knit Gurl sent me here (well, actually, Kathy did, but I’m trying to follow instructions). I’ll be in Northampton after Rhinebeck and am looking forward to visiting the store again.

  6. marcy Says:

    of course i understand the time crunch as mother of 4! and i don’t own a cool, rockin yarn mecca!
    thanks for the giveaway! i would love the needles!!!! and knitgurl sent me!
    knittinggolfer on rav and twitter

  7. debknits2 Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me back to Webs blog. Love you both. The giveaway is an added bonus. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. lorien Says:

    I am so excited about this contest! The needles are gorgeous (as is everything in the WEBS shop). As specified in the Knit Purl Gurl blog, I am leaving a comment here.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    The Knit Purl Girl sent me 🙂 And I can’t wait for my order to come. More yarn! Yay yarn!

  10. margie204 Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me to comment over here for a chance to win this FABULOUS set of needles! I’ve lusted after metal interchangeables for quite awhile but since I mostly use bamboo, these are PERFECT!!! Thanks for the generous giveaway!!

  11. Johanna Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me back here to comment about the Giveaway, after I read about it here in the first place!

  12. Lollie Says:

    Sent her by Knit PurlGurl for the contest. Not that I have to be sent here, I’m a regular!

  13. LiveLaughLoveCj Says:

    I love KnitPurlGurl’s blog! and she is pretty fantastic herself.
    I’ve entered for this beautiful set…. here’s hoping!

    Hope this finds you well and your knitting knitting up like a dream!

  14. Anne Says:

    Knit Purl Gurl sent me – I would totally love to win this set! I definitely need to drop by the store and check them out.

  15. MaryjoO Says:

    this is coming via the KnitPurlGurl blog 🙂 I listen to your podcast, order from you, read the blog, and like that you also have your own yarn line and patterns! And congrats to the lucky winner — lovely items!

  16. SusanR Says:

    Kathy – Listen to your podcasts weekly – love them – heard about the contest you are having with Knit Purl Gurl and hope that I get chosen for that terrific bamboo needle kit.

  17. Vickie Says:

    I mostly lurk, but am adding my comment to enter the Knit Purl Gurl contest! It would be fabulous to win. The directions are rather complex, though. I think someone with a PhD will probably win. My select item is the Great Adirondack Petite Silk Noir in malachite shown woven into a great scarf.

  18. Lunaria Says:

    I’m so glad you reminded us to enter this – Knit Purl Gurl sent me!

  19. Nan Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me!

  20. sampoulter Says:

    Hi! KnitPurlGurl sent me — and can I tell you that I absolutely love Berkshire Bulky? A joy to knit with!

  21. Margaret Taylor Says:

    I’m entering the knitpurlgirl.com contest.
    The bamboo interchangeable needles look very interesting. Especially the 16″ cable.
    Interesting promotion.
    Wish me luck, next to a gift certificate for WEBS , I would love to have these needles!!

  22. Elizabeth Says:

    Knit Gurl sent me here. Would love to win those circulars. They are yummy!

  23. jaimepelletier Says:

    I love this blog and Knit Purl Girl! I would love to win the giveaway! I am a stay at home mom with no health insurance, I sell knit items to make ends meet, I dont have a lot of extra $$$ for knitting needles so this would be an amazing thing for me!
    Thanks for the chance! off to go tweet about it!

  24. Kitten WIth A Whiplash Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me this time, but I’m a regular reader.

  25. Kitten WIth A Whiplash Says:

    KnitPurlGirl sent me this time, but I am a regular reader.

  26. janna Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! Unlike almost everyone else, your blog sent me to KnitPurlGurl, not the other way around!

  27. Johannab Says:

    Hi! Just wandered by from the KnitPurlGurl promo. Thanks for making that possible – and thanks (or not!) as I’ve just been browsing the web site and have an even longer list of things-I-really-want now….

  28. Name Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me here. What a wonderful contest, thanks.

  29. Oogiem Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me here, what a wonderful Contest

  30. Oogiem Says:

    Third times the charm, KnitPurlGurl sent me here about the contest, what a great giveaway.

  31. Sherri Says:

    I went to Knit Purl Gurl from here, and now I’m back here from there, to leave a comment for the giveaway 🙂 I can’t wait until my next trip to the store to check out the new circs!

  32. Terri Bergandi Says:

    I read about the contest on the blog and was directed to Knit Gurl. Looks interesting (especially the book reviews) so I signed up. Webs is doing a great job with building connections with their remote customers. I listen to the podcast every week and enjoy following along and feeling like part of the community. Steve’s extensive list of closeouts and new yarns are so very tempting that I often follow along the website as he speaks and order as I listen to Steve and Kathy discuss the merits of special find.

  33. Rachel Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me. These needles look amazing. I have always loved the idea of interchangeable needle sets, but was thwarted by my addiction to bamboo. I love the feel of them and the wood clink they make when you’re working. These look awesome!

  34. SpecialKRJ Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me, too! And I’m glad she did, I didn’t know about this store and it’s going right in my bookmarks.

  35. Kathi Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me here. This needle set is awesome. Love your yarns.

  36. Tamara Says:

    Knit Purl Girl sent me here for this great giveaway and I’m so glad she did. This is a great blog that I’ll be sure to follow from now on. I’m a fairly new knitter and can see I’ll be learning a lot from WEBS and this blog.

  37. missminoes Says:

    I’m new here. Found your blog via the contest.
    When I’m not knitting I’m reading about knitting on websites and blogs =^x^=
    So you’ve got yourself a new follower.

  38. jeanneftc Says:

    Have been listening to your podcasts for several months now. And, would love to visit the shop. I live waay to far for a quick drop in. Your blog sent me to Knit Gurl and back. Would love, love those interchangeable needles!

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