August 31st, 2008

Good Times, Good Memories

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Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! After a very wet, “Florida meets Kansas” kind of summer here in the northeast, we are being rewarded with an absolute gem of a weekend (well, at least today and tomorrow).

I’ve got a few photos from Midwest that I want to share, in addition to the videos I’ve already posted.

First, I think all of you are aware of my penchant for warm weather. The morning I left for Midwest, this was the temperature here (top = outdoor, bottom=indoor):

Yes, it can get very cold here in New England, but that is pushing things for mid-August. A reminder of things to come from Mother Nature I suppose. Makes it even more important to me to savor days like today.

We dined at the Weber Grill in Schaumburg with one of our suppliers and his lovely family. Unfortunately, the mini-van didn’t have quite enough room for everyone. Steve lost the draw:

I was completely taken by this lovely scarf. I wrote down her name and have no idea where that little slip of paper is. It will turn up, but in the meantime, isn’t this adorable?

She called it her diamond square scarf, as the crocheted squares are attached at the corner, thus looking like diamonds. She used SWTC Tofutsies in an array of colors. Here’s a closeup.

I just love it.

This next shot also tickles me. Far from the only sighting of a WEBS purchase over the weekend, but this was on Thursday evening after the market preview in the lounge at the hotel.

What doesn’t come through as clearly as I would have liked is that the bar is lit and the WEBS bag was glowing.

Lastly, here we all are in our exhausted glory. Show over, everything packed up and we were tired and hungry, but happy:

Thanks to Pete, Andra, Kirsten and KT for a SUPER effort. You guys rocked.

Before I put Midwest completely to bed, there’s something else I want to share. Over the course of any show, there are what I will categorize as “moments”. In the scope of the show, they are the memory makers for us. Working these tradeshows is hard, grueling work. This show, I made a point to try to keep track of some of the funnier “Quotes from Schaumburg” to share with all of you. Now remember, they might not seem as funny and entertaining to all of you, as they did to us at the time. Here goes:

“If I don’t see fencing, I’m going to kill someone”

“You haven’t seen Glenn Garry, Glenn Ross and I still married you?”

“There’s a Grim Reaper in all of us” – Wanda, IA

“It feels like someone is breathing on me”

“He probably just smells cats” – owner of Daniel the Golden Lab

“My Noro people are here, should I smoke the credit card?” – anonymous

“What, are you chicken?”

“ was here.”

With that, need I say more? See you all in Baltimore for East!



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