December 9th, 2015

Growing the Loom Herd

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We have some new looms in the house and I’m very excited to introduce them. Dave and Pam van Stralen of Louet North America set up a great demo of their looms and spinning wheels in the store during National Spinning and Weaving Week in October. It was great to give them a test drive and we were so impressed we decided to add two looms and a spinning wheel to our inventory.

The David loom is an 8-shaft floor loom, available in two widths – 27.5″ or 35″. This is a well-constructed loom with some really unique features. It is a sinking shed jack loom, which means that pressing a treadle causes the selected shafts to lower. The advantage of this is that the bottom threads are taut, making it less likely for the shuttle to slip underneath and cause floats on the reverse side of the cloth. The spring system that lowers the threads produces a wide shed, as with a countermarch loom, but with a tie up arrangement that is quick and easy. The David has a built in raddle and a newly designed beater that slides on side rails.

New louet looms and spinning wheels at WEBS. Read more on the WEBS Blog at

Then there’s Jane, the Louet table loom that will soon be following me home to join my stable of looms. The Jane also comes with 8 shafts and in two widths – 15.75″ and 27.5″. One of the things I love about this loom is the fantastically easy way it folds down into the base to make a compact unit for transport. I have designated this to be my travel loom for workshops because the portability is amazing – the smaller model even has a built-in carrying handle. Jane also has a built-in raddle and a great hanging beater that has side supports to keep the shed at maximum depth while throwing the shuttle. There is a separate stand to go with the Jane and for those of us who have short arms and hate to weave standing up, it is the perfect height for maximum comfort.

For spinners, we brought in the Victoria, Louet’s travel wheel. This is another example of ingenuity and practical design combining to great effect. Victoria is a double-treadle wheel with scotch tension that a joy to spin with. It folds easily, weighs about as much as my Chihuahua (8 lbs) and has a handy carry strap on top, making it ideal for traveling. (My friend Victoria got this wheel and reports her namesake wheel is a worthy addition to her spinning fleet).

The new looms are set up our weaving room and ready to try, so stop by and weave a bit to see for yourself.

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