December 6th, 2007

Hanukkah Flambe

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Happy Hanukkah to those of you who celebrate. We get to enjoy both holidays since Steve is Jewish and I am not. It’s always great for us when there’s time between the two. It gives us a chance to really focus on them individually and talk about why the meaning of each and the importantce and such. Despite our best efforts, when the two coincide, it becomes just a non-stop-present-fest which is not good.

Back in November, Jonathan and I were in Tarjay (a.k.a. Target) and he spotted a “Paint Your Own Menorah” kit. He was all excited and I was thrilled. Two kits were in the basket before my cutie-patootie could even give it a good “pleeeeaaaassseee, Mom?”. The boys worked diligently on them and Jackson decided he would give his to his grandparents and we would keep Jonathan’s for our family. So for the past three nights we’ve lit two menorahs. We lit the candles tonight, said the prayer, opened gifts and when Steve turned around, Jonathan’s handpainted keepsake menorah WAS ON FIRE. Not toast-your -marshmellows fire but “hurry before the smoke detectors go off” kind of fire. This is the aftermath:

About a half hour later as the candles were dwindling to nothing it dawns on me “Art & Barbara have one of these too!” I call them and warn them of impending danger. All is well.

I will call Target tomorrow about this product. I no longer have the packaging, but obviously there is a problem. We still had a lovely celebration tonight:

Notice Jackson’s pinky finger. Yes, that is a splint. He jammed his finger yesterday and despite his complaints, there was no swelling. We figured he was just being dramatic. Well, today it was swollen and uncomfortable and the very responsible folks at his school took him to the health center and the nurse examined him and put a splint on his “possibly broken” finger. He thinks he looks cool, I concede complete defeat on any mother-of-the-year awards (gently pounding head against wall for not being more on top of this).

In knitting news, I am working on two top secret projects, one of which will achieve it’s deadline, one which I don’t think will. Hey, it’s not like the house is going to burn down. . . .
We’ve received in some new yarn, but I am sans pictures. Sorry. Steve has been empanelled in a jury and I’ve had to be me and Steve, which is not easy. This week’s podcast I am alone again and well, I basically talk as if I’ve free-based a pot of espresso. Who knew I could go without breathing for 12 minutes! Sorry, I digress, on to the yarn.

First, we have carried Schaefer Anne for quite some time in the store, but never on the web. Well, we’ve changed that. Six of the twelve colors are in. Anne retails for $26.00/skein.

Anne’s brand new baby sister Heather will also be on-line and in the store. Heather is a 55% merino/35% silk/15% nylon gorgeous sock yarn. We only have 3 colors in – the other 9 are coming. Cost is $29.00/skein.

We also just received in Happy Feet from Plymouth. A great sock yarn with a nice twist, Happy Feet has beautiful colors. Each hank is 50 gm, so you’ll need 2 for a pair. Price – hold on folks – price is $6.99/skein!

I’ll be posting some great gift ideas in the next post.

Also, if you listen to our podcast and have any suggestions for KAL’s for 2008, please post them. We are planning the schedule and have some great ideas, but would love to hear what would tickle you! Is there a project you think would be great, a technique you want to learn about? Let us know – we can do whatever we want, whatever you want!

Happy Knitting!



6 Responses to “Hanukkah Flambe”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Uh oh, is your family adopting the “What shall we incinerate this year” holiday tradition of Dori’s family?

    Happy Hannukah!

  2. Jenn Says:

    Oh no! We have that menorah too. I’ll keep an eye on it. It is nice to have the separation in holiday time this year.

  3. goldwoman Says:

    Glad you PUT OUT THE FIRE!
    Hang on I can’t wait coming to WEBS on our way to Vermont next weekend….Love that new Happy Feet sock yarn…..hmmm doing the happy dance

  4. Jill Says:

    If you want a KAL that lasts for a while you could do a sampler afghan – each square a different technique.

  5. MelissaKnits Says:

    OK, I think I just spewed my (liberally) Cointreau laced cocoa out my nose. Mr. W had to come and share. We’re totally loving the menorah meltdown scenario. He has a vision of Miss Kathy explaining this situation to Tar-jay. Who the heck sells flammable menorahs????

    I want Heather, Julia Child. I cannot have ($$$). I am very sad.

    We save our incinerations for birthdays. On Girl’s 13th, we had a chimney fire; just one big ole candle on the house-top and a bunch of guys in yellow rubber coats with a big red truck. They were very kind. And made a huge mess of my house.

  6. Patricia Says:

    knit an aran sweater

    knit from one of the pure and simple patterns but incorporate a stitch pattern

    Play with a bunch of colors in the stitch pattern

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