December 6th, 2013

“Hanukkah is Over, Full Speed Ahead to Christmas” Gifts

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I’ve been wandering around the store, enjoying the festive look of our new cash wrap and the decorations around the shelves. Although my family celebrates Hanukkah, I always like the lights and pine-y scent of Christmas decor. I thought I’d mention some gift items for shoppers looking for Christmas stocking-stuffers as we look ahead a few weeks to present-opening day.

Kristin Nicholas is not only an icon in the knitting world but a good friend and a talented artist. A few years ago, she used some of her rare free time to knit sweaters for her lambs, and then photograph them and turn them into magical gift and greeting cards. How can you resist this face?


Another friend and gifted artist is former WEBS employee and potter Malea Rhodes, who produces beautiful ornaments and porcelain buttons for sale in the store. These sheep would look right at home nestled on a knitter’s Christmas tree or carefully wrapped in a stocking or on a special package.

Just right for a crafty Christmas...

And last but not least, these exquisite scissors, which look like they came from an Edwardian sewing box, would be the perfect accessory for any crafter’s stash. The delicate gold accents don’t detract at all from the durability and sharpness of the tool, and it’ll be oohed and ahhed over at your next knitting group meeting.

Happy crafting, happy shopping, and happy holidays!scissors

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2 Responses to ““Hanukkah is Over, Full Speed Ahead to Christmas” Gifts”

  1. sandy48 Says:

    What are the scissors? There’s no link or identifying information.

  2. Sara Says:

    Hi Sandy, Thanks for your question! Unfortunately the buttons, ornaments and scissors are only available in our retail store in Northampton, but the wonderful cards from Kristin Nicholas can be ordered online.

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