April 30th, 2007

Harlot Mania

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I know I’ve left some of you hanging regarding the Yarn Harlot Event. Until I had all of the details finalized, I didn’t want to start handing out info.

As many of you know, we sold out the event. Yup, 375 spots filled in a heart beat. So, out of pure FEAR that we would end up with a riot on our hands, we cancelled the Clarion Hotel (they are not happy with us. . . . .) and we are now booked at the Calvin Theater in downtown Northampton. It is a beautiful, beautiful theater with a seating capacity of 1000ish. Hah! See if you can fill that! So, registration is back open – we still need you to register so we have a headcount. No change in time – the Harlot goes on at 6:00pm! (Note – do not panic that our “private event” is not listed yet.)

With the move to the larger (read more expensive) location and the fact that we had to break our contract with the Clarion (read – we had to pay a penalty) we will not be serving food. It goes against every event planning bone in my body, but it has to be. More people and no food seemed better than leaving people out, just so a mere 375 of us could enjoy Stephanie AND munchies. . . .I know you will all understand. So please, plan accordingly. There are lots of places in Northampton to dine from fast food, to casual, to ethnic to fancy. If you don’t have time before the event to eat, you should feel confident that you will have time afterwards – we will be moving the book signing line at the store along as fast as possible, but it will take time to get through everyone, so feel free to take a 1/2 hour to stop and grab a bite.

Also, this event is FREE, but we are hoping to help out a local charity. We often do this with our free events. We are partnering with the Northampton Survival Center and their Kid’s Summer Food Program. The program provides meals for school age children in 16 area towns that normally received subsidized breakfasts and lunches at school. During the summer there is no school for these kids and thus, little or no food. The link to the items they need is here and we are asking to bring what you can. If the budget is tight and a jar of peanut butter and bottle of jellly is all you can do, that’s great. If you can bring more, we (and the kids) would be deeply appreciative.

More info to come regarding parking and other fun things!



3 Responses to “Harlot Mania”

  1. Melissa Says:

    One tends to wonder…
    is the Clarion fully booked, by any chance, on the night of May 30th, and how many of those staying are, oh, KNITTERS?
    Just a humble query from Mr Wonderful.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Well, there is also a “Trumpeters” event happening. Could get interesting. . .. .

  3. Nennie Says:

    Quick question about hats? Are we to bring hats to this event also?? I know the Harlot has been collecting them on her other visits and assumed that there also may be a hat requirement here too.

    Can’t wait until the end of May!

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