October 19th, 2010

Holiday Catalog

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Hi Everyone

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Time to starting thinking about the holidays.  I know, for many of you it’s still too early.  Now that the temperature has cooled here and the leaves are changing color, I’ve succumbed.  A third reason to stop fighting and just accept the inevitable is that our holiday catalog is on it’s way to you as we speak.  We’ve already go it up on line for you to preview.

One of my favorite things about our holiday catalog is the cover.  It’s the one cover each year that doesn’t feature a garment.  Instead, it tends to have a more whimsical flare.  Our first holiday catalog featured Wooly:

Adobe Photoshop PDF

I love Wooly right down to his Susan Bates Crystallite Needle Nose.  All holiday covers are measured against Wooly.  We’ve done okay since then:

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Adobe Photoshop PDF

The sweater in the gift box is my least favorite.  Not the sweater itself, that I love.  The cover is just not exciting or full of fun.

Last year as we were finishing the catalog, I had a “vision” for this year’s cover.  I told the team what I wanted, they all smiled nicely thinking (a) this is a year away, stop bugging us already and/or (b) you have lost your mind.

Needless to say I was stuck on the concept and refused to let it go.  Finally in late summer, while on vacation, I received a snapshot from Mary.  I guess they decided I wasn’t going to give up and that they better come up with something.  The design was PERFECT!  Kirsten, our in-house designer readily admits this project nearly pushed her to the brink.  This from the woman who can knit lace, walk around the office and chew gum/carry on a conversation without missing a beat.  Trying to design something whimsical or even worse, cute was almost too much.  But she did it and I love the results:

Adobe Photoshop PDF

I love the penguins, which was my request – the polar bear is just an added bonus!  I *heart* this cover.  I cannot wait to have it framed and hanging in my office.  Of course, the catalog is filled with lots of great gift ideas too!

What do you think of this year’s cover?  How is your holiday knitting coming along?




19 Responses to “Holiday Catalog”

  1. penny Says:

    I love it! Of course, I might be a little biased toward the penguin love…

  2. Theresa Says:

    Love it! Now I can’t wait to get my catalog.

  3. Monica Says:

    Those are ADORABLE! What is the chance of the pattern for those being published?

  4. KathyElkins Says:

    The pattern is available. It’s on page 2 of the catalog, lower left corner. It’s Valley Yarns pattern #347. If you go to the on-line preview, you can click right through to it. Enjoy!

  5. KathyElkins Says:

    Maybe just a little – that’s okay though!

  6. KathyElkins Says:

    Let me know when it arrives – would love to know how it’s moving through the mail system!

  7. Mollysmum Says:

    So extremely adorable!

  8. Sandyknits Says:

    Love these BUT “Wooly” is still my all time favorite~~
    Every winter I say I’m going to do a “Wooly” and never seem to ~ maybe this year~~
    is there a scematic for “Wooly”?
    thanks bunches~~

  9. Blueloom Says:

    The penguins are cute, but nothing will ever top the plate of cookies.

  10. KathyElkins Says:

    We don’t have an official schematic Sandy. He’s made from three styrofoam balls wrapped in Berkshire natural. The hat is our standard Hats from measurements pattern (yes – we used the same formula on his head) and knit in Amherst. The scarf is just simple garter stitch with fringe that we knit to size. His eyes are buttons from stock, the nose is a Susan Bates Crystalite Knitting Needle that we cut. His arms are bamboo dpns and the mini mittens are a pattern that I’m not remembering.

  11. KathyElkins Says:

    Mary in Marketing made the cookies. You made HER day with your nice comment!

  12. Deborah (mtmom) Says:

    Little balls of cuteness! Photographically, I especially like the icebergs and their reflections.

    The cookies may remain my favorite, though. When that catalog came in the mail, I was fooled at first, and then got this big grin — ha!

  13. K1w1 Says:

    Wooly is my most fav too – visually I really like the strong colour contrasts as well. Holiday projects going slow as life keeps getting in the way!!

  14. Amanda Says:

    Agree 100% about the gift box cover — nothing wrong with it, just not memorable or inspiring. Would it be a sacrilege to say that I think the penguin cover is my favourite — yes, even over Wooly? & I have them all saved, with the pages of patterns I want to make dog-eared.

  15. Elizabeth A Durand Says:

    Maybe it’s subliminal suggestion from the cover just above it, but those penguins make me want to go eat a whole lot of Oreos!

  16. KathyElkins Says:

    That’s really funny 🙂

  17. KathyElkins Says:

    Shhh. Wooly knows he’s the favorite child. Wouldn’t want him to find out we *might* feel differently.

  18. KathyElkins Says:

    Life is so in the way of holiday projects. I’m going to be lucky if I’m not cutting holes in white sheets on Sunday at dusk so the boys can go trick or treating!

  19. KathyElkins Says:

    Again, our Marketing Manager Mary is quietly smiling at the cookie love that she created last year. Thank you for sharing. Our stylist & photographer are also tickled that the cover shot spoke to you. You have no idea the lengths they went to! Thanks!

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