October 22nd, 2012

Holla Knits Accessories Blog Tour and Giveaway

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Holla Knits recently released their Accessories 2012 collection. It is a great group of accessory patterns including one by WEBS-own Emma Welford. Emma is our purchasing coordinator and has recently jumped into designing and we love all of the projects she is creating.

Featured in Holla Knits Accessories 2012, Emma has the Wallpaper Cowl. Valley Yarns Northfield and Valley Yarns Huntington are paired in this great design. The cowl is knit in Northfield and it is lined with Huntington.

We love the bold colorwork pattern paired with the solid lining. It’s a great way to experiment with color and a fantastic way to brighten up a neutral wardrobe. I have a lot of black and gray in my closet and I think I may pick some favorite colors of Northfield and knit this for myself!


Since we’re so excited about Emma’s design and the entire Holla Knits Accessories 2012 collection, we’re giving away the Northfield and Huntington you need to knit the cowl.

Just leave a comment with the color combination of Northfield and Huntington you would use by 9:00AM EDT on Monday, October 29th.

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143 Responses to “Holla Knits Accessories Blog Tour and Giveaway”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I like the Grey in the Huntington and I like the Deep water blue in the Northfield.

  2. Heather Waddell Says:

    I’d use Avocado and Cocoa for the Northfield, and I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy and use Harvest Orange for the Huntington. It would definitely be fall-like!

  3. mkg Says:

    Ouu yummy. How about cocoa background, with firedance, and an olive or artic lining!

  4. rkrol Says:

    I think Black and Haze in the Northfield with a Harvest Orange lining.

  5. Sheri Moon Says:

    I would use Firedance and Grape and for the lining Mustard.

  6. Debbie Hallamek Says:

    With Northfield I would use black and boy blue and for the Huntington I would use Mauve. thanks!

  7. Marla Says:

    Seaspray and grape Northfield, and line it in Harvest Orange

  8. Christine Lima Says:

    Hands down – Brown sugar and Porcelain blue Huntington with Haze Northfield!

  9. hotknitter Says:

    Grape and either grey or seagull, lined with forest.

  10. Laura Says:

    Navy Blue and Natural for the northfield and Harvest Orange for the lining.

  11. Rachel R. Says:

    I LOVE Northfield – I knit a shawl out of it a few years ago, and it is my favorite – so soft and warm! I would pick Charcoal and Summer Plum in Northfield, and line it with Sea Gull. I love grey!

  12. Melissa Hellman Says:

    Red and Boy Blue Northfield, and Porcelain Blue for the lining. I love both red and blue!

  13. Michelle McMillen Says:

    Bluestone and Boy Blue; would look great with all the jeans I wear!

  14. Melissa H Says:

    I like the Navy Blue and Stone Blue in Northfield and Red in Huntington for the Lining

  15. Lacey Norberg Says:

    Charcoal & Tranquil Blue for Northfield, Purple for Huntington.

  16. Jen Funk Says:

    Avocado and Navy northfield and mustard huntington

  17. Ricki Koppel Says:

    Let me see…BoyBlue and Red lined with mustard….or maybe summer plum and navy blue lined in bluestone….or natural pine and green lined in mustard. MUST I only decide on one color combo??

  18. Leslie Says:

    deep water and charcoal northfield, navy for the lining

  19. Bonney Says:

    I’d go with Tranq Blue and Cocoa lined with orange!

  20. Addie Jackson Says:

    I would use Charcoal Northfield with Black Huntington and lined with Red!!

  21. Heather Lott Says:

    I’d also line it with that pop of Mustard, but I’d knit the outside in Balsam and Charcoal! Although honestly I think I’d like the Northfield better against my skin!! (In that case, I’d line with Tranquil Blue and knit the outside in Purple and Deep Pine!!)

  22. Faith (tVS) Says:

    I fell in love with this pattern as soon as the teaser photos appeared and I cannot imagine knitting it in any other colors!

  23. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I would use Red and Camel for the cowl and line it in North Sea

  24. Craftie Allie Says:

    Haze and Lavender lined with North Sea would be fun!

  25. Kristen McIntyre Says:

    Seaspray and Natural lined with Navy.

  26. kelli g Says:

    I’d use Balsam & Chestnut for the the Northfield and Mauve Huntington for the lining.

  27. Susan aka paintermom Says:

    I would use pine green and lavendar Northfield lined with mustard Huntington.

  28. Monica Ruiz Morales Says:

    Purple Haze and Seaspray Northfield and Purple Huntington to line it up.

  29. Kae Kelly Says:

    I would use a ground of lavender with pine green Northfield and a lining of Bluestone Huntington

  30. Sheila Says:

    I’d knit it in grape and seaspray, lined in porcelain blue.

  31. Jane Says:

    I would use Northfield’s camel and summer plum with Huntington’s north sea. What a unique cowl!

  32. Thatiana Says:

    I’d make it in the mustard and seagull, lined with balsam. Love the colors picked for the photo!

  33. connie Says:

    I think i’d knit the outide with Pine Green and Haze, and i’d just have to line it with Mustard, it’s such a gorgeous colour.

  34. Kim k Says:

    Summer plum and charcoal with a mustard lining

  35. Joanne G. Says:

    I would knit in grape ans sea scape and line in blue.

  36. Anna D. Says:

    Ooh! I think I would use black and charcoal for a subtle damask-y pattern, and red for the lining.

  37. Catherine Kennedy Says:

    Navy ground with grey accent and mustard for the lining.

  38. AmyB Says:

    Grape Northfield and North Sea Huntington.

  39. Francine Williams Says:

    I would use Northfield Purple Haze and Huntington Soft Grape, with lime green for the lining

  40. Anne Says:

    Balsam and Haze with a Purple lining.

  41. Elizabeth Says:

    Beautiful cowl! I’d do summer plum and avocado for the outside with a dark purple lining. Perfect pop for a grey winter day.

  42. Julianne Q Says:

    I’d use charcoal and firedance with mustard lining!

  43. Monica M. Says:

    I would use Northfield Charcoal and Huntington Dark Olive. Thanks
    for the opportunity.

  44. KathyS Says:

    I’d use Northfield grape with lavender and Huntington mustard for the lining.

  45. Turtleknits Says:

    North Sea in the Huntington and Pine Green in the Northampton. Beautiful!

  46. Julie Bumgarner Temple Says:

    Charcoal and Lavender in Northfield and Mustard in Huntington for the lining. Absolutely lovely!

  47. CathyJ Says:

    Mauve and Harvest Orange with a lining of Mustard: all to match my daughter”s new jacket

  48. Chandra Years Says:

    I’d use Northfield Grape and Tranquil Blue, with Huntington Harvest Orange as the lining!

  49. tignor Says:

    This is so gorgeous!
    I would choose the Northfield in Navy Blue and Red, with the Huntington lining in Brown Sugar. Thank you for this giveaway!

  50. Cheryl Carlson Says:

    Avacado and wine northfield soft grape huntington…this is gorgeous and I will make it in this combo even if I don’t win.. 🙂

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