October 22nd, 2012

Holla Knits Accessories Blog Tour and Giveaway

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Holla Knits recently released their Accessories 2012 collection. It is a great group of accessory patterns including one by WEBS-own Emma Welford. Emma is our purchasing coordinator and has recently jumped into designing and we love all of the projects she is creating.

Featured in Holla Knits Accessories 2012, Emma has the Wallpaper Cowl. Valley Yarns Northfield and Valley Yarns Huntington are paired in this great design. The cowl is knit in Northfield and it is lined with Huntington.

We love the bold colorwork pattern paired with the solid lining. It’s a great way to experiment with color and a fantastic way to brighten up a neutral wardrobe. I have a lot of black and gray in my closet and I think I may pick some favorite colors of Northfield and knit this for myself!


Since we’re so excited about Emma’s design and the entire Holla Knits Accessories 2012 collection, we’re giving away the Northfield and Huntington you need to knit the cowl.

Just leave a comment with the color combination of Northfield and Huntington you would use by 9:00AM EDT on Monday, October 29th.

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143 Responses to “Holla Knits Accessories Blog Tour and Giveaway”

  1. Valerie Baxter-Vincent Says:

    I just about died when I saw this! For me, same exact colors as the one pictured here…perfection!

  2. be twin Says:

    I’d use Northfield Avocado and Firedance and Huntington in North Sea for the lining.

  3. Jenn Martin Says:

    Ooh- so beautiful! I’d love to make one in Northfield Navy Blue & Haze and Huntington Mustard!

  4. Donna Morgan Says:

    I would use seaspray and lavendar linded with dark olive. Beautiful pattern!

  5. Sarah Campbell Says:

    Ooh shiny! What fun- I’d use Northfield Avacado and Summer plum for the pattern and Huntington Natural for the lining- Thank you for posting this

  6. Jessica Cody Corb Says:

    This is so amazing! i’ve just started knitting and couldn’t imgine i would be able create this but i would LOVE to try! the colors i would use, would be summer plum and haze in northfield and mustard (what an awesome color btw) in huntington for the lining. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  7. Pam Says:

    I’d use Northfield in Grape and Purplehaze with Natural for the lining. What a fun accessory to knit with this yummy yarn.

  8. Laura Fugate Says:

    Would love this in Deep Water and Seagull

  9. Debbie Saenz Says:

    Balsam & Baby Boy Blue Northfield with Natural Huntington lining.

  10. Jean Manning Wallace Says:

    I would use Northfield grape with the Huntington purple and grey!

  11. Lindy Evans Says:

    Deep water and mauve –with a black lining.

  12. Jennifer Says:

    Charcoal and Tranquil blue Northfield with Harvest Orange for the lining.

  13. Michelle Dority Kroll Says:

    I would use grape and purple haze in Northfield and Huntington North Sea. Great pattern!

  14. Caroline Wise Says:

    Summer Plum and Balsam of Northfield… and lined with Harvest Orange in Huntington. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Sally Adriatico Says:

    So pretty! I’m in a “dark”-ish mood, I’d love to use Grape & Charcoal in the Northfield, where Charcoal would be the rib & picture & then pair them with Arctic in the Huntington. Oh my, want!

  16. Susan Hatton Rostand Says:

    Charcoal and Natural Northfield with Red Huntington

  17. Ljknits Says:

    tranqblue and cocoa in Northfield and Mauve in Huntington

  18. Samantha Says:

    I think this cowl would be beautiful in black and TranQblue northfeild with a POP of Mustard as the lining! so beautiful

  19. Leanne Says:

    I’d use Tranquil blue and red huntington for a vintage look and use seagull for the lining to tie them together.

  20. Jamie Says:

    red & charcoal with deep water back. Yummy…

  21. YigsHorror Says:

    I would use Wine with Charcoal in Northfield, with a pretty Soft Grape in Huntington <3 Thank you for the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Michal Says:

    Besides Northfield and Huntington being an awesome color combo it would also go with 75% of everything I wear. Beautiful!

  23. Michal Says:

    Actually, I completely missed what I was supposed to comment about; I would still love the grey Huntington and the red Northfield. Love that combo!

  24. Elaine M. Says:

    After much debate and contrasting… I choose Wine & Charcoal in Northfield with Wine being the background color… then the lining would be Olive in the Huntington.

  25. Chelsea Says:

    I think to be on trend this winter, I would do a black and white front motif with a beautiful oxblood or wine color lining!

  26. Elizabeth Lubay Says:

    I would do this in balsam and natural with a soft grape lining; gorgeous!

  27. Gail Donaldson Says:

    I think Avocado and Mustard would be a pretty combination.

  28. michal Says:

    Actually, I’ve just worked out a perfect combo for myself – finally! The pattern in deepwater and charcoal Northfield, and the lining in Huntington mustard! Can’t wait!

  29. Shan0n72 Says:

    I love this pattern! I would use Northfield Charcoal and Tranqblue and the Huntinton Mustard as the lining. So fun!

  30. Kate Gray Says:

    I would go with Deep Water and Lavender, with a Harvest Orange lining. Gorgeous!

  31. Lyz Says:

    I would use Northfield with Charcoal background and Summer Plum, and the lining in Huntington Forest!

  32. Karey Says:

    I would use Huntington in grey and Northfield in tranquil blue and natural!

  33. Emily G. Says:

    This cowl is fantastic–I can’t stop playing with color combinations. But purple-on-purple is always a favorite: I’d use Grape and Lavender Northfield, lined with the Sea Gull Huntington.

  34. RubyDear Says:

    Grape and Boy Blue in Northfield, lined with Harvest Orange from Huntington.

  35. Victoria Barton Says:

    I would use grape and grey thanks for the wonderful giveaway tiredmommyspinning at g mail dot com

  36. Pamela Mchugh Weston Says:

    I would use Pine Green and Grape in Northfield and line it with Grey in Huntington. This was a difficult choice. So many colours I liked.

  37. Kristi ~ Ohio Says:

    I would use navy and haze in Northfield and blue in Huntington. What a great cowl! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  38. Ardosa Carboni Says:

    i think firedance and mustard would look great together

  39. Katherine Says:

    i would use pine green and tranquil blue in northfield and line it with huntington red, probably! i love those colors!

  40. Julie Says:

    Is this a double knitting pattern? If so, I am even more excited about it. If not. I’ll deal… ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Cerridwen Johnson Says:

    I think Limerick and Moss Green. Or Summer Plum instead of Limerick, since it is a close out.

  42. Lynn Jacobs Says:

    Chestnut and Harvest Orange! Total Fall colors, yummy together

  43. Angela Preston Says:

    Boy Blue and Navy Blue, with a Sea Gull lining

  44. Colleen Coffee Says:

    How beautiful! I don’t know if I could stop with one color combo! I may need to make several! I’ll start with Balsam and Stone Blue Northfield on the outside with a Huntington Forest contrast interior. Very winter mountain I think!

  45. Sierra Says:

    I love it as shown! Would be happy to go with that. Or maybe red and tranquil blue with purple lining. Drawing is on my birthday. How awesome would that be to win! thanks for the opportunity!

  46. DebS Says:

    Love it! I already have some Northfield in Natural, so I’d use Red and Natural, and line it with Huntington in Mustard. Red and mustard are both such happy colors, to brighten up a Winter’s day.

  47. Jillserenity Says:

    I would knit it in Balsam and Camel, and line it with chocolate. Very pretty cowl, I would love to try it!

  48. Maggie Says:

    Do that baby up in Northfield’s Lavender & Purple Haze, line ‘er up in Huntington’s Harvest Orange. MmmmmMmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Denene Says:

    Firedance and Chocolate

  50. Tamar Says:

    Summer plum/avocado and 0022 navy. Yummy! Such a fun pattern!

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