April 29th, 2013

Holla Knits Blog Tour: Just Beachy by Emma Welford

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The Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Holla Knits was released recently and we are super excited about it here at WEBS and happy to be participating in the blog tour. Not only does it have a great selection of hip patterns that are perfect for warm weather, one of them is designed by our very own Emma Welford!


Just Beachy is knit in Valley Yarns Goshen and is a perfect layering piece for summer. Throw it on over anything. The fun colorblock detail adds a bit of contrast, but if you wanted to, you could easily knit this in just one color.

We’re giving away the yarn to knit yourself your very own Just Beachy. In the comments section, let us know what you love the most about summer. Leave your comment by Tuesday, May 7th at 9:00EDT and we’ll announce the winner. (Please make sure to leave your email address so that we can contact you if you win.)

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53 Responses to “Holla Knits Blog Tour: Just Beachy by Emma Welford”

  1. kelli Says:

    sunny days and no school!

  2. Sara Duran Says:

    I love that everyone seems to be more laid back and carefree.

  3. Kate Noe Says:

    I love the longer days.

  4. Angelica Rodriguez-Macklin Says:

    Summer vacation and beach days

  5. Guest Says:

    I love the bright sunshine, the laid back attitude, and the possibility of tons of fun! Plus I get to wear cute sundresses, sandals, knitted tanks and killer shades!

  6. Addie Jackson Says:

    I love the bright sunshine, laid back attitude and the possibility of tons of fun! Plus I get to wear cute sundresses, sandals, knitted tanks and killer shades!

  7. Sara Says:

    What I love most about summer? It’s finally warm again. Warm and light. I do not like the cold and dark of winter.

  8. Jana Gilbertson Says:

    I love longer days to knit outside, carefree clothes, and showing off my pedicure!

  9. Rebecca Says:

    Long sunny days—I’m always excited when there starts to be sunshine both early in the morning and late into the evening.

  10. OhDoogs Says:

    I love the sun and seeing my neighborhood become green and full of life again!

  11. Debbie Says:

    I love the warm weather. This winter seemed like it went on forever!!
    gussek at Hotmail dot com

  12. Elizabeth Stromme Says:

    I love going to the pool, getting nice and warm and then jumping in the cool water!

  13. Sheri Says:

    We have Fridays off in the summer. More time to sit in the sun.

  14. Pooch Says:

    I love knitting on our boat at the lake while dear husband fishes. Making this pattern for my college student granddaughter would make it even more enjoyable.
    Thank you for offering this give-away.

  15. angela hathaway Says:

    gahhh! I would love to win the yarn to make just beachy! maybe not in that exact colorway but i love the pattern (which i have already, it’s just on my list!)

    i hope i win, thanks for the chance! angielovesmaps@gmail.com, Holla subscriber email: raw.sewage.by.angie@gmail.com

  16. Anna C. Says:

    That color blocking is genius! I love it!

    My favorite thing about summer… Hard to choose! Warm weather? Cookouts? My birthday? All of the above!

  17. Dana Berry Says:

    Sunshine. Definitely the sunshine, been missing that a bit.

  18. Caitlin Says:

    I’m really glad to see a sweater knitted in cotton that looks awesome because I hate that (right now) I can’t wear my hand knitted sweaters year round!

  19. Chi N. Says:

    Best thing about summer where I am is the beach!
    email: soundlolgic@gmail.com

  20. Lori M-C Says:

    We take a trip to visit family!

  21. Fara Kaufman Says:

    This is a spectacular pattern! I love Goshen yarn too. This is great yarn to wear anywhere in California where I live.

  22. Elsha Wolf Says:

    The best parts of summer are getting to go on vacation, enjoying sunshine and pretty weather, summer wardrobe, and most definitely San Diego Comic-Con <3 Love this tank, Emma!

  23. Jane Kettlewell Says:

    Why do I love summer? I love long warm evenings, campfires, s’mores, friends dropping by, children’s laughter and family gatherings!

  24. Sally Adriatico Says:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT SUMMER! ^^ What I love most about it though is the sun. It’s like warm hugs all over & just plain makes me happy!

    edit: bah, I can’t tell if it shows you my email, it’s delirium.sj at gmail dot com
    Thank you for the giveaway btw! ^^

  25. Joanne Says:

    I just love hazy hot and humid- bring it on!

  26. Carol C Says:

    I love longer days, the beautiful flowers, the feel of a cool breeze, an evening stroll holding hands with my hubby. And of course, the opportunity to go to the beach!

  27. Bether Says:

    I love swimming outside!

  28. Carol Perecman Says:

    Summer knitting!!
    Carol, ceejay on Rav

  29. Katie McLain Says:

    Longer days!

  30. Kristen Says:

    I work in a school and have summers off – that is my prime knitting season!

  31. flossie Says:

    skirts and tee shirts and long sunny days!

  32. Genevieve Toutain Says:

    Summer is camping season! Nothing like smores and hot dogs to bring you joy. Now that I learned to knit in the dark, it’s the best! Just need to be careful about being too close to crackling logs…

  33. susankou Says:

    I love getting and iced coffee or ice cream and walking the beach with my husband!

  34. Kelly H. Says:

    I love gardening! (and that my hands aren’t cold!)

  35. Angie Ward Says:

    I love the carefree days and having my kids home!!

  36. Chelsea W Says:

    I love the fresh fruits and veggies of summer! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  37. Emily W. Says:

    What I love most about summer is fresh berries in my cereal in the morning.

  38. Sarah from Boston Says:

    I love the late sunsets and the outdoor knitter friendly weather 🙂 Oh, and grilled veggies every chance I get

  39. Donna M Says:

    Digging clams! Or better yet, reading on the beach while hubby digs clams… : )

  40. Sarah P. Says:

    Sleeping in! (I work in schools so I get the summers off.)

  41. Roz C Says:

    I love not having to wear coats, multiple layers of clothing, and shoes. I love the longer periods of daylight

  42. Linda Says:

    That 10 P.M. evening dip in our pool when everything is perfectly still, the only ripples on the water are from me, floating while gazing at the stars and moon.

  43. schwipknits Says:

    I love that I can sit on my porch swing on my deck early in the morning with my coffee. I still is so quite then.

    schwip @ rav

  44. Sarah Anderson Says:

    I love eating ice cream and wearing cute sundresses!

  45. Miranda Says:

    Ice cream! And cool breezes in the evening.

  46. Ana Says:

    Lounging in the sun, and having meals out on our deck.

  47. Patricia Says:

    I love the sun, and colors.

  48. Katie Says:

    I love being outside!

  49. sara Says:

    I love summer for the sunshine knitting!!

  50. Faith (tVS) Says:

    I love being able to go for a run after work without worrying about running in the dark.

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