January 17th, 2014

How To Get Through The Awful Part of Winter

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I am a professed winter-lover. I love the clean, white snow and the sharply etched night skies that come with cold weather, and I especially love layering on sweaters and blankets. However what I don’t love is what my area of the Northeast is enduring now: dirty, old snow with a treacherous icy topcoat, cloudy, raw days that spit an unappetizing mix of sleet and freezing rain, and a few days of absolute bone-chilling don’t-go-outside-or-your-face-will-freeze temperatures below zero.

These are the times that I rely on a pop of color, an unexpected fiber combination, or a fun, easy pattern that will help me endure until I can look at the 7-day weather forecast and not see one day that has a temperature in the single digits, or an unbroken line of clouds and ice. While walking through the store a day or so ago I stumbled upon one of Berroco’s new spring yarns, Folio.     FOLIOBERRO.4515.zoom.1First of all, bless Berroco for shipping their spring yarns in January. But also, thank you, Berroco, for showcasing my favorite fiber of all, alpaca, in such bright, rich colors! And thanks even more for combining it with just the right amount of rayon, so it won’t grow, pill, or lose its drape. I fell in love at first sight, and immediately hit on a pattern that shows my two color choices (Spruce–a bright olive green, and Criehaven–a honeyed dark yellow) to best advantage.

KitaKita, in the booklet Berroco 344 Folio which accompanies this yarn, is a long, drapy cardigan with a forgiving silhouette and a cozy ease.

What will help you through the worst part of winter? What gives you hope for spring?

Amy G.
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6 Responses to “How To Get Through The Awful Part of Winter”

  1. Kelly H. Says:

    I picked some Folio up just a few weeks ago to make a Snowflake (tincanknits) with. It’s lovely stuff, and such great colours!

    I’m neck-deep in long, drawn-out projects, unfortunately…. since this time of year I go for the quick-returns to keep me going through the winter doldrums.

  2. Nad Says:

    I receive 10 balls of Folio yarn as a gift, an have no idea what to make with it…….don’t like any of the suggested patterns. Can I use any DK patern I like with this yarn?

  3. Sara Delaney Says:

    Essentially, yes 🙂 You’ll need to swatch, and keep in mind that Folio has some pretty dramatic drape so you’re likely to make a garment that has lots of movement to it.

  4. Cindy N Says:

    I have several different colors of Folio. It is exquisite!!! Check Berroco’s web page. I just ordered 1 more ball for an awesome beaded scarf, called “Nacre.” Good luck

  5. North Says:

    I’m looking for a warm but flow-y yarn to use to make a wedding shawl for my daughter. Her dress is a creamy color with light rosegold lace overlay.

    Would Folio fit the bill? I see that there’s a new shade – Chickadee – that looks like it might be close to the right color.


  6. JulieB Says:

    Can I double Folio and get a 3.5 sts to an inch guage?

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