June 15th, 2011

How We Knit – Our Latest Video Behind the Scenes

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Hi Everyone!

We had the idea to record our staff knitting, since no two of us knit the same way. We were also inspired by the great video by the folks over at Lorna’s Laces to show you what happened to the knitting once we were done.

The video features knitters of all skill levels – from our designer to those who learned 5 minutes before recording!

Check it out!

We had a great time playing with the stop-motion trek the little hat went on. Here’s a little peek behind the scenes.

We hope you have as much fun watching this video as we did creating it!


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9 Responses to “How We Knit – Our Latest Video Behind the Scenes”

  1. Prymnumber Says:

    OMG!  Thanks for this CUTE video!  I love the little traveling hat.  I also want, no NEED, to know how the person who held the yarn on her right-hand thumb knit.  Please may we (ok, maybe just “I”) have that in slowmo? Pretty please? – Irene (aka prymnumber on Ravelry)

  2. BlueLoom Says:

    Agreed!  We need to see the knitter who wrapped the yarn over her right thumb in slo-mo.  Very interesting technique.  In fact, it would be interesting to see the whole video in slo-mo.

  3. sarah-marie Says:

    I’d like to know who that was knitting at 40 seconds in, and to see her/his technique more slowly.  This video just confirms that I’m one of the slowest knitters on the planet…

  4. Diane Says:

    What fun– and it made me realize that there are a zillion ways to knit 🙂 thanks

  5. stormcoast Says:

    That yellow yarn is divine! Which yarn is it, exactly?

  6. WEBSmary Says:

    It is Valley Yarns Northampton in Gold.

  7. WEBSmary Says:

    We’ll see if we can get the person who knits with her thumb to do a video. I want to check it out too!

  8. Maria Espinosa Says:


  9. Melissa {Allsewnup} Says:

    some very different techniques, so neat to see them all together, the stop animation was a nice touch! 

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