April 29th, 2007

I Know, I Know. . . . .

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You are all wondering where I’ve been, where the latest blog post has been. . . .I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. The last couple of weeks have passed by in a blur. Let’s see if I can get you all up to date. I”ll try to include a few pictures, but I just really want to get this post done and up!

So, the day after the SWTC event at the store, we launched full force into meeting with our sales reps to see/buy Fall ’07 yarns. It is and exciting and grueling process. This past week has been much of the same. The new yarns, patterns and marketing programs are looking great for Fall.

We’ve recorded two great podcasts – one interviewing Amy Singer, founder of Knitty.com and author of the recently released No Sheep For You. We LOVE her new book. It is incredibly well written and is loaded with lots of great information and informative tips. This past week, we had the pleasure to talk with Trisha Malcolm, former editor of Vogue Knitting. Coming up this week is Linda of Blue Sky Alpacas, one of our favorite yarn brands. Be sure to tune in!

Besides the craziness at work, life at home has been rather frenzied as well. The boys are both playing baseball, separate teams, separate schedules 🙂 Jackson is playing spring hockey as well and has informed us that he wants to play lacrosse next year. I said “sure” as long as you can afford to hire a driver! He didn’t quite know what to make of that. Oh, and there was a piano recital in the midst of all of this too.

We did have a couple of curve balls thrown at us this week (no pun intended). Steve landed in the ER on Thursday after three days of intense headaches (he is not a headache person at all). Fearing the worst, the CAT Scan found a severe sinus infection. I was beyond relieved. Three days in bed, some heavy duty antibiotics and painkillers and he’s just about back to his old self. I am grateful – I have maybe 36-48 hours of “nursing” in me and I was definitely stretched to the limit this go around 🙂 We were suppose to be in Boston this weekend to celebrate our 12th Anniversary. It’s where we met, where we were married and was “home” for quite a number of years. It’s still one of my favorite places. We’ll hopefully be able to reschedule the escape and celebration for sometime soon.

I have promised pictures of the knitalong sweaters that Pixie and I are working on and here they are:

The top picture is my sweater. I am about two-thirds of the way through the first sleeve. I’m using Di.Ve Autunno, which is distributed by Cascade. If I haven’t mentioned it lately, I LOVE THIS YARN! It is so, so, so soft. Even Jonathan, Mr. Its-Too-Spikey-Yarn-Critic gave it his “non-spikey” seal of approval. Maybe we should create a little logo for him and we can attach it to the super soft yarns that pass his tough standards. Anyway, I am not doing any arm decreases, partially from laziness and partially because I think with my yarn choice, it will have a nice drape when done. I am still toying with a small black edging or ruffle in something like Kidsilk Haze at the cuffs and hem. . . .we’ll see. (NOTE: Camera is not behaving. Will retake this photo at the store for better color. . . .ugh).

Pixie is using Valley Yarns Amherst, which is pretty darn soft in it’s own right. She is also going to do an edging, although I think a bit more aggressively than I plan and is going to use Misti Alpaca Hand Dyed. Not sure of the color way, but it looks AWESOME with the Amherst. (NOTE: The picture I took of Pixie’s sweater is “corrupt”. I will retake on Tuesday when she is in – she emailed me earlier to tell me that she has already added the border and it looks great. Stay Tuned!!!)

We will wrap up the sweater this week, although I won’t be done with the knitting. I think we’ll kick off another knitalong, probably a small project that will be finished up without Pixie. She is jetting off to France for the month of June, during which time I will have some special guests filling in. Once Pixie is back, we’ll kick-off another knitalong. Any suggestions? I am considering the Baby Surprise Jacket and/or a log cabin blanket (I’m doing one with or without you all!). Please leave your thoughts in the comments section or email me at readysetknit@yarn.com. Not hurt feelings if your suggestion isn’t used this time.

I am also still plugging away at a project for the next catalog which needs to be completed soon! Several garments have arrived from our knitters over the past few days and they look amazing.

Speaking of NEW – we have a new Valley Yarn that just arrived. It hasn’t even been put up on the web yet. It is NORTHAMPTON! Thirty gorgeous colors of 100% wool, the softest wool you can have without being a merino. There are 22 solids and 8 heathers. Yup, Steve let me get some heathers! This yarn is classic worsted weight, felts like a dream and will retail for $4.99, discountable! Oh, almost forgot, it has 240 yards on a 100gm pull skein. I will update the link as soon as it is on the website. In addition to buying all of the brands for fall, Steve and I are also working hard to bring additional new yarns in for Valley Yarns as well. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Don’t forget the WEBS Tent Sale! It’s happening Saturday & Sunday, May 19th & 20th, rain or shine. Saturday will also feature our annual Fleece Market. We have 9 or 10 local shepards signed up and they will be selling their fleeces, yarns, etc. I know we have a llama coming and hopefully a few other animals will make an appearance as well.

Regarding The Yarn Harlot – we will be signing a contract for a new venue in the next day or two, so we are re-opening registration starting tomorrow. We can now fit upwards of 1,000 people, so folks, let’s fill that space and represent!!!

Also, keep your eyes peeled in the store and on the website. In addition to the amazing yarns we are featuring in our Anniversary Sale, we will be marking down a huge list of yarns starting tomorrow. These are great yarns that either (a) have lived out their life and it’s time to move on or (b) you guys just didn’t like them as much as we thought you would. These yarns will be marked down 30% this week, 35% next week and 40% the following week and in the tent sale. Best selection will be early or you can take your chances and try to score bigger savings later on. No further discount on any of these yarns.

Tomorrow we are off to NENA – the New England Needle Arts tradeshow. It’s a funny regional show that is held less than an hour from WEBS. It only happens once per year, rather than 2x like TNNA. Many of the major vendors come and although we’ve bought most of our fall yarns, we still like to go to see everyone, see some smaller vendors and just get out for the day.

Whew, I think that’s it. I think I am officially caught up!


P.S. This is why I love where I live. The view from my deck tonight. This picture doesn’t even do it justice.

4 Responses to “I Know, I Know. . . . .”

  1. nichole Says:

    I made the Weekend Pullover (Fall 06 Interweave) in Amherst, and it IS soft! It’s an incredibly comfy and cozy sweater and I luuuurve it. (Here’s a shot of the sleeve: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y79/fumblerette1/sewing/DSCN2428.jpg)

  2. Dharmafey Says:

    I would be all over a Baby Surprise KAL….

  3. Cirilia Says:

    Holy mackerel, there is a lot in this post to respond to!! Sorry to hear about all the bad stuff happening in Webs land, hope Steve is feeling better. Guys who ‘never get sick’ tend to really crash and burn when they do, huh?

    >Maybe we should create a little logo for him and we can attach it to the super soft yarns that pass his tough standards.

    I love that idea!! Can you picture a little Jonathan face next to Louisa Harding Angora and Misti Alpaca and Kidsilk Haze…it would be too funny.

    >Anyway, I am not doing any arm decreases, partially from laziness and partially because I think with my yarn choice, it will have a nice drape when done.

    All the real and fake Klaralund Silk Garden sweaters than were made have straight sleeves like this It makes a nice little bell sleeve, very cool.

    The “BSJ” is REALLY hot right now, and sorta weird so I think that’d be a great knitalong. Zimmermania is a Zimmerman blog but 90% of it is the Baby Surprise Jacket.

  4. Melissa Says:

    I knitted something hot and trendy? My baby surprise? Huh. Weird.

    RUFFLE! I vote RUFFLE!! A ruffle with SPARKLES!

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