December 27th, 2006

If You Put It On Sale, They Will Come

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I’m officially tired. Yesterday was the first day of the sale and it was crazy! Not out of control crazy – we actually managed the lines quite well. Running four registers definitely made a difference. We were ready to go as our anxious customers began to gather outside.

Besides all of the great deals we had set-up in our classroom, we have many, many yarns throughout the store and warehouse on sale. We’ve got to make room for spring!

What always strikes me about days like yesterday, is the ebb and flow of the crowd. The parking lot filled quickly. This picture was taken about 15 minutes after opening and truly doesn’t do the scene justice:

A few customers came and went quickly, but those of us manning registers were idle for a bit and then all of sudden we were swamped and it stayed that way until the lunchtime lull or as I call it “the eye of the storm” passed over us. That gave us a chance to eat, run to the restroom,etc. And then as quickly as the lines dissipate, they form again. I never even got a chance to take pictures!

So, we’re onto day two. The parking lot is packed again already, so I better get out on the floor.

I know I owe you all more info on Brooks Farm. I did a little test swatch of a crochet stitch I found in The Harmony Guide 300 Crochet Stitches:

I don’t love it. I found another stitch pattern that I’m going to try. I think when it comes to beautiful variegated yarns, simple stitch patterns are better. I don’t want to do a v-stitch, so I’m hopeful my second choice will work out better. I will let you know and I promise more info on the yarn and Brooks Farm later.



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