February 11th, 2013

Introducing Our Spring 2013 Catalog

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When we start working on a catalog, it is sometimes hard to imagine it all coming together. The first hurdle is getting used to the timing. The majority of our Spring catalog was put together before and right around the holidays, and Kathy and Steve do the buying for Spring in the Fall. So, it can be difficult to get into the “feeling” of the season when you’re already going through one that is completely different.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! It is an exciting process and it is great to be able to get a preview of all the wonderful yarns and patterns that are headed to the store.

This year’s Spring catalog is now online and on its way to your mailbox. We think you’ll enjoy this one. Not only will you find a selection of incredible new yarns and fantastic projects, we’ve also included some amazing editorial content. Sara Delaney has a piece on crocheted socks, Kirsten Hipsky writes about substituting yarns, and we continue our WEBS Loves series with a feature on the talented Norah Gaughan.

We hope you enjoy perusing the pages of our latest catalog whether you look through the online or the paper version.

What yarn and/or project are you most excited about this Spring?

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