January 10th, 2011

Introducing Sparkle

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Hi Everyone

Steve & I have just wrapped up our annual trip to the Spring TNNA Show which was held in Long Beach, CA this year.  We are actually flying home in just a few hours.  I don’t normally choose to fly on a red-eye but J1 has a hockey game tomorrow night and even a crack-o-dawn flight back home was cutting it too close.  Turns out we were smart to book the red-eye as we have a classic Nor’easter barreling up the east coast for tomorrow night and into Wednesday.

I’m planning to give you a full update on the show but I want to first introduce you to someone.  Our holiday catalog featured the adorable penguins & polar bears.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

When we first started talking about creating penguins, I really wanted at least one that incorporated beads for a little glitz.  Our designer Kirsten made several attempts but none turned out like the vision I had in my head.  In fact, one attempt had a frightening resemblance to Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs!

So color me surpised when I popped into my office over the holidays to find a this sitting onmy desk from Kirsten:

blog010311 006

This is Sparkle – the sparkly version of our original penguin.  I love him.  I never even had a chance to ask Kirsten what yarn she used.  Sparkle hit the road with Steve & I this weekend and really made the rounds at the show.  Tomorrow I’ll show you what the three of us have been up to!



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    Oh no. I need a Sparkle!

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