December 14th, 2017

Introducing Valley Yarns Mount Holyoke

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Valley Yarns Mount Holyoke is one of our newest additions to the Valley Yarns line and its timing is absolutely perfect for winter. There’s nothing like snuggling up on the couch with your favorite warm beverage, a cozy afghan, and your latest, comfiest project. And Mount Holyoke is definitely going to be one of the coziest yarns you knit and crochet with this year.

Valley Yarns Mount Holyoke Cashmere Yarn Knit Crochet Swatches

Mount Holyoke is named for the Mount Holyoke range that’s right in our backyard here in the Connecticut River Valley. It’s a 100% cashmere yarn that comes with 185 fluffy and slightly tweedy yards in colors inspired by the New England sky and landscape. Its worsted weight means you can reach for Mount Holyoke for a variety of projects that may want just a little bit of added luxury. We’re loving this yarn’s lovely drape which is a little softer than your standard wool yarn:

Valley Yarns Mount Holyoke Cashmere Yarn Stockinette Swatch

But don’t worry, it can also handle some texture:

Valley Yarns Mount Holyoke Cashmere Yarn Knitting Swatches Stockinette Cables

Mount Holyoke is also absolutely stunning crocheted. You could make the most sumptuous granny square throw or a slouchy, cozy sweater:

Valley Yarns Mount Holyoke Cashmere Yarn Crochet Swatch

We’re already dreaming up some beautiful patterns for Mount Holyoke, but in the meantime, a few patterns you could use for this yarn are:

The Pincushion Moss Crocheted Shawl

Valley Yarn pincushion moss crochet shawl pattern

This adorable casual shawl will become your date night favorite when you crochet it with Mount Holyoke cashmere yarn. It will be super soft and will have a lighter, flowier drape than Valley Yarns Southwick, which is a cotton bamboo blend.

The Cabello Cowl

Valley Yarns Cabello Cowl Knitting Pattern

You’re going to love the way Mount Holyoke feels next to your skin, so cowls and scarves are the perfect projects for it! Try the Cabello Cowl pattern with Mount Holyoke instead of Valley Yarns Northampton. Again, the finished cowl will be drapier and you may need to add an additional repeat of the stitch pattern for both the width and the height of the cowl, but it will be worth those extra stitches!

The Dassin Cardigan

Valley Yarns Dassin Knit Cardigan Pattern

The Dassin Cardigan will is the perfect project for a cashmere yarn! Its drapey and elegant style will be the perfect complement to Mount Holyoke and regardless of which color you choose, it will be an item you can reach for in your closet time and time again. This cardi will be able to transition seamlessly from your semi-casual office to a night out on the town with your friends!

Check out Valley Yarns Mount Holyoke now and let us know what you’re excited to make with it in the comments!

Liz LaBrocca

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