July 30th, 2009

It’s All About Fall

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The past couple of days have been crazy busy and although we’re finally getting some serious summer weather, it’s been all about Fall.

Yesterday we had the pleasure to welcome Betsy Perry from Classic Elite Yarns to WEBS for the day.  She spent time with our store staff in the morning, reviewing all of the new fall yarns and designs.

There’s nothing better than seeing the designs in person and getting to try them on.  Here’s Pixie trying out one of the designs from Veronik Avery which is knit in her debut yarn Nordique in her new St. Denis line:

Marion fell in love with this cardigan:

Ashley proved that trying on a garment can sometimes really make all the difference.  I was not a fan of the sleeve detail until I saw the sweater on her:

Plus, it really helps to have Betsy explain the inspiration and construction behind some of the key pieces.  There’s always more to the story than what you see in the pattern book.  While we had her in Northampton, we took the opportunity to interview her for next week’s podcast!

Today was our photoshoot for our fall catalog.  The weather was questionable at best when I woke up this morning, but Mother Nature was on our side and gave us a beautiful day.  A little warm and humid to be modeling sweaters outside, but our model was a trooper!  Small world, inside story – she was at a shoot for Berroco yesterday! 

Choosing a location for our shoots is something we think long and hard about.  We try not to be too seasonal with our shots since they are often used in more than one catalog, on the web, in ads, etc.  I always want them to appear timeless.  Mary in Marketing suggested a local vineyard, which just so happens to be owned by our Customer Service Manager.  Although we had been there previously, we went with our photographer to scout it out.  It was perfect and so we spent today here:

Look at the beautiful vineyard:

It was simply stunning.  The grapes they grow, along with fruit they purchase from local farmers is processed here into wine:

Not quite as simple as I am making it out to be, that I can guarantee you.  After a year-long process, this is the end result:

Trust me when I say – Linda and her family make a fine wine.  Pioneer Valley Vineyards was also the perfect back drop for our shoot:

I cannot wait to see the shots from our photographer tomorrow.  I know they are going to be great!



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  1. Wifemomknitter Says:

    That vineyard is breathtaking!

  2. KathyElkins Says:

    Hi Judy – it’s the Lace & Bobble Cardi from the new Weekend pattern book. We just got them in today and they will be on-line first of next week. The garment is knit in Chesapeake, which is a new yarn from Classic Elite for Fall – we already have that in stock. Let me know if you need any further help!

  3. Judy-So Cal Says:


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