October 22nd, 2008

Just Another Day at the Yarn Store

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Some days, I just seriously have to giggle at this crazy existence Steve & I have.  We get up, get the kids off to school and figure we’ll just have a regular, yarn-inspired kind of day.  But seriously, no two days are truly ever the same. 

Take today for instance.  Steve and I drove in together, which meant I could relax for the short drive to the store and check through emails on my Blackberry.  Sort of getting a jump start on things.  I had an email from someone who’s name I didn’t recognize.  Not uncommon, but it jumped out at me when I saw the word “chili” in the subject line.

It was the owner of the url www.championchilirecipes.com and I’m assuming happened upon my post via Google Alerts.  Of course there’s a website for champion chili recipes!  I checked with Elliot and he was quite delighted to have his recipe included.  If any of you who read this blog are chili lovers, I’d go over and check out the site.  In just a quick scan this morning I noticed several recipes that sounded great!

We met with our Rowan rep this morning to buy Spring ’09.  Here we are in the thick of things:

Rowan is always a highlight of our buying season and they did not disappoint.  I can also say that Rowan #45 is stellar.  Funny thing is, that wasn’t even the highlighted of the day.  What can top previewing Rowan  #45?  This:

This is 4 skeins of Rauma wool from Norway.  What makes it super special is that is was a gift to me.  I love gifts.  I particularly appreciate gifts of yarn because honestly, nobody ever gets me yarn.  What made these 4 lovely skeins even MORE special?  Well, because Magni brought them to me all the way from NORWAY!

She and her husband are visiting the US for the first time.  She’s a regular podcast listener and emailed me a few weeks back to tell me she was going ot have the chance to visit the store and could I recommend a hotel.  I was so thrilled to meet her and touched she would bring me yarn.  We had a lovely chat and then she and her husband headed off to Vermont and then back to NYC before flying home to Norway.  We have the best customers in the world – all over the world!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting pictures of the squares we’ve collected for the Cancer Connection blankets and close-ups of the KAL squares themselves.


P.S.  The sweater Magni is wearing – she knit that.  Nice AND talented!

4 Responses to “Just Another Day at the Yarn Store”

  1. melissaknits Says:

    I love Rauma. Love love love love it. Sigh.

  2. kathy Says:

    I can see why! I am so tickled.

  3. MagFly Says:


    I’m back in Norway and thas to say thanks for a great few hours at Webs. I blogged about it today 🙂

  4. alex Says:

    save to my Bookmarks 🙂

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