February 28th, 2013

KAL Week 2: Valley Yarns 514 Burning Branch Shawl

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This week, we move on to knitting the leaves of the Burning Branch Shawl. I love the leaf pattern of this shawl and the way it develops. It has me thinking spring, and I’m definitely ready to see leaves on the trees again.

In the first row of each leaf section you’ll be placing your ‘B’ markers. this is why it is important to have two different colors of markers.

Tip: If you don’t have different color markers, you can use scraps of yarn. I often just grab a short length of yarn from a nearby scrap ball and tie it and use it as a marker. Then I don’t have to worry if it falls off and rolls under a chair since it is just scrap.

For each repeat you’ll work until there are two stitches before your ‘B’ markers. These will be your k1 and ssk.

After working the first leaf you’ll repeat it two more times.

The wrong side purl rows are starting to get long! Purling is not my favorite thing to do, but I’ve been catching up on old TV shows on Netflix as I knit this.

How is your shawl coming?

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2 Responses to “KAL Week 2: Valley Yarns 514 Burning Branch Shawl”

  1. kobuu Says:

    I agree, the purl rows kill me but it’s a fun little knit! So excited to be nearing the end so I can wear it!!

  2. RubyDear Says:

    Finally got the yarn to start my project. Got the first 13 rows done tonight and will start on the leaves tomorrow. Just wondering–are the purl rows killing you because of the yarn overs? That’s what I’m noticing. And I’m still a knitter who needs to count carefully.

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