March 15th, 2013

KAL Week 4: Valley Yarns 514 Burning Branch Shawl

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Did you bind off your Burning Branch Shawl? One of my favorite parts of any project with lace is the blocking.

Because of the unusual shape of this shawl, it can be a little tricky to block  I laid it out on m blocking board and pinned out the SSKs then smoothed the rest of the shape and pinned it.


I love taking a dried lace project off the blocking board. It is so satisfying when you remove the pins, pick it up, and the beautiful shape stays.

Now you can wear your finished shawl. Check out the different ways Katie is wearing our sample.


Do you love your shawl? Any questions we didn’t answer?

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One Response to “KAL Week 4: Valley Yarns 514 Burning Branch Shawl”

  1. Carol Washburn Says:

    hmmm. Love the variety of ways to wear this.

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