February 1st, 2010

KnitScene Winter/Spring 2010

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Hi Everyone

The latest issue of Knitscene magazine is out. 

I am pretty tickled with the projects in this issue.  Of the 27 projects that are featured in this issue – we carry the yarn for just about half of them (13 actually). 

A few of my faves you ask?  Well, sure, I can give you my personal highlights. 

First up is this bee-u-tiful cowl from the “Berroco Design Team” (hey Norah, hey Cirilia – great cowl!):

The Ninebark Cowl is knit in Berroco Lustra.  I opted to add the second photo as I think it’s truly the one that really shows how spectacular the colorwork in the cowl is:

Next – Helleborus Yoke.  I have not read what the significance behind the name is and I’m hopeful it’s included in the magazine. 

I love the stitch detail in this piece, I love the sleeve length and I love Tahki’s Tweedy Alpaca.  This is a winner all the way around.

Now I have to be honest.  I do not love the styling of this next garment, but then again, it’s not styled to appeal to my particular demographic.  This is an important point because this is the type of garment many knitters would look at,  judge it on the picture and move on.  I can wear this garment and would wear it – heck, I buy ready-to-wear like this but I would never wear it like this.  There’s not a right or wrong in this – just remember to really look at garments you see in magazines and pattern books and try to see the garment for what it is – you may pass over a few gems otherwise.

The Panbe Dress is adorable, fun and casual.  Knit in Classic Elite Sprout it makes a great spring/summer garment.  I envision it in jeans, maybe even capris, though being only 5’2″ I have to be careful not to chop my lines up too much.  The one thing I can guarantee – I will not be sporting these boots anytime soon.

Lastly, is my self-indulgence –  Boulevard Zip.  Let me just put it out there – it’s knit in our own Valley Yarns Springfield.


That is just a few of the many knittable, wearable garments in this issue of Knitscene.  I hope you find something(s) you like as well!



4 Responses to “KnitScene Winter/Spring 2010”

  1. tinebeest Says:

    Helleborus is a plant, and a very nice one at that. My mum has got a few in her garden, and they flower in late winter/early spring if I am not mistaken. It now also seems to be a nice cardigan!

  2. Shannon Says:

    I think this is an outstanding issue, too – I tagged about five different projects I want to make, including several of the ones Kathy posted, and pretty much all the ones designed by Connie Chang Chinchio . . . . which means, of course, more yarn shopping!

  3. KathyElkins Says:

    Thank you! I knew someone would know!

  4. KathyElkins Says:

    Send me photos when you finish any of the projects!

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