October 1st, 2012

KnitSimple Holiday 2012 Textured Pillow Shams Giveaway

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We recently received the KnitSimple Holiday 2012 issue in the store. It includes many wonderful patterns for gift-giving including several that use our very own Valley Yarns line.

Our favorite is the Textures Pillow Shams. I love the way the cables pop in Berkshire Bulky. They would look fantastic on a couch or bed and would be a perfect gift for someone spending their first holiday in a new home.

We’re giving away the yarn and needles required to make the shams as well as a copy of this magazine. Just leave a comment with your favorite way to warm up as the weather cools down. You have until Monday, October 8th at 9:00AM EDT. One winner will be chosen at random.

Check out KnitSimple Holiday 2012 and find lots of great inspiration for all of the people on your list.

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330 Responses to “KnitSimple Holiday 2012 Textured Pillow Shams Giveaway”

  1. laurel Says:

    I love to make a nice hot pot of tea, listen to my favorite podcast and while knitting in front of the fireplace!

  2. Julliana Lund Says:

    I love hot chocolate and a good romantic comedy! I’ve been thinking of making some shams just like these – beautiful!

  3. Mandy Anderson Says:

    Spiced coffee, a good movie and knitting!

  4. cheryl88 Says:

    I live in Texas, but am moving to the Northeast this winter. Flannel sheets and a snuggle with my honey in front of a roaring fire while lounging on these pillows sounds just about perfect to me!

  5. Leanne Says:

    A long, hot oil bath and a book. Soon after that, fuzzy slippers, robe and minty hot chocolate to keep the warm cozy buzz going. :)

  6. Jillian Says:

    I like to toss on a great movie (or episode of Dr. Who) warm up the Apple Wine and hunker down with a knitted afghan and my current WIP. There’s nothing better than cool weather knitting! (and I can’t wait to get this copy of the magazine! I hear from all over the interwebs that it’s perfection this year)

  7. katie Says:

    Watching movies under blankets while finally knitting all of the heavy wool projects I planned through the summer when it was just too hot to get excited to start them. Those shams are beautiful!

  8. Danielle Says:

    Hot tea, hot chocolate, warm handknitted sweaters, shawls and blankets……

  9. Guest Says:

    Knitted hats, scarves and a comfy afghan.

  10. sjanova Says:

    Love the cables on both of those. I wrap up in a blanket, pot of tea beside me, and a good book in my hand (or on my Kindle, but I’d rather have the paper book in my hand, to be honest).

  11. Dawn Says:

    A nice spiced cider and a comfy afghan.

  12. Lulu Hutton Says:

    I just love these pillows! I would love to make them us for when my family and I get our own house (hopefully soon!)

  13. Marcia larson Says:

    Wrap my favorite knitted shawl around my shoulders and sit by a warm fire while knitting with my favorite Webs yarn! That’s how I warm up!

  14. Renee W Says:

    A nice cup of tea in front of the woodstove with my family and my dog nearby and my knitting in my lap. Maybe a good book nearby too.

  15. marciepooh Says:

    Snuggle up with my husband and dog, or if I have to settle an afgan and hot tea.

  16. trishcarp Says:

    Enjoying a cup of hot mint tea while knitting fingerless gloves next to the fire!

  17. Kay Varosi Says:

    My favorite way to warm up is with a long shower followed with my fuzzy robe and slippers. A warm beverage and relaxing music to help ease the day away. Some light reading or work on the newest fiber art project.

  18. Tina Says:

    To warm up, I love to snuggle under a hand knit woolen blanket with my cats on my lap, while listening to my favorite music and sipping from a fresh warm cup of tea.

  19. Mandy McElrath Says:

    Wrapped up and knitting by the fire!

  20. Kathy B Says:

    Curling up in flannel pj’s under a blanket with warm cup of tea to me is the perfect way to stay warm on a cold day!

  21. Trinh Says:

    A cup of hot chocolate and a warm throw…

  22. Susan O. Says:

    A cup of warm tea and my favorite hand knit sweater! :)

  23. Angie Moser French Says:

    I love these pillows and they would love to live in my living room. I like to hunker down those snowy winter evenings with some hot tea or hot apple cider, a good movie, some cozy blankets and my current WIP.

  24. Sally Greenberg Says:

    Hot chocolate and knitting!

  25. kristen Says:

    Hot tea and a warm blanket

  26. Sally Michael Says:

    Knitting by the fire with a cup of Swiss Mocha.

  27. JaneCasv Says:

    Working on an afghan; the larger it gets the warmer I am.

  28. Katie Says:

    Snuggling with my two terriers! They’re like little ovens!

  29. Rosanne Marks Says:

    Knitting with cats on my feet!

  30. Sheila Says:

    Curling up under the covers with my Toasty Teddy is how I stay warm. Toasty Teddy is a stuffed bear my brother gave me for Xmas years ago. Teddy can be microwaved to use instead of a hot water bottle – he’s stuffed with beans or some such, along with some herbs so he smells yummy when he heats up.

  31. Lisa Sullivan Says:

    Yummy tea, cozy blanket, warm fire in the fireplace, and some good classic B&W movies…aahhhhh, bring on those cold days!

  32. LindY G Says:

    Snuggle up in a soft crocheted afghan, with a cup of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows.

  33. Val Sullivan Says:

    Curl up,with a cup of hot cocoa and knitnamhat with yarn from WEBS

  34. CTYankeeRN Says:

    My favorite cup of cinnamon spice tea, wrapped in an afghan, knitting something colorful!

  35. Elisha McVay Cram Says:

    Crockpot cooking!

  36. Tara Dyer Broskie Says:

    Cuddled under one of my knit afghans working on another project so I get double the warmth

  37. Ein Champ Says:

    hot chocolate and potlucks with friends!

  38. DonnaJG Says:

    Snuggle up under a handknit blanket with my handknit socks to keep my toes warm, a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and a good book, knitting magazine or my knitting. Nothing better!

  39. PFennessy from MA Says:

    I love snuggling into my quilted sweatshirt jacket that I made last winter.

  40. Rebecca Says:

    Hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket!

  41. Maggie Says:

    Live in California, but we still have weather that’s cold for us, tho’ maybe not anyone else! Hot cocoa, afghan & a wood fire for those cooler nights.

  42. Bellaboo1 Says:

    Love these!! And I love the feel of Berkshire Bulky–so soft.

  43. Francesca Says:

    Wearing one of my hand knits and knitting!

  44. Kristin Says:

    Lovely project. My favorite way to stay warm is to snuggle on the couch with my little kiddos reading books aloud.

  45. Alicia Says:

    I either sit on the couch and knit on a blanket (keeps me warm while I knit it!) or work on laptop on the couch. Sometimes the laptop gets too warm, though :P

  46. Doris Moran Dempsey Says:

    A cup of my favorite tea, my new rosewood knitting needles and some yarn stash from Webs, of course!

  47. Heather Says:

    I love wearing my favorite gray cardigan and snuggling under the first knit blanket I ever made.

  48. Judi Says:

    cuddling up on the couch with my pup while knitting something warm and woolly!

  49. Laurie Bennett Despins Says:

    Fire in the fireplace, cup of hot chai tea, reclining on the couch with my legs up, cat curled up on my lap, Cowboy Junkies playing in the background, and my current knitting project in my hands. Ahhhhhh, bring on winter!!!!

  50. RuthD Says:

    I settle into my favorite chair with a cup of coffee, my dog and my knitting (usually a sweater).

  51. Sheri Moon Says:

    Oh love those pillows!

  52. marilyn Says:

    curl up with an afghan and a book!

  53. Marie Blauvelt Says:

    Tackling big, ambitious knitting projects, brewing a good pot of coffee and watching bull riding on television–all three warm my heart.

  54. Betti Mace Says:

    A cup of hot chocolate, a good TV show and my knitting!

  55. Joyce Says:

    flannel jammies and hand knit wool socks!

  56. Beckie Says:

    Hot apple cider and a cozy throw!

  57. Peg Says:

    extra bulky yarn, bamboo needles and a cup of chai

  58. Dahlia Says:

    Hot Chai Tea, flannel Pjs, fuzzy slippers and my WIP (scarf) of soft bulky yarn.

  59. Joanne Says:

    Sitting in my favorite chair by the fireplace with freshly brewed coffee, some yarn and my needles rythemically clicking with the language taught to me by my Mom. (Thank you Mom)

  60. Nephele Boetia Says:

    Hot chocolate and a big knitting project in my lap.

  61. Debbie Says:

    I love wearing sweaters and sipping hot cocoa!

  62. Martine Gervais Says:

    Love to knit next to my fireplace, with a good cup of hot coffee. I have 2 afghans I would love to knit them with theses pillows…

  63. Bobbi Says:

    Hiking in my hand knit wooly socks, hat, mitts and scarf.

  64. Martha Alvarez Says:

    Snuggling on chilly mornings with my 9 year old with a book for each of us.

  65. Kate/Massachusetts Says:

    Woolen clothing and hot coffee!! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  66. Pamela Stewart Says:

    I like to cozy up on the couch with a warm blanket, a cup of coffee and a new knitting magazine.

  67. MRora Says:

    A hot cup of tea in one of my mother’s vintage china tea cups, a dog at my feet, knitting in my lap, and James Taylor and Natalie Cole singing their duet of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on the stereo. If my husband is in the kitchen pulling a batch of brownies out of the oven, so much the better!

  68. Susan S. Says:

    Wool all the way (with a touch of alpaca) – I’m so ready for fall!

  69. Tru Says:

    Hot mulled wine by the bonfire!

  70. SAB Says:

    Sitting in a sunny window with a cup of tea!

  71. Margie Says:

    When the weather turns cold, I cozy up on the couch with a cabled blanket my mom made a billion years ago. Love the pillows!!

  72. Adens Pilot Says:

    I like to knit big projects during the winter. They keep my legs warm while I’m working!

  73. Cory Birch Says:

    Hot chocolate and knitting Christmas presents.

  74. Michelle McMillen Says:

    My FAVORITE way to warm up is with a hot drink of some kind. My most PRODUCTIVE way to warm up is to vacuum my house!

  75. Leslie Tabarez Says:

    How beautiful. I’d love to win this. My favorite way to warm up as the weather cools down is to open all the windows and wrap myself in knits.

  76. Connie K. Says:

    My favorite way to stay warm? Knitting and crocheting afghans, of course. The more I stitch the warmer I stay.

  77. Rita Carvalho Says:

    To keep warm I wear my mittens, scarf and berets I make along the way! :D

  78. Denene Says:

    Hot coco and making cowls

  79. Trishia Lynnette Jimenez Says:

    Glass of wine , or hot tea, or hot chocolate (depends on my mood) by the fire, and my WIP in my hands.

  80. Jen. Says:

    Cuddling with my boys on the couch, under a blanket!

  81. Guest Says:

    I’ve graduated from knitting scarves to knitting shawlettes for more coverage. Can cozy up for warmth if needed.

  82. Analiese Fammler Says:

    Small dog on one side and cat on the other and nice handmade socks on my feet and working on a baby blanket is the best way of keeping warm

  83. Janet Whitt Christian Says:

    I love to sit in front of my fire place with a cup of coffee and my knitting needles

  84. Susan Farbstein Says:

    I layer up, wearing my favorite knitted sweaters, make homemade soups, drink lots of really good hot coffee, put on a movie and knit larger items that lay in my lap.

  85. 4timesmom Says:

    Hot,hot cup of coffee. Knitting in my lap! Snow falling (already here in Alaska 9/28/12). Snuggle in for the winter with piles of yarn around me….

  86. Linda Says:

    “Graduated” from knitting scarves to shawlettes. Keeps me cozy and portable too.

  87. Cat von Hassel Davies Says:

    My favorite way to warm up is to sit in front of the fireplace, comfy clothes, afghan and knit away.

  88. eek Says:

    Dog, blanket, knitting :-)

  89. Susan Hatton Rostand Says:

    Happiness is a warm, purring cat in the lap, and a snuggly knitting project in hand!

  90. dhanchett Says:

    I love to warm up during the cold weather by snuggling under my favorite Afghan with a warm Kitty on my lap while drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

  91. Patti Weeks Says:

    Comfort food, like meatloaf, a glass of wine, followed by knitting in front of the fireplace.

  92. Candace DeBoer Says:

    I love my heated leather seats to keep me warm in the car, but when I’m at home I snuggle up with my shawls on the couch.

  93. AlaskaMishy Says:

    I love to warm up by getting outside and building a snowman, then coming inside for hot cocoa.

  94. Katie B Says:

    I love to warm up with hot cider and knitting scarves and hats.

  95. ke-ra Says:

    Hot chocolate and shawl knitting warms me up in cold weather.

  96. Gloria Says:

    My favorite way to. Warm up as the weather cools down is to have an espresso on my side and the American afghan squares I’m workin on.

  97. Rachel Says:

    A cozy afgan, knitting, and the computer to obsess over knitting and crochet patterns!

  98. Melana Says:

    my favorite way to warm up is to make a yummy curried soup, serve it with crusty bread, then sit under a cozy afghan in the living room and knit away!

  99. Diane Seely Says:

    Hot tea (or cocoa), warm puppy, wool blanket, fire in the stove and knitting

  100. Guenhwyvar Kelly Says:

    I knit and crochet blankets and sweaters so that as they get bigger, I stay warm! Plus I let the dogs and cats crowd into my lap.

  101. LB Says:

    cocoa and wool!

  102. Stephanie Walters Says:

    I live in Florida, so I unfortunately rarely need to warm up. But when I was in east Tennessee, I loved putting on plush knit socks and making really hardy soul food!

  103. Dee Anna Swanson Says:

    I love to warm up with a snuggly blanket on the couch with my puppies and read a good book.

  104. Jessie Says:

    I like having a hot apple cider and work with my knitting project on the couch by the fireplace.

  105. Robyn Rosenberg Says:

    I love sitting under a nice knit afghan that I have made with a good book and a warm cup of cocoa!

  106. Curt Hancock Says:

    Cat on my lap, dog at my feet, a good movie on the tv and my many knitting projects spread out around me!

  107. Peg B Says:

    With cocoa, yarn and a good movie.

  108. Jeannette T. Says:

    My needles, yarn & a new pattern to work on. All with the fireplace roaring.

  109. Loretta Says:

    I make a pot of tea and a fire and relax in my favorite chair while knitting. Ahh, can’t wait.

  110. Carrie Adams Sprys Says:

    Hot chocolate and snuggle under a blanket on the couch while watching classic holiday movies

  111. Diane Says:

    Covering up with yoga blankets in savasana!

  112. Beth Johnson Says:

    Hot cocoa to drink, warm yarn to knit… sounds just about right!

  113. Ann Hovey Says:

    A nice cozy alpaca sweater and socks, is how I like to warm up as the weather cools!

  114. Maria Kulinski Kroth Says:

    Knitting with a cat on my lap, a fire going, and a pot of soup on the stove.

  115. Alyssa Boudreau Says:

    I live in MA, so when the air turns crisp (right about now!) I warm up by knitting a new blanket that can cover my legs as I work! Motivation for working faster = my toes are chilly too!

  116. Sandi Says:

    I love knitting with wool, a warm afghan draped over my legs and a cup of coffee by my side.

  117. Monique Says:

    I like to have a blanket over me, tea cup on the coffee table, and the knitting needles in my hands.

  118. Lynn Jacobs Says:

    I like to warm up with my current knitting project spread out on my lap and a nice hot toddy on the table.

  119. Theresa Says:

    In SFL all it takes is long sleeves. All my knitting is shipped away

  120. Chris Tirella Says:

    sipping irish coffee by the fire, snuggling with my husband!

  121. Pat Says:

    A cup of tea and my knitting project on my lap

  122. Cathy K. Says:

    A comfy afghan, a cup of tea and something to keep y hands busy is my favorite way to spend a cooler evening.

  123. Julianne Queensen Says:

    I would say that I’d hang out with my cats, but I’m in college now without them. Luckily my laptop gives off the heat of 20 cats.

  124. Debbie Hallamek Says:

    Socks, slippers and blankets.

  125. Jewell Powers Says:

    Warm jammies, big slouchy socks, hot coffee, good book, and the smell of cookies baking.

  126. kiakiali Says:

    oh I begin the cool days by baking breakfast for my family, then we cuddle lots more under our wonderful down blankies, we have “cheese grills” & soup for lunch, and if we are going out everyone has handmade scarves, hats & hopefully a new pair of gloves! We end our days with some hearty dinner with fresh baked goodness of some kind and more cuddling around a fireplace. Lots of baking & cuddling are my top favs!

  127. Tracy Says:

    My favorite Irish knit cardigan, a wooly blanket gifted straight from Mongolia, and a new pair of mitts on the needles. Oh and maybe some new cabled pillows to snuggle up against :)

  128. Chris Goulding Says:

    I live and breathe for the time when I can wear sweaters with a scarf or cowl to keep warm and make a great color /artsy statement. — Alas, it is Oct. 1 and it’s 97 degrees so I will be waiting a bit longer to wear anything cozy! (‘Also love a great cup of tea or cocoa sitting in front of the fireplace with kitties and pups sleeping on and under my afghan.) — ‘Can’t wait!

  129. Zita Hesterman Says:

    hot chocolate and curling up on the couch knitting

  130. E Says:

    They look so rich and warm. I want to make them!

  131. Vanessa Says:

    Curl up with a blanket and warm clothes!

  132. Molly Says:

    Cat in lap, tea steeping, knitting.

  133. Linda Kay Graham Says:

    Fire in the fireplace, cup of camomille tea, good movie and some wonderful yarn, a great pattern and my needles…does it get any better than this?

  134. Abigail Says:

    I love digging out all my knitted hats and scarves and mittens out of the back of the closet!

  135. Marina Says:

    I sit on the couch, watch TV, and knit. And lots of chocolate :)

  136. Lori Says:

    I like to snuggle up on the couch with my knit socks, shawl, and afghan, a cup of tea on one side, my husband on the other, a book on my lap and knitting in my hands. Hmm, all I need are the pillows!

  137. Michele Says:

    Good book, hot cup of tea and my favorite blanket that I knitted years ago :)

  138. Terri C Says:

    I stay warm with a nice warm fire in the woodstove, yarn in my hands, and my honey close by.

  139. Cindy Says:

    I like to warm up with a hot shower and then a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

  140. Allison Kelsey Says:

    Hand knit socks and cranberry cake!

  141. Lisa McGuire Says:

    Mmm, warm thick slouchy hand-knit socks, over-sized old sweatshirt or my husband’s flannel shirt, knitting in my lap, fire in the fireplace, pumpkin-spiced coffee and the latest knit hat on my head; perfect.

  142. Vicky Says:

    I stay warm with my knitting, a cup of tea, and my cuddly Bullmastiff

  143. Jan Says:

    Hot mocha, my kitty beside me & my knitting!

  144. Trina Says:

    When the weather gets cold I put on my cozy robe I made of yarn I got at one of your Tent Sales. It is all in seed stitch with four strands of cotton held together. It was quite a project, but l love it.

  145. Ann K. Says:

    I pull out my handknit shawls, of course!

  146. Maureen Says:

    I love to put on a sweater. I have an Irish sweater that is my go to or a sweater that I made from a kit.

  147. Andi Tippie Says:

    Ooooh! I love those pillows!!

    My favorite way to warm up is snuggled on the couch with my sweet little girls knitting away at something wooly…

    Thank you!

  148. Fido Says:

    It doesn’t get very cold here in Central Arizona, so my favorite way to warm up is with a sweater, a mug of hot cocoa and snuggles with my husband!

  149. Licata519 Says:

    I love cozying with all of my projects, the finished, and wip’s on my lap.

  150. Irene Biemann Allan Says:

    lovely! snuggling up with my puppy and knitting too of course!

  151. Twylia Taylor Voshol Says:

    Nothing like cuddling up with a warm knit afghan and a comfy pillow. The pillows look great! It would be fun to knit them while wrapped in that aforementioned afghan!

  152. Debbie Saenz Says:

    I’d love to knit those pillow shams. So pretty!

  153. WordLily Says:

    A mug of steamy cocoa is rarely amiss when it comes to warming up on a cool day! *takes a sip*

  154. Anita smith Says:

    My favorite way to warm up is snuggled in a big comfy chair knitting the family scarves and mittens! – and I bet those pillows would go perfect with my big comfy overstuffed chair!

  155. Anne Dawson Says:

    I like to get under a nice cozy afghan with a dog or two on my lap!

  156. Laws of Knitting Says:

    My favorite way to warm up when the weather cools down is to fly back home to Michigan and enjoy the snow and ice. Being with my family and friends when it gets cold really warms my heart.

  157. Rachel R. Says:

    I’m one of those people who are perpetually cold, so even in the summer I’m wearing sweaters in the house! But in winter, our house gets pretty cool – it’s a fairly large, open floor plan ranch, and we have gas heat, and not a lot of $$$, so we keep our thermostat set pretty low. So I snuggle up in my flannel jammies, a blanket, AND a space heater when we’re relaxing at night, and jack up the electric blanket when we go to bed!

  158. Lynette O Says:

    Snuggling on the couch with the hubby & the cats, knitting away

  159. Rachel Moriarty West Says:

    I love when it’s finally chilly enough to put on my thick woolly socks and curl up on the couch with a good knitting pattern and gorgeous yarn!

  160. Deb carpenter Says:

    I can’t wait to knit pillows for Christmas gifts

  161. Sabrina Jordan Says:

    I like a large cup of coffee and a soft blanket. And yarn. And my hooks. Needles too.

  162. cmprice Says:

    a mug of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket!

  163. Little Red Says:

    a cup of hot coffee, curled up in a blanket, sitting by the fire with husband.

  164. Angela Wheeler Says:

    I love starting a fire in the wood stove and having hot cocoa while I knit when the weather cool off.

  165. Kim S. Says:

    Find a comfy chair, breath slowly, relax your muscles….. Now, pick up yarn and needles and hibernate for the winter. Happy knitting!

  166. Lindsey Hawkins Says:

    When the weather turns cool I love to don a pair of hand-knit socks and cover up with a snuggly hand-knit throw.

  167. Karen Davies Says:

    Snuggling on the sofa, with the knitting, and the cat (who loves to ‘help’ of course!) looking at the cold weather outside and feeling all warm and cosy inside.

  168. Cindy K. Says:

    fleece,handknit wool socks, a hot toddy and a fire in the fire place

  169. 3appletree Says:

    I love to snuggle with my husband with a large blanket I knitted. When he deploys or works overnights and I am all alone I snuggle with the same blanket on the couch with some hot tea and knit Christmas gifts. Oh and hopefully there is a good movie on Netflix!

  170. AlaKisala Says:

    Crank up the gas cast iron fireplace, with a mug of hot cider, a silk and merino shawl over the shoulders, and a double-knit afghan WIP on the lap. (Northampton worsted, of course.) Cabled fingerless gloves optional!

  171. Ashley W Says:

    Hot chocolate! (with peppermint schnapps…)

  172. Nina bailey Says:

    Hot tea and some good knitting while I listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos

  173. Rhonda Culbert Says:

    Fire in the fireplace, chocolate in my cup, crocheted afghan to snuggle under unless … I’m knitting more socks for my feet or shawl for my shoulders.

  174. DebS Says:

    I love to snuggle up on the sofa with my cats, dogs, a cuppa coffee and my knitting. And those pillows are definitely on my “must knit” list!

  175. Frances Lunney Says:

    Alpaca is my favorite way to warm up…anything hand knitted with alpaca will do.

  176. Cori Says:

    Wool sweaters!… then add knitting project on lap with tea at elbow….cozy.

  177. Wendy Munroe Says:

    Wool sweaters!!!

  178. Susie Says:

    a fire in the fireplace, knitting, and maybe a little football

  179. Jodi Says:

    Knitting while drinking a proper cup of tea!

  180. wanda Says:

    I love to curl up on the couch with a large knitting project in my lap and my yorkie asleep on my feet

  181. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I wrap up in a nice warm jersey, light the fire and sit down with a knitting project in front of a good movie.

  182. Patty Beardslee Says:

    A hot cup of tea by the wood stove and some knitting of course!

  183. Sue Higgins Says:

    Sitting in pj’s, in my recliner, watching a movie, and knitting on socks or a scarf.

  184. Janet Says:

    Roaring fire in the fireplace and a cozy throw wrapped around me. I knitted the throw of course

  185. Jess Millikan Says:

    In my easy chair with some quiet jazz on my iPod and my knitting!

  186. Karen Basen-Engquist Says:

    Staying under a warm hand knit afghan.

  187. Laura M Says:

    Well apparently I just go outside and bake (90 degrees on Oct. 1st in California). But hopefully soonish I’ll be able to snuggle on the couch under a quilt in my knitted socks.

  188. Elaine Boston Says:

    I like to have a cup of hot tea when it is cold and rainy outside.

  189. TammyM Says:

    A cup of hot tea and a comfy sweater…

  190. Kristin Says:

    My man, a movie, hot chocolate, and knitting.

  191. Cally Rich Says:

    My duvet, cuddles from my man mmmmm :)))

  192. Deb Says:

    I love snuggling under one of my beloved hand-knit afghans…and knitting some more! Also love wearing fingerless mitts while typing in my drafty office.

  193. Nikki Says:

    Hot tea, a fireplace, an oversized hoodie, and/or a big fuzzy blanket. Add snuggly kitties and some knitting to that and you have a perfect winter evening! I love the cold weather!!

  194. Debbie Green Lawson Says:

    With my favorite to guys my Hubby and our puppy toby, afgan made for 2 a good movie and hot coffee

  195. Meredith Says:

    I love those pillows! But my kitties might take them over.

  196. Gabriele Burris Says:

    a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie

  197. Christina Davila Says:

    i warm up with my favorite blanket and a hot cup of coffee!

  198. sandy Says:

    I warm up with knitting.

  199. Ellen Gaynor Says:

    I hunker down in my comfy rocker-recliner and wrap up in my fleece blanket.

  200. Amy Bessen Says:

    I live in Arizona so we don’t get too much time to warm up, but when I do, I love to drink Chai Tea Latte’s and Knit!

  201. Naomi Wheatley Says:

    I love to curl up in a chair with a nice cup of tea in my hands and hand knit socks on my feet

  202. Amanda Olson Says:

    Hot Chocolate in my hands and a cat on my feet!

  203. Linda-Cristal Says:

    My favorite way to warm up is to cuddle with my toddler under a handmade blanket while reading our favorite books.

  204. Smiley Jo Says:

    All wrapped up with hat and scarves (hand knitted naturally) for a march over Hampstead Heath with the energetic Viz (our dog) for a hot toddy in front of the huge crackling log fire in the pub. Bliss.

  205. Lewdaag Says:

    I can’t live without my hotwater bottle, and the cover I knitted for it. :)

  206. Heather s Says:

    A cup of hot tea and my two girls sitting in my lap watching a movie :)

  207. zigzaggyknits Says:

    I wrap myself in a blanket and curl up on the couch with my knitting and my labrador !!

  208. pam winne Says:

    I love to sit and watch tv with my knitting, a warm cup of tea by my side, and a warm puppy sleeping in my lap while I knit.

  209. jo Says:

    wrapped up in a blanket with my current knitting project and hot cocoa – bliss!

  210. Olivia P. Says:

    I like to wrap up in one of my shawls and drink a cup of coffee or hot cocoa :)

  211. Michelle Harrison Says:

    Hot tea, slippers, bathrobe, fingerless gloves, afghan and current project basket in front of the fireplace.

  212. Yarnwitch Says:

    Sitting on the couch with my sister and best friend, knitting, and talking and laughing. Heaven.

  213. miriam Says:

    An afghan, tea, and warm chocolate chip cookies…

  214. Monica Says:

    Cuddling up with a good book and my cat.

  215. CarolynEll Says:

    I’m looking forward to breaking out the afghans and countless cups of tea once it gets cold out!

  216. andiern Says:

    snuggling next to my husband!

  217. Dottie Madden Says:

    Wrapped in an afghan, drinking coffee, working on my latest knitting/crocheting project

  218. Patti K Says:

    A nice hot cup of tea, a warm blanket and my dauschund right next to me. That puppy just radiates warmth, the physical and emotional kind.

  219. Linda Says:

    I love bringing out my afghans and my flannel sheets go on my bed!

  220. Anne Says:

    Handknitted sweaters keep me warm in cool weather!

  221. Gail Says:

    Hot cocoa by the fire.

  222. Joy Says:

    Snuggling up with my honey and a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn—who could ask for anything more?

  223. Carrie Messersmith Says:

    A cup of camomile tea and my cashmere throw.

  224. Pamela Kirschman Says:

    my favorite way: curl up in a hand knitted afghan with a cup of herbal tea, some yarn, and some needles, and have my hubby read to me aloud from a good book. yes, it really happens. he’s a keeper!

  225. Bonney Says:

    Beautiful pillows! I love to light a candle. For some reason it makes a room feel warm. It also helps to have a wool blanket; preferably hand knit!!

  226. ReluctantPenguin Says:

    A cup of hot coffee, a warm snuggly shawl, fingerless mitts, and my knitting…

  227. Shanna Says:

    Cuddling up on the couch with my hubby watching our favourite shows, with a warm cozy blanket, Hot mug of steamy coffee and working on a knitting project :)

  228. Michelle Behymer Says:

    My favorite way to stay warm is to keep the house slightly cool – then the kittens are cold and want to snuggle! I just need to teach them to stop playing with my knitting…

  229. Pam L Says:

    Knitting in a comfy chair with our kitten in my lap snuggling up with me

  230. Marilyn L Jones Says:

    Wrap up in my knitted throw and work on a new knitting project!

  231. Sue Says:

    Curling up on the couch under my favorite afghan knitting with a fire in the fireplace and watching my favorite football team on TV.

  232. jacqueline Says:

    stoke up the wood stove, and relax on the couch with my knitting.

  233. Kathy Leggett Says:

    I love to put on wool socks, a sweater, turn on the fireplace and knit in a comfy chair.

  234. Christine Lima Says:

    Those would look great on my couch!! ;)

  235. Ginny Says:

    I love to wrap myself in wool and if I am especially cold wool socks are a must. Then hot chocolate or tea, my knitting, my husband noodling (playing around on a musical instrument) and the world is cozy and warm.

  236. Sarah from Ctown Says:

    I love to snuggle up in sweaters I’ve commendeered from loved ones – keeps me close to them when they are gone. And of course hot chocolate and fuzzy socks!

  237. jessica7965 Says:

    I love to knit my favorite people afghans! It’s a win-win! I get to stay cozy warm, and when I’m finished, I get to share a special gift. :)

  238. Rhonda Black Says:

    I make sweaters and wraps for friends and family..also make little blankets and sweaters for our pets!

  239. Melissa Hellman Says:

    To warm up all of me: my honey by my side, a cat on my lap, a cup of hot chocolate nearby, in front of a fireplace.

  240. Yvonne M Says:

    Fuzzy Socks, a cozy blanket and a warm fire in the fireplace.

  241. Laura Says:

    I love cardigans and a good blanket!

  242. Judy Says:

    I just love those pillows! I am starting to give “home gifts” to my kids now “out of the nest” for part of the holiday gifting. The pillows would be a lovely addition :-)

  243. Andrea Wendley Says:

    I snuggle under a Land’s End electric blanket warmer on the couch and can continue knitting way into the night,,,way after the thermostat is automatically programmed down for the long winter’s night!

  244. Jen Says:

    Blankets, knitting and a hockey game on the telly. Too bad I’m still waiting for the hockey to start.

  245. Darcy Says:

    My husband, blankets, and mulled cider!

  246. patt Says:

    Oh, it looks so cozy!

  247. Lauriebart Says:

    Wrapping up in a cozy knit shawl or poncho … Love my hand knits!

  248. Castiron Says:

    A wool sweater, a blanket, and a bowl of hot soup, with a good book. (Today’s high is predicted to be 81F, though, so right now I’m just enjoying the lack of excessive heat.)

  249. Dariasmom Says:

    Hot chocolate and knitting!

  250. lewaletzko Says:

    I could love those on my sofa.

  251. Jean Ashley Says:

    I like oversized sweaters (wearing or knitting) and pumpkin pie spiced coffee.

  252. Jasmine Says:

    Peppermint hot chocolate and a good book with a yummy blanket!

  253. Margo Says:

    Wrapped up in an afghan with my wool socks on and maybe a scarf.

  254. SoccerMomKnits Says:

    Once it starts getting chilly here in Florida, I pull out my tea and my kettle and drink lots of hot tea.

  255. hotknitter Says:

    My fave way to warm up is to turn my space heater on and don my legwarmers and wool socks. Gotta love the socks!
    hotknitter on rav

  256. Pam Schumacher Says:

    Covering up with a homemade lap quilt while knitting a sweater…of course!

  257. Patricia McAdams Says:

    Here up north in rural Manitoba the weather cools down in Fall while we watch the temperature plummet then knit, knit, and knit some more mittens, scarves, socks, slippers, blankets, and if we win the draw, lovely pillows.

  258. Marsha Says:

    Hot tea, wool socks, and a knitting project warm me up.

  259. Justyna Phillips Says:

    I am originally from Poland and our wintyers were quitye fierce. I remember watching my Mom sittin gon her favorite chair with some hot tea and homemade sour cherries preserves. She was always knitting or crocheting something. All these years later i now go to Philly to my favorite Polish store to get some sour cherry preserves so i can spend my winter nights just like my Mom used to, with some hot tea and knitting :)

  260. Cropperhopper Says:

    They’re very pretty! They would look very nice on my sofa.

  261. Heather Lott Says:

    To warm up, I drink hot cocoa until it pours out my ears!

    Those pillows are AWESOME!

  262. DonnaM Says:

    Woodstove, wool and hot tea: a classic combo for me.

  263. Stephanie Says:

    There is nothing like knitting an afghan to warm up- talk about motivation, the quicker I knit the warmer I get!

  264. Denise Johnston Waghorn Says:

    My favorite way to warm up is to light a candle (current fave is Yankee’s Autumn Leaves), start a fire, warm up some apple cider (with spiced rum), turn on my Pandora radio smooth jazz station (playing quietly in the background), and start knitting.

  265. Karen Gartley Says:

    Of course with a knitted afghan! And a fire in the fireplace…

  266. TeaKnitPurl Says:

    Nothing makes cold weather warmer than coffee (or a cuppa tea!), a kitty & knitting!

  267. heatherb Says:

    I may be weird, but when it’s cold, I like to run a nice hot bath and read in the tub. I keep adding hot water as it cools down and when I tire of it, I snuggle into anything fleece (if it’s bedtime, then cozy fleece sheets!)

  268. Angela Medina Says:

    Hot chocolate!

  269. Cathy S Says:

    I love to snuggle under an afghan and knit. In the summer, it’s knitting with no afghan!

  270. Ginny Henning Says:

    I stay warm by knitting a blanket that’s warm enough to cover my lap!

  271. Kate Says:

    Oatmeal and tea to start my day!

  272. debra Says:

    a warm apple drink, a fireplace and knitting for my daughters home and new granddaughter my first Miss Penelope Jane. Only problem is what color’s of
    yarn to start with. this pillows would be wonderful for Penelope to hug and update a
    sofa or chair.. texture is the best way to add a fresh look.

  273. Zed Says:

    I like to warm up with a hot coffee and a pile of knitting on my lap!

  274. Kathleen Says:

    I put on an over-sized sweater and continue to knit another one. And always keep a cup of hot coffee nearby! Those pillows are wonderful and my son needs some decorating help in his 1st apartment!

  275. ditetre Says:

    Handknit socks, cup of hot black coffee, and a bit shawl wrapped around me— heaven!

  276. habitatprincess Says:

    I curl up on the couch with the blanket I knitted to match my walls (as would both of these pillows!), and a cup of chai. Having my giant cat in my lap keeps me the warmest, but then there’s not much room for my knitting, so a snow day works out best – I can knit in the morning while I watch the snow come down and the cat is busy having play time with the dog. Then when it’s nap time, he’ll curl up on top of the knitting in my lap and we both stay toasty…

  277. MaineDruid Says:

    Hot mulled cider!

  278. Sherrie Wills Boughan Says:

    Fireplace and snuggling with some knitting and my kitty.

  279. laurielle Says:

    We love to have a fire going and cuddle up under blankets, hand knit of course.

  280. Dawn Rzeszot Says:

    Love those pillows

  281. Rose Says:

    I love a soft cuddly afghan I got from Ireland plus my felted slippers to keep me warm. I absolutely love those pillows.

  282. Purlsgirl Says:

    Tea, Golden Retriever and knitting with some kind of bulky wool is the best recipe I know for a warm evening.

  283. Karey Says:

    What keeps me warmer in cooler weather is hand knit wool socks, a cup of tea and knitting.

  284. Kelly H. Says:

    Warm socks and an indoor hat I have. That and hot chocolate are my favourites (especially with a shot of whiskey, yum!)

  285. Mary Jo Says:

    I have already started wearing my felted slipper socks! I think I may a couple more pairs of socks to get me through this winter–I bet it won’t be as mild as last winter.

  286. YarnArchitect Says:

    I warm up with a blanket, coffee, and a pile of magazines

  287. Verenti Says:

    I keep warm by wrapping up in hand knits and getting outside to enjoy the weather, but curling up inside with my knitting is good, too.

  288. Hind DP Says:

    I love to cuddle up on the couch with my tea, knitting and a fuzzy blanket. But of course, we’re still in the 100s here in So Cal.

  289. Jane Says:

    I love sitting in my comfy chair near a roaring fire with my knitting.

  290. tanyarella Says:

    Knitting! Knitting in bed with flannel sheets and while sipping cocoa reserved for snow days. Knitting knitting knitting!!!!!

  291. Charlene Says:

    Hot chocolate, my knitting, and a good movie!

  292. Kelley Duff Says:

    Hot cocoa, a cozy blanket and a sleepy kitty is my favorite way to warm up in cold weather.

  293. blknitter Says:

    I love knitting cables and pillows look so neat done in that stitch.

  294. Joyce Pusel Says:

    Knitting, something hot to drink (coffee, tea, cocoa or cider) and a cat or two

  295. Jan Says:

    I love knitting pillows! It is how I started knitting again after a hiatus of 30 years. These would be just the thing to cozy up my den this winter!

  296. Jen Says:

    Squishy warm socks.

  297. JudyAnn Says:

    A soft knit shawl around my neck!

  298. FiberFevered Says:

    I warm up with many layers — all hand-knit, of course! And my Yorkie on my lap provides even more warmth.

  299. Kathleen Schorin Says:

    I wear my slippers and wrap up in my hand-crocheted granny square afghan!

  300. positive purls Says:

    I like to get warm by getting lots of fresh air and then cosying up inside by the fire with my knitting and a good movie (and a kitty by my side).

  301. Margaret W. Says:

    A soft hand knit shawl around my shoulders, afghan over my legs with socks on my feet, nice cup of coffee or tea, a good audio book playing and knitting in my hands makes me smile.

  302. KathyS. Says:

    I put some hand knit socks on my feet and a knitted afghan over my lap. A hot cup of tea warms up the rest of me!

  303. Carolyn Says:

    Today happens to be our first really cool fall day, and the first day since last spring that I’m wearing handknit socks! And a red sweater – two of my favorite things.

  304. Tracey Says:

    Hot tea and a lap blanket. When it gets cold we light the gas fireplace heater. Love it.

  305. Anita Says:

    Cooler weather calls for hand knit wool socks and my favorite Noro Silk garden scarf

  306. Mippy Says:

    Hot apple cider or hot cocoa! :)

  307. Emily W Says:

    Nothing makes me feel warm like a good cup of coffee and a good neckercheif!

  308. Carmen Says:

    I love snuggling under blankets while relaxing on the couch.

  309. Lisa Hartz-Lee Says:

    A cup of hot cocoa and a large knitting project on my lap.

  310. donnalh333 Says:

    I love to sit under the heating blanket on the couch with a cup of tea knitting!! If I am really cold I wear thick socks, sweats and start a fire.

  311. anderknit Says:

    Favorite way to warm up? You kiddin’ me? Knittiing of course! Seriously. handknit socks, coffee/mocha, the fireplace on.

  312. Guest Says:

    A blanket, hot tea and a good book!

  313. Mike Welser Says:

    A blanket, a cup of hot tea and a good book!

  314. amaniaccessories@yahoo.com Says:

    Cuddling under a homemade knit blanket large enough to cover everything!!!

  315. Tonka Dancikova Says:

    Hot cider from the local farm really hits the spot on a cold day :)

  316. Tonya H Says:

    Lots of knitted goods and hot toddys :)

  317. Kelly Says:

    Sharing a blanket with my dogs (except they steal most of it!)

  318. Linda Frankenfield Says:

    I love to cuddle under a hand knitted throw

  319. Obenya Says:

    Starbucks hot cocoa, a furry afghan and a good movie!

  320. Martha Sobolow Friedman Says:

    It doesn’t get that cold where we live in AZ but I cuddle with an afghan on the couch to keep the chill away.

  321. Kris C Says:

    Love to relax on the couch while watching TV… with a warm blanket, cup of coffee, kitty, and my knitting!

  322. Heather Says:

    Snuggling up to my stash! LOL :)

  323. Alison Says:

    I love a good quilt. My mom makes beautiful quilts and we all have our own personal warmers!

  324. Kerry MBV Says:

    Having a drinking chocolate with my latest knitting project snuggled on my lap , currently a gansey sweater for my son, listening to my sweet husband reading a story to my children….

  325. Cindy Says:

    Wish it would get cool here! (FL) But come January or February I like a hand knit afghan, coffee, and my knitting.

  326. Lori Gluckman Winterfeldt Says:

    By knitting a blanket

  327. hsailormoon Says:

    Cowls! I love to knit them and wear them as a simple thin scarf, or wrap them up several times to keep my neck and ears warm!

  328. AriesKnitWit Says:

    I love anything that is warm and cozy…flannel jammies, electric blankets, hand knit socks and mittens, thick cabled sweaters, fleece…mmmmmmmmmmm

  329. Sandra Wilson Says:

    A big pot of deer chili is what we use on a chilly day to warm up.

  330. laurieknits Says:

    A cup of hot tea and wool knitting in my lap!

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