October 1st, 2012

KnitSimple Holiday 2012 Textured Pillow Shams Giveaway

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We recently received the KnitSimple Holiday 2012 issue in the store. It includes many wonderful patterns for gift-giving including several that use our very own Valley Yarns line.

Our favorite is the Textures Pillow Shams. I love the way the cables pop in Berkshire Bulky. They would look fantastic on a couch or bed and would be a perfect gift for someone spending their first holiday in a new home.

We’re giving away the yarn and needles required to make the shams as well as a copy of this magazine. Just leave a comment with your favorite way to warm up as the weather cools down. You have until Monday, October 8th at 9:00AM EDT. One winner will be chosen at random.

Check out KnitSimple Holiday 2012 and find lots of great inspiration for all of the people on your list.

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Mary has worked at WEBS since 2005. She has been knitting since 2000 and also knows how to crochet, spin, and use a rigid heddle loom.
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  • Jean Ashley

    I like oversized sweaters (wearing or knitting) and pumpkin pie spiced coffee.

  • Jasmine

    Peppermint hot chocolate and a good book with a yummy blanket!

  • Margo

    Wrapped up in an afghan with my wool socks on and maybe a scarf.

  • SoccerMomKnits

    Once it starts getting chilly here in Florida, I pull out my tea and my kettle and drink lots of hot tea.

  • hotknitter

    My fave way to warm up is to turn my space heater on and don my legwarmers and wool socks. Gotta love the socks!
    hotknitter on rav

  • http://www.facebook.com/pam.schumacher.52 Pam Schumacher

    Covering up with a homemade lap quilt while knitting a sweater…of course!

  • Patricia McAdams

    Here up north in rural Manitoba the weather cools down in Fall while we watch the temperature plummet then knit, knit, and knit some more mittens, scarves, socks, slippers, blankets, and if we win the draw, lovely pillows.

  • Marsha

    Hot tea, wool socks, and a knitting project warm me up.

  • Justyna Phillips

    I am originally from Poland and our wintyers were quitye fierce. I remember watching my Mom sittin gon her favorite chair with some hot tea and homemade sour cherries preserves. She was always knitting or crocheting something. All these years later i now go to Philly to my favorite Polish store to get some sour cherry preserves so i can spend my winter nights just like my Mom used to, with some hot tea and knitting :)

  • Cropperhopper

    They’re very pretty! They would look very nice on my sofa.

  • Heather Lott

    To warm up, I drink hot cocoa until it pours out my ears!

    Those pillows are AWESOME!

  • DonnaM

    Woodstove, wool and hot tea: a classic combo for me.

  • Stephanie

    There is nothing like knitting an afghan to warm up- talk about motivation, the quicker I knit the warmer I get!

  • Denise Johnston Waghorn

    My favorite way to warm up is to light a candle (current fave is Yankee’s Autumn Leaves), start a fire, warm up some apple cider (with spiced rum), turn on my Pandora radio smooth jazz station (playing quietly in the background), and start knitting.

  • Karen Gartley

    Of course with a knitted afghan! And a fire in the fireplace…

  • TeaKnitPurl

    Nothing makes cold weather warmer than coffee (or a cuppa tea!), a kitty & knitting!

  • heatherb

    I may be weird, but when it’s cold, I like to run a nice hot bath and read in the tub. I keep adding hot water as it cools down and when I tire of it, I snuggle into anything fleece (if it’s bedtime, then cozy fleece sheets!)

  • Angela Medina

    Hot chocolate!

  • Cathy S

    I love to snuggle under an afghan and knit. In the summer, it’s knitting with no afghan!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ginny.henning Ginny Henning

    I stay warm by knitting a blanket that’s warm enough to cover my lap!

  • Kate

    Oatmeal and tea to start my day!

  • debra

    a warm apple drink, a fireplace and knitting for my daughters home and new granddaughter my first Miss Penelope Jane. Only problem is what color’s of
    yarn to start with. this pillows would be wonderful for Penelope to hug and update a
    sofa or chair.. texture is the best way to add a fresh look.

  • Zed

    I like to warm up with a hot coffee and a pile of knitting on my lap!

  • Kathleen

    I put on an over-sized sweater and continue to knit another one. And always keep a cup of hot coffee nearby! Those pillows are wonderful and my son needs some decorating help in his 1st apartment!

  • ditetre

    Handknit socks, cup of hot black coffee, and a bit shawl wrapped around me— heaven!

  • habitatprincess

    I curl up on the couch with the blanket I knitted to match my walls (as would both of these pillows!), and a cup of chai. Having my giant cat in my lap keeps me the warmest, but then there’s not much room for my knitting, so a snow day works out best – I can knit in the morning while I watch the snow come down and the cat is busy having play time with the dog. Then when it’s nap time, he’ll curl up on top of the knitting in my lap and we both stay toasty…

  • MaineDruid

    Hot mulled cider!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sboughan Sherrie Wills Boughan

    Fireplace and snuggling with some knitting and my kitty.

  • laurielle

    We love to have a fire going and cuddle up under blankets, hand knit of course.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.rzeszot Dawn Rzeszot

    Love those pillows

  • Rose

    I love a soft cuddly afghan I got from Ireland plus my felted slippers to keep me warm. I absolutely love those pillows.

  • Purlsgirl

    Tea, Golden Retriever and knitting with some kind of bulky wool is the best recipe I know for a warm evening.

  • Karey

    What keeps me warmer in cooler weather is hand knit wool socks, a cup of tea and knitting.

  • Kelly H.

    Warm socks and an indoor hat I have. That and hot chocolate are my favourites (especially with a shot of whiskey, yum!)

  • Mary Jo

    I have already started wearing my felted slipper socks! I think I may a couple more pairs of socks to get me through this winter–I bet it won’t be as mild as last winter.

  • YarnArchitect

    I warm up with a blanket, coffee, and a pile of magazines

  • http://cshannon.blogactiv.eu/ Verenti

    I keep warm by wrapping up in hand knits and getting outside to enjoy the weather, but curling up inside with my knitting is good, too.

  • Hind DP

    I love to cuddle up on the couch with my tea, knitting and a fuzzy blanket. But of course, we’re still in the 100s here in So Cal.

  • Jane

    I love sitting in my comfy chair near a roaring fire with my knitting.

  • tanyarella

    Knitting! Knitting in bed with flannel sheets and while sipping cocoa reserved for snow days. Knitting knitting knitting!!!!!

  • Charlene

    Hot chocolate, my knitting, and a good movie!

  • Kelley Duff

    Hot cocoa, a cozy blanket and a sleepy kitty is my favorite way to warm up in cold weather.

  • blknitter

    I love knitting cables and pillows look so neat done in that stitch.

  • Joyce Pusel

    Knitting, something hot to drink (coffee, tea, cocoa or cider) and a cat or two

  • Jan

    I love knitting pillows! It is how I started knitting again after a hiatus of 30 years. These would be just the thing to cozy up my den this winter!

  • Jen

    Squishy warm socks.

  • JudyAnn

    A soft knit shawl around my neck!

  • FiberFevered

    I warm up with many layers — all hand-knit, of course! And my Yorkie on my lap provides even more warmth.

  • Kathleen Schorin

    I wear my slippers and wrap up in my hand-crocheted granny square afghan!

  • positive purls

    I like to get warm by getting lots of fresh air and then cosying up inside by the fire with my knitting and a good movie (and a kitty by my side).