May 20th, 2011

Knitted Wild Animals

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WEBS employees are very into knitting toys. We like to do a staff wide project a couple times a year and usually this includes knitted toys of some variety. So far we’ve knit through

Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long

and Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh

Marion is a longtime knitted toy fanatic and recently has been knitting her way through Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keen. I’ll let Marion tell you all about it!

I knit the monkey for the store.  I then made the zebra for my son Andrew.   They came out so nice I have decided to knit my way though the book.  The Panda was for my granddaughter Roley and I just finished the elephant…  They are on the way to Chicago.  My next project is the giraffe.  I may never go on a safari so this is the closest I may come to these great animals!


Thanks Marion! Great looking knits!!


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27 Responses to “Knitted Wild Animals”

  1. Willow Says:

    love this book, and the sea monster had to have 2 heads according to my 5 yr old nephew so we had to alter things abit!  I am the coolest aunt in the world with these pattterns!!!!

  2. Mrschknlvr Says:

    I just finished the elephant for a friend’s baby — it was just adorable.  These are by far the best “wild animal” patterns I’ve seen!!!  They are very cute, fun to make, and sturdy enough that they can actually be played with and loved.  I’m sure I will eventually knit my way through the book also.

  3. Extrafinecreations Says:

     These are adorable!!!

  4. Jeri Says:

    I love the animals in Sarah Keen’s “knitted wild animals”.  And although I am an experienced knitter I am finding the patterns (well, actually the zebra pattern,,the first I’ve tried) a bit confusing…There are no “Row 1,  row 2,  row 3” notations, so before I began I went through the pattern and tried to put the row numbers in the margins.  However, I finished one side of the body…but it doesn’t have enough rows in it  (looking at the photos).   Not sure what happened…….Any suggestions?

  5. Linda Erdmann Says:

    @Marion:disqus This is a question for Marion.  Having knit many of the animals in Knitted Wild Animals, have you found many errata in the patterns.  I read online that there are many.  I’ve been searching and searching for the corrections and don’t know where else to look.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

  6. Dena Says:

    I’ve checked with Marion, and she said that she hasn’t actually found errata in the book and the patterns to be quite accurate.

  7. Lerdmann Says:

    Thank you very much, Dana.  I’ve begun the monkey, and so far, the directions are spot-on.  I appreciate your response.  I read on that there were many errata.  I plan to take notes about anything that is questionable. 

  8. Willow Says:

    I have made most of these animals in this book and the only mistake I have found in in the moose, forlegs calls to start with A and later pick up A and continue………… I know it is Start with B because of the pictures…….. I think that is the only one I found!  Love this book!!

  9. Tmorgan6737 Says:

    HELP!!!! I need help with the elephant pattern in Sarah Keen’s knitted wild animals. The directions for the elephants head do not make any sense. I can’t figure out these directions to save my life. PLEASE HELP!! I understand up until the first decrease row which reads”Dec Row: (K7,k2tog) to end (64 sts.) I have that.Next row, I’ve purled 50 stitches, but then I have 14 stitches left on the needle. THere are no directions accounting for those 14 stitches. HELP!!! I’m ready to cry. this is a gift for my newborn baby nephew! Tara

  10. Mmhalpern Says:

    I made the elephant awhile ago but as I read it in my book, that row states:  P50, turn.  What you need to do is after the 50 stitches TURN your work and follow the next row directions (S1k, k35, turn)    You are doing short rows.  Follow the directions, turning your work when indicated.  You are not knitting to the end of the row but stopping short and working back the other way.
    I hope this helps you.  You could also google short rows, if you are not sure.

  11. UhaRugger Says:

    I am having problems getting the correct amount of stitches for the increase rows on the head.  I figured out how to get 24 stitches in the first row by increasing first before knitting but the second row you are supposed to come out with 30 stitches and i keep coming up with 31!  I am trying to finish this for my friend who is going to be having her first very soon and i still have the rest of the pattern to knit, put together, then mail to her.  Please help!

  12. Dena Says:

    Which pattern are you making?

  13. UhaRugger Says:

    Sorry, I am doing the head of the elephant. The pattern say to knit three , increase until the end. Doing that gives you 31 instead of 30 like the pattern says.

  14. Dena Says:

    Looking at the pattern, the row you’re talking about says 
    Inc row: (K3, inc) to end (30 sts).
    So that would be (K3, inc) x 6 = (3 + 2) x 6 = 5 x 6 = 30. So I’m getting 30 stitches also. Does this make sense?

  15. Karen Says:

    I am knitting the monkey from the Knitted Wild Animals book.  I am having trouble with the muzzle.  After the cast on row (28 sts) then 1 purl row.  Inc row (42 sts) then stocking st 3 rows then Dec rowe then another 3 rows stocking st, Dec row, 1 purl row then cast off.  My muzzle is no where as bit as the pattern looks.  Is the 3 rows stocking st before & after the dec row correct.

  16. suneeta Says:

    Can you explain please im a beginner knitter – have got this far and am stuck stuck stuck

  17. Susan Chilton Says:

    I am knitting the monkey and have come across the same problem with the muzzle. Does anyone have any ideas please?

  18. Sara Says:

    Hi Susan,

    How many rows are you finishing with? counting the cast on and bind off rows I come up with 13.
    cast on, increase row, 3 rows stockinette, decrease row, 3 rows stockinette, decrease row, purl row, bind off

    It can also be helpful to check the Ravelry pattern page, there you may find errata or other makers who’ve had the same difficulty and found the solution.

  19. Pauline Says:

    HELP is needed for the feet of the crocodile in Sarah Keen’s book. Has anyone knitted this yet?? I have knit many of the animals but can’t figure the feet out on this one. Any help would be appreciated

  20. Sara Delaney Says:

    Hi Pauline,

    If you check out the pattern listing on Ravelry there is a link to errata that should help you out –

  21. Renee D. Says:

    I had trouble attaching the panda’s bottom. it doesn’t sit flat. are there any videos from this book?

  22. Sara Delaney Says:

    Hi Renee,

    Sorry you’re having trouble. We have not done any technique videos related to this book. You may want to check the Ravelry page for this pattern and see if other knitters ran into the same problem.

  23. Sue Warwick Says:

    Thank you so much for this info. I am knitting the elephant in Sarah Keen’s book and also became stuck on the head (pearl 50 TURN). Your reply was invaluable. I am so grateful. Sue xxxx

  24. Margaret Cee Says:

    I have knitted a few of the patterns in Knitted Wild Animals…started on the Tiger…for the life of me I cannot understand just why I need 2 balls of A (same colour)
    And using the two balls intermittently…Could understand if doubling up or if I was using 2 different dye lots…
    Pleased explain!
    Find there is no explanation anywhere for this..
    Hope soneone can help…

  25. Jeanette Says:

    Hello I’m knitting the elephant I’m so stuck and confused on the head I have got to the dec and turn rows but I’m not getting what to do with the stitches either side of work please help me thank you

  26. Michelle Says:

    I’ve knitted a few of the wild animals and found the patterns clear to follow. However, I’m making the Koala Bear now and I’m stuck on making the loops for the ears. (Page 103, Special abbreviation, loop-st.) I can’t get the loops to do anything except fall apart in a loopie mess. Does anyone know if there is a video or photos that demonstrate this technique?

  27. Tanneke Says:

    Hello Margaret Cee,
    Did you ever get any answers to your question in regards of 2 seperate balls same colour for the Tiger. I just got my yarns according to the pattern and just fail to understand the 2 balls requirement. As well the instructions are confusing. Only one mentione when to add ball #2 in colour A. For the rest no indication. I hope that you got an answer or solved the riddle.
    Is therr anyone else who can help???

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