October 24th, 2011

Knitter’s Pride Accessories

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We all know Knitter’s Pride offers some pretty fabulous needles, so it should be no surprise that the Knitter’s Pride accessories are just as great.

Once you have your favorite needle set, you can show off the beauty of the Knitter’s Pride needles with their gorgeous fabric needle cases. There’s enough room in each case for needles, notions and more! Check out the video below to see all their great features.

My absolute favorite accessories are the Knitter’s Pride Chart Keepers. They come in two styles; fold up and photo frame. Each comes in two sizes. I travel a lot to visit family, especially this time of year, so I love how portable my fold up chart keeper is. The heavy duty magnets keep my chart in place so when I fold it up and throw it in my knitting bag, I can pick up right where I left off in my knitting just with a quick glance at my chart. It can hang over the edge of your sofa when you’re home, sit on the seat during a car ride, and fits neatly into the back seat pockets on planes and trains.

Knitter’s Pride Needle Size ID tags are small, but definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. We’ve all been there; we put a project down to work on something else, and realize we need to use the tips from the first project on our new project. Then we knit one or two more projects before we pick up that forgotten one out of our work in progress basket only to realize we don’t remember what size tips we were using! (I always tell myself I’m going to remember what needle size I was using when I take those tips off, but I never do.)

You can use these needle size ID tags to slip onto the cable of this work in progress to remind you what size tips size you were using. This way, when you go to pick up your project again, you can start again right away, frustration free. One of our assistant store managers, Cara, even suggested using them to mark your gauge swatches so you can keep track of the needle sizes you’re testing out. They’re really handy little tools.

The Knitter’s Pride Shawl Pins and Shawl Sticks are beautiful and make great gifts, especially as stocking stuffers. They’re made of the same durable Symphonie Wood as the knitting needles and absolutely stunning in person.

Knitter’s Pride doesn’t stop there with accessories; sock blockers, stitch holders, cable needles and a needle gauge round out the group! You won’t have any trouble making your holiday list this year with these great accessories. It can be tough to buy a needle set for someone if you’re not sure of what they’re looking for, but any knitter could use these great accessories to add to their crafting tool kit.


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