September 12th, 2011

Knitter’s Pride Needles & More

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Hi Everyone

There is not a week that goes by when we don’t receive some new product, be it a new yarn, book or tool.  Last week, we received a very large and very special shipment of new products.  Knitter’s Pride needles, hooks & accessories have finally arrived here at WEBS and we are all super excited!

Knitter’s Pride is a line of needles, hooks & accessories that are produced in India by KnitPro.  Overall, the line is HUGE.  It’s going to take a few blog posts to really do the line justice and to give you all of the info.   Let me share an overview of each of the 5 different needle types:

The Dreamz line is made from Symfonie wood and each needle is color coded by size.

I love this concept – makes it so easy to find the size you want!  The wood is smooth as are the joins.  The cables are soft and flexible as well.  The points are sharp, though I realize the degree of sharpness can be interpreted differently by different knitters.   In working with the needles, I found my yarn moved easily and the needles felt great in my hands.

The Dreamz line is available in interchangeables, fixed circulars, dpns, straights, crochet hooks & tunisian crochet hooks.  The interchangeables can be purchased individually or in sets.  The Deluxe Set contains:

  •  9 sets of tips in sizes #4-#11,
  • 4 cords (1 each 24″ & 40″ and 2 each 32″),
  • 1 set of  of size markers, 8 end caps, 4 cord keys & 1 cord case
  • Set is packaged in a clear vinyl case

The Deluxe Set retails for $82.99.  There is also a Starter Set of three different tip sizes that is a great way to give these needles a test run.  The Starter Set retails for $29.99.

The Nova line includes  interchangeables, fixed circs, dpns and 10″ straight needles in nickle plated brass. The Nova line has the same great construction features as the Dreamz line.  The nickle plated brass finish makes for smooth movement of your stitches.  The Nova Deluxe Set contains all of the same parts & pieces at the Dreamz Set and retails for $69.99.  The Nova Starter Set is $26.99.

Both Dreamz & Nova also have a Chunky Set that contains tips in sizes #13-#17.

Knitter’s Pride Cubics are square needles made from Symfonie wood with a rosewood colored finish.  The Cubics are not currently available as a set, but one will be coming shortly.  Cubics come in interchangeables, fixed circs, dpns & straights.  For those of you who love knitting with square needles or have been curious about them, the Cubics are worth a try.

Knitter’s Pride Basix are jumbo needles made of Birchwood.  Available in fixed circs that range in size from #11-#50 in four different cord lengths.  For those of you who like knitting bulkier weight yarns, our #50 fixed circs are the only ones on the market at this size.  Basix are also available in 8″ dpns in sizes #11-#36.  Basix are affordable starting in price at $5.49 for fixed circs and $6.99 for dpns.

Last in terms of type is the Trendz needles.  Available only as an interchangeable set, Trendz are acrylic needle colored by size like the Dreamz interchangeables.  The Deluxe Set features:

  •  9 sets of tips in sizes #4-#11,
  • 4 cords (1 each 24″, 32″, 40″, 47″ )
  • 1 set of  of size markers, 8 end caps, 4 cord keys & 1 cord case
  • Set is packaged in a clear vinyl case

The Trendz Deluxe Set retails for $36.99.

There is so much information about these amazing new needles that I want to share with you but I don’t want to overwhelm you either.

What do you think so far? Are you excited about the Knitter’s Pride line?  Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments!



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16 Responses to “Knitter’s Pride Needles & More”

  1. Laura Krzak Says:

    I think we need a little hook love for International Crochet Day…

  2. Terri Hamilton Says:

    The Trendz Deluxe Set looks like a GREAT value. And cute!

  3. Kathy Elkins Says:


  4. Lorraine139 Says:

    i heard about these on the podcast last night, and I was online first thing this morning!  I love the idea of the colors to distinguish different sizes.  I also like the idea of the size being imprinted.   Are the colors the same throughout the Dreamz line?  Would a size #6 for instance be the same color whether interchangeable, straight or DPN?  Really, I do not need more needles, but of course I had to send an order right away just to try them.  Oooh, you Elkinses are eeeeeevil.  Are you going to have these at Stitches East?

  5. Judy Says:

    Received my Dreamz set today.  Love the colors and can’t wait to try them.

  6. Kathy Elkins Says:

    Lorraine – I did a spot check this morning and it does appear that the color by size is consistent across different needle styles (circs, dpns, straights).  We will be bringing the needles to Stitches East.  

  7. Tmgentry Says:

    They look like they may be made by the same company as makes Knit Picks interchangeables–wonder if they would interchange

  8. KathyElkins Says:

    If you check out our Ravelry group, there is some information posted their by some customers regarding this issue.  

  9. ritainalaska Says:

    i love needles!  this interchangeable set looks good and you’ve said admirable things about them.  but , i like the circs for magic loop and need to know how flexible the cables are.  also, are cables available to make 16 inch circs? 

  10. Mherten Says:

    What’s the name of your Ravelry group so I can find the relevant discussion?

  11. KathyElkins Says:

    Our group is All Things WEBS and there is also a Knitters Pride Group.

  12. Knit 1 Geek 2 » Post Topic » Episode 11: We’re Not Dead Yet! Says:

    […] Knitter’s Pride needles available at WEBS! […]

  13. Blandynaw Says:

    What do you do to replace a broken or lost needle with the Trendz set, if these are not sold individually as pairs?

  14. Dena Childs Says:

    You can contact customer service at 1-800-367-9327 or and they can send you any replacement parts that you need.

  15. Metasya Says:

    I just bought my Spectra Trendz Acrylic Deluxe IC Set on eBay. The set is beatiful n I love the colors. I also have Nova IC special tip for 16″. And planning to buy Symfonie Dreamz Special IC Set (for 16″).
    Does any of you live in India or at least can tell me where I can find a Knitters Pride set in India’s store?

  16. Dena Says:

    The Knitter’s Pride website only lists distributors in the United States and Canada.

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