November 2nd, 2009

Kristin & Julia

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I think I can officially say that this week is unofficially Kristin Nicholas week at WEBS!  With the clocks turning back this past weekend, what a bright and colorful way to face the shorter days!  We have several exciting things going on that I want to share with all of you!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the opportunity to talk with Kristin on this week’s episode of Ready, Set, Knit!  Her latest book, Color By Kristin has just been released and it is a spectacular book.  I spoke with Kristin about several of the projects and wanted to share pictures with you.

The Over-the-Top-Shawl is perfectly named:


Until you read the fine print (or have a conversation with Kristin) you don’t truly understand how this shawl is constructed.  It is knit in the round.   This not only makes the colorwork easier (I use that term very loosely) to do, but it’s also how the fringe is created.  Yes – once you have finished knitting this drop-dead piece in the round, you steek it and then unravel the steek stitches up to the start of the pattern.  It’s brilliant and terrifying all at the same time.  The finished piece measures approximately 25″x72″ long.  It uses 7 different colors of Nashua Handknits Julia.

The On-the-Go-Knitter’s Tote is a beautiful, functional bag which measures approximately 16″w x 14″ high x 4″ deep when finished:


The base is worked back and forth in garter stitch and then the sides are picked up and knit in the round. Eight beautiful colors are used for a total of 14 skeins.

I love the Best Friends Pullovers because the models are true best friends.  Kristin’s daughter Julia on the left and her buddy Bridget is on the right


I also just love this photo.  In both cases, the sweaters are worked in the round to the shoulders with steeks used to create the armholes.  The arms themselves are knit in the round and then stitched into the openings created by the steeks.  Both sweaters use 7 different colors.  Both sweaters also feature simple embroidery stitches that really add that extra bit of WOW!

Kristin and I didn’t get to talk about this pattern on the show, but I wanted to highlight it anyway.  I’m rather smitten with the Lazy Daisy Teapot Cozy:


I know, knit or crocheted “cozies” are somewhat cliche.  I think this teapot cozy has a tone of attitude.  I also like that although it’s colorful, it’s not knit using any sort of charted pattern.  Once again, Kristin takes this project to the next level with not only the colors she chose, but with the embroidery details she adds at the end.  As we always say at WEBS – it’s all in the finishing – be it blocking, seaming or embroidery.  The final steps of any project are usually what make great projects stand out from the rest of the crowd.

I could easily go on about the other 18 projects in the book (that’s a total of 22), but I’ll let you discover them for yourself.  The first three chapters are dedicated to a discussion by Kristin about using color, the fair isle technique and how to design with it.  There is a ton of valuable information packed into the first 32 pages of this book.

Now, I have a question for you.  How many of you actually clicked on the links I provided for each of the projects?  If you didn’t click, scroll back up, pick one and click through, then come back.  I’ll wait.

Well?  Do you like our new Kit function?  I am over-the-moon tickled with this new feature!   Each project in Kristin’s book can now be “purchased” all at once.  You don’t need to zip around and select the quantity for each of the yarns, then go find the book and then navigate around to the needles.  The kit page features the yarn in each colorway, pre-populated with the quantity for the smallest size or in the case of the shawl, the only size.  The book is listed as are suggested needles.  You can easily “un-select” any item you don’t need, you can change your quanities on the fly or if you want different colors, you can click through and do that as well!  The page will show the total FOR ALL ITEMS SELECTED.  If you change quantities or un-select something, the price will change.  NOTE:  The price is the full price BEFORE OUR YARN AND BOOK DISCOUNT IS APPLIED.  This will happen in the shopping cart.  Remember – everything starts out SELECTED.   You have to buy the book once so you have the patterns.  Once you buy it or if you already have purchased it, you can unselect that option.  Same witht the needles if you don’t need them.

To see what other kits we have already put together you can simply click here or if you start on our homepage, click on “Books, Patterns & Kits” on the top navigation, click on “Knitting” on the left navigation and you’ll see a list of Kits right in the center of the page.  We plan to create these kits for all of our best selling patterns and books.  It’s a lot of work so check back frequently to see what is new. 

We also announced on the podcast we are now carrying Kristin’s yarn Julia.  It is distributed by Nashua Handknits, a division of Westminster Fibers (same folks who distribute Rowan and Gedifra and Kertzer).  Julia is a unique blend of 50% wool/25% mohair/25% alpaca.  Each skein has 93 yards and it’s a classic worsted weight yarn at 5 sts= 1″ on #7 needles.  I realize the fiber content doesn’t sound that special, but it is.  The properties of each of the fibers and how they are blended together are what creates the feel, the drape, the look of the finished fabric in Kristin’s garments.  Plus, she has honed her palette over years.  There are lots of yarns out there with large color ranges, several of our own Valley Yarns included.  But the way her palette works together just simply can’t be found in another yarn.  I am thrilled to be carrying Kristin’s Julia yarn.

Now, onto the festivities of the week ahead.

1.  We will be featuring a trunk show all week of several of the projects from her book.  Be sure to stop in an check them out in person.

2. Kristin will be at WEBS this Thursday night, 11/5 from 6:00-7:30pm for an impromptu Book Launch Party!  She’ll be signing copies of her book, talking about her yarn and will be bringing more garments from the book as well.  We’ll have light refreshments as always.

3.  We’re also having a contest!  What fun would it be if we weren’t giving something away?  Starting today, leave a comment here on my blog and on Kristin’s Getting Stitched on the Farm blog.  Tell us what you think of her book, the projects, how has Kristin inspired your knitting, etc.   The contest starts today and ends on Friday.  We’ll select a random winner who will receive a signed copy of Color byKristin, the yarn for a project of their choice in the quantity for their size (if applicable) and the necessary needles, notions, etc.  Pretty cool, huh?

So, let the commenting begin!  I’d also LOVE your feedback on the new kit function.



P.S.  Remember Kristin’s book and Julia yarn are discountable!


205 Responses to “Kristin & Julia”

  1. Elise H Says:

    The book looks fantastic and the colors are just so happy. I would love to try some of the projects, but admit that I am scared to death. Funny…I am usually game to try new things but something with sticks, strings and two-handed knitting…never mind steeks, has me stopped dead in my tracks. Maybe I need to confront my fear head on?

  2. Patty Says:

    I have been a fan of Kristin for years. I love her color sense and her abilities to combine colors that work into beautiful garment. Just last week I purchased her books and I am saving to buy one of her kits. The patterns and colors are as always stunning to say the least. These are truly works of art and I see a time when her books and handknits are on Antique Road Show!

    I have never steeked or done stitch work on top of my knitting but look forward to expanding my knitting adventures.

    Lastly I love the kits, maybe no Maryland Sheep and Wool but I’ll breakdown and get one of your kits.

  3. Ruth Cederstrom Says:

    Oh My Goodness I love love love the sweater Julia is wearing and that tea cozy! Maybe for my toaster oven?

  4. quiltmomoffive Says:

    I’ve been a Kristin fan since the ’80’s when she worked for Classic Elite. I have her old books and still use them regularly! I love her new book and the colorwork is amazing. I’m up for a new project!!!

  5. claireteagan Says:

    I have two of Kristin’s book now. I sit and read them over and over again. I get inspiration from the wonderful colors and ideas that she has. I have done lots of Norwegian sweaters, cutting my work. That is how I learned to knit. I didn’t make a flat piece for many years. I knit everything in the round. But not until Kristin did I start to embroider on my knitting. I have done lots of crazy quilting so this is a natural progression.
    Love her books and WEBS!

  6. cate Says:

    I definitely want to make the tote bag! I can’t stop staring at the picture of it. I have her previous book – Kristin Knits. Before I read it, I had never considered adding embroidery to knitting, but what a bonus it is! When I got the book, I was working on a solid-color cardigan for my co-worker’s little daughter. It was a pretty pink, but after it was done, it seemed kind of plain. Using the tutorial in her book, I added lazy daisies and french knots on the cuffs and bottom of the cardigan, and it really jazzed it up. Now I look at things I’m knitting or things I’ve knit in the past, and I get ideas for what I could add to them.

  7. mary Says:

    Kirstin uses color in such a fun way! All the projects in the book look like a lot of fun.

    And the kit function is such a great idea! Totally helpful when I’m yarn shopping at work and don’t have the pattern nearby…or when I don’t have the pattern or book yet, it’ll be a really great temptation to start something completely new.

  8. Elizabeth D Says:

    I love the way Kristin piles color on color on color and it always looks spectacular. I’ve been following her since way back in the days of Classic Elite Tapestryand the black and white pattern books with the baskets of yarn. . . I would change some colors, always, but that’s because I’m me, not her. And I am very excited that you’ll be carrying the Julia yarn; couldn’t find it down here near me.

  9. christina wall Says:

    I really like the kit function! It saves so much time.

    I am constantly inspired by Kristen (I’m an avid blog follower of hers). Her sense of color and how she interprets the color that surrounds her on her farm into her knitting is simply astounding. It’s a challenge to me to take things around me and let them speak into my knitting.

  10. Darlene Garner Says:

    I’ve had Kristen’s book on my Wish List ever since it came out. I read her blog faithfully and am in awe of her colorwork. I really like the way your site now has the Kit option – saving us more time to knit instead of hunting everywhere for all of the colors and types of yarn!!! The tea cozy has caught my I and would like beautiful in my kitchen. I have done embroidery on knitting, gut no-no-no so far on steeking!

  11. JessicaKaufman Says:

    I love the the color combinations Kristen uses in this book and I can’t wait to own it. In answer to the two questions 1. I have never cut a steek. 2. I have embroidered on my knitting.

  12. Sara Says:

    The book looks amazing and so inspiring! Love the new feature too. Very cool.

  13. Lynn Says:

    I love Kristin Nicholas and everything she does. Everything. I wanna be Kristin when I grow up (as if that’ll ever happen!). If I weren’t coming down with The Crud, I could think of something more to say, but I have no brain left now.

  14. Carol Says:

    What can I say? Kristin is amazing! I loved her patterns but then got to meet her through buying Leyden Glen lamb. She is a lovely person and crazy talented. And the Kit function? A huge THANK YOU! Fantastic edition for working out colorwork projects. Awesome job!

  15. shannon Says:

    Yes, i have cut many many steeks in my time.

    But i have rarely embroidered on top of knitting

  16. Deborah Says:

    I’m excited about Kristin’s new book. I’ve been a fan for many years. The projects you feature on the blog are ones I’ve not seen. Julia’s and Bridget’s sweaters are just beautiful and the girls are so cute together. I made sure my LYS will carry the book, and it will be fun to dig through my stash of colors and make some fun projects.
    I like the idea of the kits. Some of my students find it a challenge to pick colors. My first Kristin Nicholas project was a Vivaciously Vibrant Vest that came in a kit with a booklet and it’s still one of my favorite pieces to wear!

  17. thepaintedsheep Says:

    I love Kristin’s work – the way she combines color and pattern are amazing. The book looks fabulous.

    As for the kit function – can’t believe you’ve made it even easier for me to drop $$$ at Webs! Even for those of local enough to just drive on up to buy stuff, we can use the kit function like a shopping list to get what we need for a project. Brilliant!

  18. Anne Says:

    I love Kristin’s book and I am delighted that WEBS will be carrying Julia yarn! Also, great job on the kit function. That looks good and it is so convenient. Will this work for other books/projects in the future?

  19. kathleen bowen Says:

    woohoo Julia yarn within walking distance!

  20. KerrieJ Says:

    Tell us what you think of her book, the projects, how has Kristin inspired your knitting, etc.

    ‘Thumbing through’ the patterns in Ravelry, I am quite taken with Kristin’s color selections, bold designs and what I can’t seem to decide as either whimsical or sophisticated aesthetic – I say both! Kristin first caught my attention when I received my IK Fall ’06 and spotted Little Majolica. It was then I realized, I WANT to knit colorwork! It took a few more years for me to overcome the fears and build the self confidence to try colorwork… Onward now to steeking!

  21. turtle Says:

    steeking scares me! but aw always, kristins designs are gorgeous!

  22. fiberfriend Says:

    This book is a Rainbow come true!
    I’ve almost wore out her last book, (Kristen Knits) so I’m looking forward some NEW delicious eye candy to drool on :)
    Everything that I’ve seen and heard so far about this NEW book really makes me SMILE, so one, of her kits is definately on the top of my list!
    (or two),(or many more for gifts).

  23. Stacey S. Says:

    Oh, I adore Kristin’s colors and patterns. I own Kristin Knits and her new book looks like a keeper, too. I like the kit option. It’s also nice to see how much each project would cost to make. The ease of use is great. Nice job and I don’t blame you for loving that tea cozy!

  24. pghcathy Says:

    I’ve been reading Kristin’s blog for several years now. She’s a talented designer, knitter & decorator. She uses color in a way that I’d never even consider…and it always looks great!

  25. kicki Says:

    I absolutely adore the colour combinations and patterns! i have a couple of kristin’s earlier books, but no julia yarn, and w 2 small children i haven’t had time to actually try the patterns out. one day i will. until then, i look at the pictures and drool :)

  26. Chinamom Says:

    I like the kit option…thanks for thinking of it.

  27. Becky Says:

    Love the book! The scarf looks amazing!! I’d love to try it. I sure do hope I am lucky:))

  28. Kathy Says:

    I really love the patterns showen in the blog. All the colors are so beautiful which made the project even more wonderful!!

  29. Jackie Z Says:

    I love the shawl, the tote bag and the little girl’s sweaters. I have done steeks and I agree that they make the knitting very enjoyable. Fair Isle is probably my favorite type of knitting. The kits are a brilliant idea! I will have to add one to my Christmas list!

  30. Diane H K Says:

    Loving the kit function! I’ve played around with it/tested it on each of the projects and it’s working very well! I love how it tallies on the fly. This function is very innovative, and I don’t think I’ve seen this on any other yarn store’s website.

    I can’t come to the signing, but I am coming down tomorrow to see the trunk show. Yay!

    And to answer Kristin’s two questions:
    1. I have never done a steek. When the day comes, it will probably be on a child’s sweater pattern so when I screw it up I won’t cry quite so hard at the ruin of perfectly good yarn! Wah!

    2. I HAVE embroidered onto my knitting! I was completely inspired by Kristin’s book “Colorful Stitchery” which I have a well-thumbed copy of right here on the bookshelf over my Mac. I love adding embroidery to my knitted projects!

    Thank you for bringing Julia yarn to the Pioneer Valley, and to knitters everywhere who have had difficulty finding it.

  31. larkspurstudio Says:

    The book and the projects shown are wonderfully colored and so functional!

  32. Liberty's Yarn Says:

    I love the happy use of color! Much of my knitting is in fairly ‘conservative’ hues, but her patterns always give me the courage to branch out and knit on the wild side. =)

  33. Joyce Owens Says:

    I love the new book! I discovered Kristin’s blog by jumping over from the link here at the Web’s blog page and I look forward to every post. It’s like a desk top get-a-way to the country for me! Her use of color is inspirational!

  34. vtnitter Says:

    Hi! First time I’ve checked out your blog and I’ll be back for sure. I was led here by Kristin’s blog to comment and enter her contest. I LOVE the idea of being able to purchase kits directly from her book, or others for that matter. I often find that I spend a lot of time looking at projects and then searching for the yarn….which sometimes I like to do, but other times I don’t have the time. Thanks!

  35. vtnitter Says:

    Hi! This is the first time visiting your blog…I was directed here by Kristin’s website. I’m a regular shopper with you but never checked out the blog, but I’ll be back! I love the idea of a ‘kit’ option. Saves time!

  36. Marcy aka knittinggolfer Says:

    I have seeral of Kristin’s books and am totally inspired by her colors. and the photography. and the patterns. the use of color sends me over the moon though.
    Yay for another book by Kristin!

  37. Jan Says:

    I love Kristin’s designs. I’ve always had a very conservative sense of color, but over the past few years of exposure to Kristin’s work, my view has been greatly enlarged.

  38. Tina Says:

    Yes I have steeked…want to do more.

    Yes, I have added emroidery stiches to my knitting, mostly felted bags.

    I have your first book and look forward to buying your latest, assuming I don’t win one, of course :)

  39. Tina Says:

    Yes I have steeked…want to do more.

    Yes, I have added emroidery stiches to my knitting, mostly felted bags.

    I have your first book and look forward to buying your latest, assuming I don’t win one, of course :)

  40. Sarah Says:

    Love the kit idea. I’m looking forward to this book expanding my knitting skills as I have never steeked.

  41. sarahland Says:

    I was lucky enough to see the samples from this book when Kristin came to speak at our guild meeting. They are just gorgeous and you picked one of my favorite projects the Knitter’s Tote up above. There is an adorable baby blanket in the book that I just love!

  42. tracy_a Says:

    I LOVE the new kit function. The only issue I see is that the initial price looks forbiddingly large – then I realize I already have the needles and such and it is much better!

    I love Kristin’s sense of color – and I love all the detail embroidery gives.

  43. knit4girls Says:

    I’m mesmerized by the beauty! I can’t stop looking at all the patterns. Kathy, I do love the new feature – you’ve made the ordering part a breeze – although, I didn’t see the place where I can order someone to do the knitting :)

  44. Mary Says:

    I am an intermediate knitter that has never tried steeking or embroidery or working with such amazing colors before. This book really makes me want to get started on one of the projects. I think the kit idea is terrific!!!!!!!!!! It will be so much easier to delete what I don’t need, than to try and make sure I didn’t miss anything to put together what I DO need. What a brilliant idea!

  45. Karen Lopez Says:

    Wow, when I see yarn colors in a finished project like this, I want to go down to the local shop and take knitting lessons every day until I get good enough to knit like that! And the tea cozy …. if I had made something like that I would have to invite everyone I knew in for a cup of tea to show it off. I am sorry to say I have never steek (at least I don’t think I have) but a long time ago I did do a bit of embroidery on some crochet.

  46. lindaprice Says:

    Hi Kristin, I ordered Kristin Knits from you and read through, planning which projects I would start with. Then I showed it to my daughter. I hope to get the book back soon :) Your book has enouraged me to be more brave in using color and different color combos. I’m looking forward to this new book! I have never done steeking (eek! cutting into knitting? scarier than Halloween! But I have quite a lot of embroidery on my knitting and felting projects. Willow

  47. maryincincinnati Says:

    I was always a little leary of embroidereing on knits but Kristin makes it VERY appealing and quite doable. I love Julia’s sweater and the tea cosy.

  48. jpusel Says:

    Wow, all the projects are beautiful. I’ve always liked Kristin’s choice of colors and patterns.

  49. Prissymissy Says:

    Everything Kristin makes is a work of art. I own all of her books and will own this one as well sooner or later. Of course, I’m hoping to get picked and WIN this one! LOL.

  50. anniesimpson Says:

    I love Kristin’s previous books and am looking forward to getting my copy of this latest book. I was thrilled to read on her blog about the sweater for her daughter (the Best Friends Sweater). I will probably make my own version for my little girls. I find her approach to colorwork really inspiring.

  51. Donna S. Says:

    I have already purchased the book from Kristin. Love all the colors & combinations. I follow her blog also. She is so creative. Kit is a good idea!

  52. carlahibbard Says:

    I have not done a steek or any embroidery on my knitting- Okay- that is a lie- I have made socks that needed embroidered eyes but I had a friend do them – so I guess I was being honest- I do own both of your books however!

  53. beth Says:

    Such amazing color combinations! I steeked a Norweigian sweater once, with my grandmother’s help, and almost threw up with nerves. It’s beautiful, though. I’ve embroidered on knitting many times and am always impressed at what a simple but beautiful difference it makes! I have five nieces and nephews waiting for the Best Friends Pullovers.

  54. Robin Says:

    I tried my first steek last week after reading through Kristin’s newest book. I knit a practice swatch and steeked and made the fringe and it wasn’t nearly as scary as I expected. I haven’t embroidered my knitting….yet!

  55. Patrice O'Donoghue Says:

    I love Kristin’s “Julia” yarn. The yarn itself is scrumptious, as are the colors!

  56. Kim Ledford-Hauser Says:

    WOW!!! This is my first time seeing Kristen’s work… how did I miss it before?!! I’d have to say her “over the top shawl” is my fav from this post. I really like her color palette and her patterns look as if they are challening & fun to knit! I’d love to be your winner! ; )

  57. Jen Says:

    I have been reading Kristin’s blog for several years now. I just love the colors she uses and the pattern stitches are amazing! I’m excited to get my hands on her book to try the steek technique. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  58. Janelle Says:

    I adore Kristin’s new book! It inspires me to pick up all my knitted works and embellish them with more color and embroidery. I love how she makes things appear to be more than they really are. And her work always makes me smile.

  59. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the book, can’t wait to get it. I’m especially interested in the best friend sweaters.

    I love stranded colorwork, I haven’t tried steeks yet, but I’m not afraid. I like to duplicate stitch but I’ve never added any other embroidery to a project, but again, I look forward to trying!

    The kit function is great but it threw me off at first. Over a hundred dollars for a tea cozy for instance. I immediately concluded the price was just for yarn, not realizing that other things, like needles that I can unclick are in there, and of course, not realizing the discount. So what happened for me is that I thought things were prohibitively expensive, and later, reading this post, understood what was really going on. It’s a great function though, much easier than having to add things to the cart one at a time. Really it will be appreciated. But maybe a “yarn only” price appearing right away will help people not be scared off?

  60. DoesLizKnit Says:

    Love the colors in these projects! The kits look great … very inspiring!

  61. evief Says:

    I have several of Kristin’s books and have made many items. I like the cheeriness of the bright colors, the geometric patterns and the wonderful soft yarn. I think the designs are the sort that can be worn for years – they’re not the sort of fad items that will sit in the back of the closet after a year or two. I am eagerly anticipating her latest book and thinking of the wonderful projects to be made. I’ve done a few items using steeks. When I did the first one, that first cut was terribly scary, but I followed instructions and had to admit it really made for a great vest.

  62. Carol Perecman Says:

    Great book, but isn’t everything Kristin does fabulous?

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the yarn to make one of her wonderful projects…


  63. Angela Says:

    I am really smitten with this book at the moment and can’t wait to see it in person. I love the color and have never done any fair isle stuff but am working up my courage. Kristin’s blog is one of my favorites.

  64. Angela Says:

    I am very smitten with this book and am looking forward to seeing it in person. I have never down any fair isle but really like the things that be achieved with it so am working up my knitting courage.

  65. Angela Says:

    Sorry about the double post, I thought I messed up the first one.

  66. Andi Says:

    I am excited to see the book as I have been a fan of Kristin’s work for quite a while. I would love to have my own best friend’s sweater.

  67. Constance Ward Says:

    Hello WEBS and Kristin. Yes, i have cut armhole/v-neck steeks on a Fair Isle vest and lived to tell about it. Steeking makes the knitting so much easier because it IS knitting (not purling back in color and on the wrong side). I’ve been a Kristin fan since her early days at Classic Elite and love the inspiration that can be found in reading her books.
    Constance W.

  68. Constance Ward Says:

    Hello, WEBS and Kristin. Yes, i’ve used steeks for armholes and v-neck openings on a Fair Isle vest and it was great, after getting over the initial shock of cutting knitting. Steeks make knitting in color so much easier. I’ve been a Kristin fan since her early days at Classic Elite and use her books for color inspiration.

    Constance Ward

  69. janim Says:

    I love colorwork, and I love Kristin’s folk-art style of design. Thanks for the contest!

    P.S. The ‘kit’ feature is great!

  70. debbieb97 Says:

    I love Kristin’s patterns, she is one of my favorite designers and I would love the opportunity to win! I also love the new feature on the WEB’s site. It makes putting things together much easier for me, this way I won’t forget anything! Thank you!

  71. Sigrun Says:

    I have just recently discoverd Kristin and her work and they interest me a lot. I would love to buy her books and get to know her better. And I can say yes to both questions on her blog. I have though done more of Q#1 than Q#2 :-) but hopefully I will be able to do more of the embroidery part.

  72. SharonD Says:

    I really enjoy the “Getting Stitched on the Farm” blog and enjoy the colorful projects she has. The over the top shawl is great.

  73. Pamie G. Says:

    omg…so beautiful!!!! I have not added to my knitting since I am a beginner, too nervous!

  74. JackieLemon Says:

    I love Kristen’s color combos and designs. I have grandkids who love her colorful sweaters. Perfect knitting projects for the gray days of winter coming up! I love the kits that start out with all you need and then de-select what isn’t necessary for your project. What a great idea!

  75. diann Says:

    I just love the color combinations Kristin comes up with. I’ve been so inspired by her to look for these sometimes unlikely to me at first, combinations in nature. I’ve never made anything that involved steeks, but think I’m up for the adventure. Embellishing my knitted projects with embroidery often adds that extra special touch to really make them unique. I only wish I lived closer so I could come to Webs to see her. I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful evening.

  76. ncpinn Says:

    As Santa knows, Kristin’s book is on my wish-list for this year. I’m fascinated by her bold use of color — something that is on my resolution list.

  77. bookboxer Says:

    How generous of both Webs and Kristan Nicholas! I’m a back-to-it-after-many-years knitter and am enjoying learning so much through blogs. Keep up the good work!

  78. ncpinn Says:

    During my tens months of unemployment, I discovered the joys of blogs. I honestly don’t think I had spent much time reading blogs before then. “Getting Stitched on the Farm” is one of the many goodies that turned up and one that I always look forward to reading. And, then, one good thing leads to another and I’ve learned about “Webs Yarn Store Blog” which I’ve added to my subscription list. Kristin’s book is inspiring me to face my fears about using multiple colors and steeking and other knitting things that seem as though they go bump in the night. Thank you for offering all of us a chance to learn new things and to win something exciting and challenging!

  79. Susanne Says:

    I have been reading Kristin’s blog for several years now. I have 3 of her books from years past but don’t have her recent ones. Her colour palletts are so inspirational as she puts colours together that often are not seen in other colourwork. The shawl is a fabulous addition to anyones’ wardrobe and is my favourite. I have no blog so it is not letting me post this comment!!!!

  80. Mary Ann Says:

    Wow, the kits are wonderful. I am still a basic knitter but am fascinated by all the possibilities Kristin presents. I buy the books and dream of when my skills will catch up! I may just have to buy the kit for the wrap around shawl and stare at it longingly!

  81. TrudiJ Says:

    I love Kristin’s books. I think it was her playing with color that really got me interested in breaking out of my color ruts and seeing what combinations I could come up with. I’ve taken two classes with Kristin, the most recent, on color edgings, at Stitches East a couple of weeks ago. I really appreciated the chance to meet her and learn directly from her. And seeing her projects in person was very inspiring!

  82. Maggie Says:

    I just love the pictures I have seen from the blogs! Especially the ones with Julia! As the parent of a special needs child, I see that soulfulness in her eyes! I would love to make everything in this book!

  83. marisablais Says:

    I am thrilled you are carrying Julia yarn- Kristen is an inspiration to knitters everywhere! Her color combinations are unmatched. Happy Knitting!

  84. SusanR Says:

    Kathy – Absolutely love the new kit function which will be a timesaver and the ability to modify the kit which I’ve not seen on any other website.
    I am a huge Kristin fan – I am a scaredy cat when it comes to color and her books and blog are very inspirational to me and get me out of my safe neutral colors.
    I hope I win the signed book and project yarn – I would be in heaven!

  85. Karen Says:

    I love the new kits – makes shopping easier. I am excited that you carry Julia – I live in Canada and most of my yarn purchases are done online.

  86. Judy H Says:

    Kristan’s book is beautiful! I have done steeks on sweaters and also embroidered on knits. I really like how embroidery adds color and life to a pattern.

  87. Karey Says:

    The book looks beautiful and so interesting. I love Kristin’s magical way of working with colors. The kit option addition is also a great one stop shopping for her great patterns.

    Happy Knitting

  88. michelecorbeil Says:

    Kristen’s tea cozy would make me buy a teapot! I’ve loved her blog for years, with all her wonderful observation of farm life and her fabulous photos! I’ve never used her yarn or patterns before but would love to try!

  89. moonbabyk Says:

    im super excited to get my yarn investment that i have purchased. i have never had any julia yarn and i made a purchase and im stalking my postal workers hahahhaaha. i love kristin nicholas her talent is awesome

  90. clairepiper Says:

    I’m just getting started with colorwork,so Kristin’s book looks like just what I need…someone to hold my hand through the process. The fact that she has a line of yarns, with perfect colors MEANT for colorwork is awesome.

  91. sissyjane Says:

    I’m already working on my first pair of mittens from the book, and I LOVE them! I’ve already purchased the book, but I still hope to win!

  92. Miranda E Says:

    Oooo! This book looks amazing!

  93. Debbie Bistline Says:

    Beautiful book – the colors are so vibrant!!

    Answers to questions on Kristin’s FeedBlitz:

    1. No, I have never done steeks.
    2. Yes, I have embroidered on knitting – but only once.

  94. Laural Says:

    I was able to take a class with Kristin a while ago at Webs. I’m so glad to learn that Webs will now have her yarn! The colors are fabulous and they all go together, so it’s easy to mix and match.

  95. Gretchen Says:

    So far I’ve done three steeked projects and am raring for more! Embroidery. . . well, I’ve added French knots to a sweater, so maybe I can move on to something more. Winning the book would be a kick, too.

  96. Lollie Says:

    Kathy, you and Kristin have a different way of commenting and I just realized that my name appeared differently on her post (as Lollie), so I’m pesting this second one to be sure my name matches up! I have taken one of Kristin’s classes at Webs and I’m very gald you’ll be carrying her yarn now. I love how the colors all mix and match!

  97. Debra Says:

    I just received her book. It is so very inspiring. I am going to make one (or several) of the projects from her new book or “Kristen Knits” in 2010 once my Holiday knitting is completed. I love looking at her books and reading her blog.

    Your kits are nice.

  98. Carol Ozimek Says:

    The book looks beautiful – I love Kristin’s designs and choice of colors! I have never done embroidery on a knitting project, but I have done steeks. Can’t wait to try one of these projects.

  99. Karen F Says:

    I love the kit function. It makes shopping for a project much easier!

  100. maureenm123 Says:

    I read both blogs daily and drool over Kristin’s use of color, if only I was as courageous

  101. JoAnne Rodriguez Says:

    I think the kit function is FABULOUS – I’d rather start from the kit and (if necessary) work down to what I need than have to go through page after page and figure it out. Wonderful!

  102. Katiegirl Says:

    I am fairly new to knitting, and it really helps me want to expand my color palette by seeing what others do!

  103. marit Says:

    Hi! I have followed Kristin’s blog for quite some time, and really appreciate the bright colours and fun projects she puts together. I have yet to buy any of her books-I’m not very fond of internetshopping…- but knitted one of her teacosies a couple of years ago,and thanks to her inspiration, I made my own variations of decorating it.

  104. Karen S. Says:

    A friend recently introduced me to Kristin’s books and yarns. Wow! I am so impressed! I have been leaning towards wanting to start designing some of my own patterns and her work is really inspiring. I would love to knit up some of her pieces: I particularly love the tea cosy and the Over The Top Shawl. Thank you for making it so easy to get all of the items necessary for any of the projects with the “kit” feature on the website – what a brilliant idea! I have never “steeked” or embroidered my knitting before – maybe it’s time to try something new!

  105. Karen .S. Says:

    A friend recently introduced me to Kristin’s books and yarns. Wow! I am so impressed! I have been leaning towards wanting to start designing some of my own patterns and her work is really inspiring. I would love to knit up some of her pieces: I particularly love the tea cosy and the Over The Top Shawl. Thank you for making it so easy to get all of the items necessary for any of the projects with the “kit” feature on the website – what a brilliant idea! I have never “steeked” or embroidered my knitting before – maybe it’s time to try something new!

  106. Karen .S. Says:

    A friend recently introduced me to Kristin’s books and yarns. Wow! I am so impressed! I have been leaning towards wanting to start designing some of my own patterns and her work is really inspiring. I would love to knit up some of her pieces: I particularly love the tea cosy and the Over The Top Shawl. Thank you for making it so easy to get all of the items necessary for any of the projects with the “kit” feature on the website – what a brilliant idea! I have never “steeked” or embroidered my knitting before – maybe it’s time to try something new!

  107. MaryEllen Says:

    So many beautiful projects! I’ve always been a little afraid of multi-color projects and fairisle in particular, but there are several projects in the book (the Hen Party and Norwegian Dreams pullovers especially) that make me want to cast on right now!

    The kit function is great since it takes the guess work out of “how many balls do I need…??” Thanks!

  108. rachelle06810 Says:

    i love what i’ve seen of kristin’s book, vibrant color and unique patterns. i had a few serious color courses in college and appreciate the thought and sensitivity in her work. i love the kit option and the fact that i now know where to get juia yarn.

    pick me pick me ;~)

  109. knittah Says:

    This is not normally my knitting “style” but I LOVE everything I’ve seen in this book. And I adore the new kit feature!!! Yay Webs!!

  110. fracksmom Says:

    Wow that kit idea is awesome, and since I have never skeeted, that shawl would be a fun way to learn, and something that i could wear and show off the Julia yarn, and the fact i actually did something that detailed with so many beautiful colors. Her work just makes me feel small and a beginner even though I have been knitting for over 50 yrs, I keep it simple for the most part.

    Wow Skeets, what a scary thought, but the things I could do………..

  111. Terri Geroux Says:

    I loved Kristin’s first book and can’t wait to see the new one. I love her use of bright saturated colors!

    Very excited that you will now be carrying her Julia yarn as it is not available in my LYS.

  112. Englenook Says:

    Question # 1: Have you ever done a steek and cut your knitting? Never had the courage but after reading, I would like to give it a go!
    Question # 2: Have you ever added embroidery stitches onto your knitting or crochet? Yes, on small things.

    I found “Getting Stitched on the Farm” and have fallen in love with the colors. This is on my list for the comming year. (Too much to do between now and Christmas! — understatement)

  113. Marlana Says:

    Hi, I love Kristin’s designs and knit a few of the profects from her last book. Her designs make me less afraid of color but I have never steeked anything. I might have to try it now though! I can’t wait to see the new book!.


  114. Marlana Says:

    Hi, I love Kristin’s designs. I knit a few of the profects from her last book but I have never steeked anything. I might have to try now though. I can’t wait to see the new book!


  115. Knittingdancer Says:

    I love the On-the-Go-Knitters tote. The colors are so beautiful together.

  116. Michele Says:

    I love Kristin’s book: Kristin Knits and can’t wait to see the new book. I have several pages marked to try out the patterns. I have used some of her techniques on some crocheted birds I was making. I watched her tutorial on french knots and couldn’t be happier with how they dress up my knit/crochet items. I’ve never steeked, but would be willing to give it a try. I really like the Kit Function idea because if you’re shopping to buy everything you need to make a project, that function comes in very handy. Keep up the good work. By the way, my mom told me to check out Webs.

  117. elizaduckie Says:

    Love Kristin Nichols and read her blog all the time….this latest book is another colorful addition to her beautiful line.

  118. honeybee33 Says:

    Back in the late 80’s-early 90’s, Classic Elite’s design aesthetic (spearheaded by Kristin Nicholas) served as my personal benchmark for the height of creative knitting. Their yarns, colors, patterns and designs sang to my knitting-heart as no other company’s did, and I considered Kristin my “secret knitting-BFF” as I poured over each season’s new offerings. The garments that mixed color-work with textural stitchwork were my favorites, even if I could never afford all the colors on my meager salary.

    It’s wonderful to see Kristin still “at it,” kickin’ colorwork butt in her own indomitable way! I love that she can now influence and delight a whole new generation of knitters the way she did me.

  119. Nancy Says:

    My first ever socks were knit with the pattern in “Kristin Knits”. I love that Kristin has such an easily identifiable color sense and style!

  120. jenniferking Says:

    I just love that shawl! Can’t wait to see the book! I took one of Kristen’s classes last year at Sit-n-knit in CT and had a great time! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  121. ohsewcrafty Says:

    Loved the podcast- Kristin’s interview was great! She is a color genius and it’s amazing how the all the colors of Julia work together.

  122. Beth Says:

    The most I have ever done color-wise, has been to change colors. I haven’t done any stranded color work, or inartsia… let alone steek and cut my knitting (I’d have to have a lie down). Kristin inspires me to do better. To knit better.. to take the plunge and go further. I have a mug that my dh bought me for Christmas a few years back, that has one of her artwork designs on it (it’s a yarn ball, and I wish I had gotten the other choice also as now it’s nowhere to be had) and whenever I try something new with my knitting.. I pour a cup of tea in that mug and have at it. I can’t wait to kick my knitting up to the next notch.

  123. Heather L. Says:

    What an exciting giveaway. I’m looking forward to seeing Kristin’s new book. I find her blog very inspiring and have enjoyed her previous books.

  124. Julia Says:

    I am in love with the Over-the-Top Shawl! I like making big drapey things but I had honestly never thought of making something so large and colorfully bold before. The great thing about this pattern is that while it’s very intense and graphically striking, it also has a kind of refinement in the details around the edges that give it a visual subtlety, like an overtone in music that makes a harmony more complex and interesting. Looking back over the other patterns I realize this is true of so many of them. I only discovered Kristin’s blog and designs recently but I look forward to tackling one of her patterns before too long.

  125. Ingrid Says:

    Wow, I think WEBS just got a new customer! The colours are gorgeous, the patterns marvellous, and the service amazing. Congratulations to your software team.

  126. tracienixon Says:

    I LOVE the new kit feature and have picked several projects from Kristin’s book and added them to my wishlist! I love shopping at Webs both online and in person!

  127. LaurieG Says:

    Love the book, I just got some Julia yarn to play with — I’m planning a slouchy multicolored hat.

  128. arlette Says:

    I love your yarn store blog!

  129. Caroline Gaudy Says:

    the patterns are lovely. Wish I lived close to Webs and could stop by.

  130. Caroline Gaudy Says:

    The patterns are lovely. wish I lived close enough to Webs to stop by.

  131. Emily Says:

    So exciting! The colors are, of course, inspiring and inviting: to wear, to make with, to see! The freedom to play with color and embroidery are most exciting to me!

  132. Little Miss S Says:

    I’m in love with the colorful work here. It’s absolutely adorable and gets me in the best mood.

  133. nanci Says:

    I must do embroidery on some of my sweaters. It would just pop the designs.

  134. Mary Says:

    As always, I love her book – they are fun to read and inspiring. The kit idea is fabulous. Good job improving an already great company!

  135. sricker Says:

    I have recently bought Kristin Knits from my LYS and really have been inspired by all the color and embroidery. I am going to try some socks and I recently added embroidery to some felt slippers. The embroidery ideas from Kristin just took the slippers to a whole new level. Thank you for all that you share with us. I especially like the “getting stitched on the farm” emails. No, I have never done a steek but there certainly have been times that I felt like cutting up my entire knitting project.

  136. Aditi Says:

    What fantastic projects and COLORS! That shawl is dazzling!

    Love that you can order “kits” too. Thanks!

  137. roadtohobbiton Says:

    Kristin – you are such an inspiration to me as a newbie knitter. I know I am many many years away from even attempting anything like this, but I so enjoy the beauty of your work. I look forward to buying the Julia yarn and trying it out – it sounds like it would be a wonderful soft blend of fibers. I’m even thinking of getting some for a friend as a Christmas gift.

    Best wishes on the book!

  138. Regina P Says:

    I absolutely LOVE all the colors!! The projects are beautiful! I am a crocheter, but I have been thinking about trying knitting too, and the pictures from the book have made me so much more anxious to do so. Great job Kristin!

  139. Amy Says:

    Love to see Kristin’s marvelous designs in closeup, and the kits idea is wonderful! I’ve already bought the book (and her others) but this would be a great way to stock up on the necessary selection of Julia. I think it’ll be the gauntlets first for me. I’ve done a fair amount of duplicate stitch but never in such lovely colors.

  140. SuellenM Says:

    I have always been afraid of colorway, but Kristin makes me want to try. So beautiful!!!

  141. Karen W. Says:

    The new book looks great! I’m glad to see that the kids’ patterns come in sizes large enough to fit my tall 9-year-old. It’s tough to find patterns for that age/size. Also happy to hear that you are carrying the scrumptious Julia yarn, a now-closed shop near my once had some and it is wonderful but hard to find. Kristen’s sense of color is inspirational and one-of-a-kind.

  142. Judy J Says:

    My kind of contest!! Love Kristin and am happy to see you carrying her yarn.

  143. cherriep Says:

    Kristin’s design sense is so unique and beautiful. One of the first pattern books I have is from when she was at Classic Elite. Thanks so much for making her yarn available in such an easy to order kit form.

  144. Marj Griffing Says:

    I’m going to need to order this book. Working in color has always intimidated me and I’ve been knitting for over 40 years. From the podcast, it sounds like the book may have what I need to get over that.

  145. siret Says:

    I like colors of her works. Unfurtunately I don’t know that we have her books here, in Estonia. ButI hope that soon they will translate herbooks.

  146. TLK Says:

    I haven’t seen Kristin’s new book, but based on her patterns published in other books and magazines I’m looking forward to getting it. I’m always inspired by her use of color.

  147. Carolyn Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic feature! It’s so slick and cool! Speaking of slick and cool…I can’t wait to get my hands on that book. Kristin’s color sense is so exciting! And her patterns are so nicely done. She’s always doing something clever and pretty and vibrant. And inspiring the rest of us along the way. I embroidered my first knitted item last week. It looks so cute! I was thrilled!

  148. Jenny Says:

    What a great book! I haven’t seen it, yet, but I hope to win a signed copy. The colors are so luscious – I think I’m going to have to add some colorful yarn embroidery to a project that I’m currently working on! *wanders off to look at the new kits ideas so she knows what to buy for her next project*

  149. Lynn Says:

    Great idea with the kits — I usually forget something or other when doing this kind of order manually.

    Love Kristin’s sense of color!

  150. Kitten WIth A Whiplash Says:

    I recently lamented on my blog that I didn’t think ahead when dyeing some yarn, and wound up with a lot of single skeins of non-complimentry colorways. The beautiful projects in this book are making me rethink that.

  151. hutchart Says:

    I want that tote!
    Seriously, I’m always blown away by Kristen’s designs and the yarns she’s made for Nashua are terrific.

  152. jane Says:

    wow what gorgeous colors….

  153. Kristen Says:

    Wow! Very cheerful projects!

  154. kwonset Says:

    I am a painter; in contrast to my old-fashioned brown-tone paintings, Kristin’s designs are so colorful, with crisp edges and a contemporary palette— love them!

  155. LDupuis696 Says:

    The designs are really really nice and the colors are so vibrant, can’t wait to take a look at the whole book.

  156. joank Says:

    What beautiful projects! I love the way you combine colors. I have never done steeks. They scare me. I’m afraid of wreaking a large project. I’ve never embroidered my knitting either, unless you count duplicate stitch which I suppose is embroidery.

  157. Lin Maggard Says:

    I love Kristin’s blog and was very inspired with her first book. Have not had a chance to knit anything from the second book, but have plans to do the pillows and experiment with all the different colors.

  158. Lin Maggard Says:

    I love Kristins blog and both of her books. Have knit a few projects from the first book and look forward to knitting several from the new one. Love the yarn and all the colors.

  159. Dianna Phillips Says:

    I love Kristin’s patterns; colorful and practical at the same time! I’ve made two pair of the socks from her last book – everyone wants a pair.

  160. Dianna Phillips Says:

    Forgot to say – I have never tried a steek – cutting into my knitting is scary! I’ve been tempted – and I have patterns that call for it – maybe someday!

  161. Pippin67 Says:

    (Colleen here) Color by Kristen is at the TOP of my wish list of knitting books right now (no small list ~ to be sure!) I so enjoy Kristin’s design and color conceptions! I want her dining room walls! (And her sheep!) She inspires me to reach beyond the “safe” color combinations and traditional choices. Right now I am knitting a baby blanket in purples, greens, olives, teals, burnt orange and fuchsia! I would love to have a room full of all her Julia yarns to combine and choose from for my projects… though my family might really miss me when I never came out! I LUV the kits function! AND you have needles along with it too!!! Awesome!

  162. Debbie W. Says:

    I bought Kristin’s previous book and love to look through it because of the beautiful colors. I have been following her blog, she is very inspiring, I am looking forward to trying some of the projects in Color by Kristin. Thank you for the new kit feature!

  163. LisaS Says:

    I love the Julia sweater and am already tryin to figure out the resizing required so that I could wear it. I had the opportunity to knit a swatch with the Julia yarn recently and really liked how it showed stitch definition while still being very soft to the hand.

  164. Dianne MacDonald Says:

    I love the Julia yarn and am so glad you are going to be stocking it now. The kit idea is great and it’s pretty ingenious the way you have set it up. Can’t wait to order some!

  165. Dianne MacDonald Says:

    The kit idea is ingenious! I’m so glad you all are going to be carrying “Julia” now. It’s a wonderful yarn and the color range is fabulous (and it’s so Kristin!)

  166. Dianne MacDonald Says:

    Sorry for the double post (now three). I thought the first one didn’t go through.

  167. One Sheep Says:

    I love the way colorful is coming back with a vengance. Seems like drab was ruling the roost for quite a while. These are great fashions and I love the homedec items. Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. One Sheep Says:

    I hope this is not a duplicate or triplicate, but Disqus just hangs without letting my comment thru. Not behaving as it usually does. Anyway, I love that colorful is coming back with a vengance. It seems like drab ruled the roost for quite a while. These are great fashions and I love the homedec items. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  169. quinn Says:

    I am so impressed by people who can make magic with color. Kristin is a master :)

  170. caralynr Says:

    I LOVE ( I can’t even make the word big enough to express how much I love it) the new kit feature! How cool is that? Thanks for a beautiful preview of this book on this cold autumn day. I love the bright colors and the color combinations that she uses, as well as the straight-forward construction of the garments.

  171. tmoran Says:

    Love Kristin’s work. Just popped over from her blog to enter the contest, but must admit that your kit function is great! I’m off to browse your site in depth.

  172. Gerri Says:

    I have the previous book Kristin published. It looks like this one might have the bonus of the fair isle technique discussion. Love the colors but haven’t knit a project yet.

    I like you kit function. The first time I looked at it, I didn’t quite get that the total would adjust if I took off things I didn’t need, like needles.

  173. Pat Carpenter Says:

    I love the colors and the fun of it all. I wish I had known about the trunk show sooner. I would have driven down from Vermont. I have a project to finish, but once I have, I’d like to try Julia yarn. I learned to steek years ago. It is so much easier than I used to think and once you get past the first cutting, you’re home free. It’s just so painful to contemplate cutting a beautifully knit piece. So don’t contemplate, just cut. Hears the part I wish I were more adventurous about: I’ve never added stitching to a surface. Sounds silly doesn’t it? But that intimidates me.

  174. sharonlm Says:

    I’m just getting back to knitting after a several break, and have been catching up on everything new. I’m also looking at knitting from a different viewpoint than I did before. When looking at various pattern books, the patterns I am drawn to have often been Kristin’s. I especially like her unusual ribbings and borders. I love Julia’s sweater and wouldn’t mind having one in an adult size. The embroidery really sets off the designs.

  175. Terri P. Says:

    Wow. As a beginning knitter, I’m speechless at the beautiful patterns and color. I have a lot to look forward to!

  176. carmen8608 Says:

    I only discovered Kristin after I moved away from Greenfield for college, how sad not to have been aware of such a knitting genious was in my neck of the woods?! I have to admit, I don’t own any of her books yet nor have I tackled any projects—- I’m still new to faire isle, though I think I could tackle some of the smaller projects (mittens/ gloves/ socks maybe?). All the colors, so cheerful and inspiring. They are perfect for combating the dark and dreary of winter.

  177. Chrissy Says:

    What awesome patterns. I really like the ability to order an entire kit because sometimes it’s hard to find specific yarns and colors. I’m motivated by the beauty of the Over-The-Top Shawl to try steeking.

  178. Robin Says:

    I love the best friends sweaters! Talk about color — WOW.

  179. Jody Says:

    What gorgeous photos–I would love to win this book. Steeks only looks scary! I can’t think that I’ve ever embroidered any of my knitting, but I’ve thought about doing a bag with some embroidery. I used to do embroidery and a lot of other needlework years ago before the knitting bug took over.

  180. janlashua Says:

    Kristin’s book just looks fabulous. I only wish I could be there tonight to see all the wonderful samples of her projects.
    I have never steeked and the idea sends shivers down my spine. I certainly want to put it on my list of new knitting skills after Christmas rush is over.
    I have never added embroidery stitches either, but that certainly seems less scary to me.

  181. cthulhulovesme Says:

    I really love the bold color statements that Kristin makes, and I especially love the household items– the pillows and the ottoman in particular. I’ve never steeked, though, so that would be something of an adventure.

  182. Sally Howard Says:

    I love Kristin’s use of color, and her yarns are beautiful too. The kit function at Webs is a great idea!

  183. laursink Says:

    Wow! Webs has become my new fav oniline spot! Anyways, I cannot get over how awesome the color work is in this election! Can’t wait to give it a try! The lit function will save so much stress What a great idea! Thanks Kathy!

  184. Pamslu Says:

    Love love the colors!!! Another book for the wish list. I’ve been wanting to try steeks.I have two daughters and love the pic of the two little girls. I was thinking the tea cozy would make a super hat. Fun stuff! Good luck on the book launch!

  185. Pamslu Says:

    Love love love the colors! Another one for the wish list! I want to make them all. I think the tea cozy would be cute as a hat. Good luck with this book and thanks for the heads up on these designs.

  186. Sharilyn Says:

    The colors in the patterns are so cheerful without being overly busy. Nice balance!

  187. debknits2 Says:

    I love Kristen’s book. She has helped me become a more creative knitter.

  188. Debi Says:

    I am a newbie to the world of colorwork, but by the looks of Kristin’s beautiful patterns, I dare say I am inspired to dive in! Thank you Kristin & thank you Webs! :)

  189. Mary Alice Says:

    Kristin’s colors and projects are just so Happy!!

  190. mollita Says:

    Book looks wonderful. Esp love Julia and Bridget’s sweaters. Darling.

  191. sharonrose Says:

    WoW!! I love the embroidery details – the little flowers are so cute!

  192. beccafreed Says:

    For the Child’s Zip-Up Cardigan I would learn to steek. I have a couple of collections of Classic Elite patterns in book form, and my favorites are Kristin’s ethnically inspired ones.

  193. Diane S. Says:

    HI, I have never tried any color work in my knitting like this so the pictures of Kristin’s book have me very excited. Can’t wait to see it in person & give it a try!

    And I love the kit function, will be so much easier to see exactly what some patterns call for & then I can decided if I want the kit or look for another yarn that you carry with the same “specs”!!

  194. Susie Says:

    Toooo pretty! I just love the colorwork. I’ve yet to attempt any but this may be just the motivation that I need!! Please sign me up for the contest!!

  195. Jessica M Says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed watching Kristin on TV and found her helpful. Now Kathy is on TV too, very cool. Kathy, I know you asked for feedback on the kit feature and I don’t have any, sorry, I always drive the two miles down the road to buy my stuff in person!

  196. Bonnie Buckingham Says:

    Almost 200 comments. Oh my. That makes the statistics
    against this one BUT I will say I haven’t done either of the questions
    and hope to one day. I adore those sweaters! If I won I would learn
    to and I do knit. Extraordinary, if you’ve seen Larkrise to Candleford!

  197. LynnH Says:

    Several friends are considering a knit-along from this book. The over-the-top Shawl is my first contender, I think.

    Everything Kristin does, I adore. For some, “adore” is not a strong enough word. Such style.

  198. Shell ~ Michelle Kennedy Says:

    Kristin Nicholas is a Classic Renaissance Artiste ~ all matter of art forms benefit from her color use, technique & style, knitting, crocheting, painting, pottery, illustrating & designing. I’ve taught knitting & embroidery to children for nine years & have tremendously appreciated her illustartions in Melanie Falick’s “Kids Knitting” & Kristin’s “Kids Embroidery.” Most definetly, I wish for her three latest books ~ they are beautiful.
    also, I especially enjoy reading her blog & appreciate how often Kristin updates & the fact that you never know when she is going to update. There are only a few blogs I read daily & Kristin is one of them. Its great to check in & find another new post. Kristin writes very conversationally & I like knowing more about the sheep to wool process.
    The best surprise ever was seeing her painted walls in her farmhouse. They are exquisite. Upon painting my kitchen orange, a whole new world of color opened for me. Kristin has always been an inspirational artist for me personally & I loVe sharing her with my students, who often have rather conservative art teachers, *WHY*???? I want to express to children to enjoy their artist-selves.
    Kristin is a Renaissance Artiste & we need people like her to bring creativity and beauty to the world.
    Shell ~

  199. Kim R. Says:

    Love the Wrap and Tote Bag, the book looks fabulous!

  200. Julia Says:

    Looking forward to knit from the book. May be eventually I’ll get to steeking…

  201. Megan Says:

    so scared of steeks to begin with and so appreciative of them now. Kristin’s sense of color and design is superb.

  202. Chia Tsao Says:

    I’ve never tried a steek before but I’m looking for just the right pattern to start with. I like that there are some smaller patterns in here I could cut my teeth on.

  203. Pinkit Says:

    My knitting group loves these books. I am so happy to have your book in my hands, sharing with everyone. Half the people have never heard of you. Going to make Best friends sweater for my grand kids for x-mas. But you have the coolest web site to would be so fun to vist. Thanks for the hints there topps. Keeping them coming. I love them. I just started spinning my own wool too. I want to make a sweater for me to. I have steek with cardigan works wonderful. but your site nice Thanks!

  204. SueE Says:

    Kristin has inspired me to try more color. I tend to shy away from it for myself, but love the way it looks. I have a copy of color in knitting and really want to try some of the patterns with some of my hand spun. Should be fun!

  205. Amy Says:

    I am knitting Julia’s sweater, and have been for the past few months (as much as possible while working, etc.) However, it is extremely challenging to the point of wanting to quit.

    I paid for a block of private knitting to help with the neck and it somehow got messed up and we’ve decided to just bind off and fix it later . I will never attempt to do something so difficult. I have knit sweaters using a simple pattern – anyone could do it, but this is way way too hard for me. I have knit ponchos just by making it up, not from a pattern, many many hats, socks, backpacks, and mufflers.

    Cannot understand the directions in the book. One thing I did learn is how to make the design and I could do that again, but the neck and steeks – forget it. This pattern is for VERY advanced knitters.

    What I have found is that I’m either really stupid, learning disabled, or ?? Most people seem to think patterns in books are easy – not me!

    This sweater is amazingly gorgeous though.

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