February 12th, 2010

Let The Games Begin

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I love the Olympics.  Winter and Summer – love them both.  I’m very excited for the opening ceremonies and the parade of nations.  I can’t wait to watch the skiing and snowboarding events, the ski jumping, figure skating and HOCKEY! 

I will admit that hockey isn’t the same since pro players were allowed to participate.  Nothing against them, I just think it should be amateur players.   My understanding is that in 2014 it will revert back to the “old” way 🙂

Now onto the knitting portion of this post.  I signed up for the Knitting Olympics yesterday. 

I am not following the rules exactly.   I know – another shocker from me.    I needed to adapt the rules a bit to fit my own personal goals.  Isn’t that what the Olympics are about?  Achieving personal bests whether it’s just making the team or winning the gold medal?   

I have 5 projects lined up for the next 17 days.  It’s not nearly as daunting as it sounds generally speaking but for me it would be quite an achievement.    Here’s the list.  Please note, although I am numbering these, they are not necessarily in chronological order.  I will probably jump around a bit.

1.  The Chicken knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton:

For reasons stated previously on the blog and on our podcast,  it has to be finished.  There’s not much left – just all the parts & pieces. 

No need to dwell on this one.

2.  The Scarf:

I started this scarf at least 3 years ago.  It may be more.  It’s knit using Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted and is a basic *K a row, K1, P1 on the next row and repeat from *.  Why this scarf has been sitting around so long is beyond me.  It survives every WIP clean-up and still it sits.  Now is it’s time.

Next up are three new projects.

3.  Hat from measurements using Misti Alpaca Chunky Hand Paints:

I brought this yarn home back in December intending to make a hat for a holiday gift.  Never happened and I still owe the gift so I have to get it done.  It won’t be anything fancy, just our vanilla hat from measurements pattern.  I think I’ll do a rolled edge as I love those and I think anything else will be lost in the colors.  I’ll probably put a pom-pom on top if I have enough yarn left.  We’ll see.

4.  A second hat from measurements using RYC Cashsoft Chunky & Plymouth Goldrush:

Another holiday gift that never got done.  I plan to only incorporate the Goldrush into the pom-pom.  I think it would make the hat itchy if I carried it along.  This hat is for a little girl so I thought the sparkle in the pom-pom would be fun.  Again, vanilla hat from measurements pattern and I’ll probably do some sort of a rib at the edge.  Maybe not.

5.  Crocheted Scarf using one skein of Kraemer Sterling Sock yarn:

As you can see, this isn’t just ANY skein of Sterling.  This little pretty has been hand-dyed by the Kangaroo dyer herself.  I fell in love with this skein when she brought it into WEBS to show us and Gail was kind enough to let me have it.  It’s been in the stash for awhile and it needs to be crocheted scarf and I know exactly who I”m going to gift this to when it’s done.

I haven’t decided 100% on which stitch I will use, thus the inclusion of the book in the photo.  I’m almost positive I’m going to go with my fave Crosshatch Stitch.  I think it will look pretty in this yarn and it’s easy and quick.

What will I start out with ?  Well, I can’t completely ignore the rules so I feel compelled to cast-one one of the new projects.  At the same time, I am having friends over tonight to watch the opening ceremonies so I need to be able to watch tv, socialize and work on my project.  Sounds easy enough to most of you I’m sure, but me?  It’s a disaster waiting to happen.  We’ll see.

So, what about all of you?  What are your knitting/crotchet/spinning/weaving plans for the next 17 days?  Something?  Nothing?  Are you participating in any organized events?  Please share in the comments and let’s keep each other posted on our progress!



2 Responses to “Let The Games Begin”

  1. ccrinma Says:

    I think that sounds like a sufficient challenge to “count” for the Olympics!

    I’m casting on in just a few hours, can’t wait! I’m making Abrazo, challenging myself to make a fitted thing.

  2. debknits2 Says:

    I would like to finish up 2 shawls, knit a shawl and a couple of felted bags for a a swap.

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