February 20th, 2009

More Valley Yarns Designs

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I’m glad you all liked the video I did last week featuring a couple of our newest Valley Yarns Designs.  The feedback was pretty clear about wanting to see the garments on a model, so a garments on a model is what you will get!

Before you watch the video, I do want to point out a couple of things.  This is the first time we’ve tried this format and yes, there are definitely areas for improvement.  Be kind in your comments and bear with me, okay?

Secondly, it’s obvious that my video equipment needs an upgrade.  One of the things I am unhappy with in this video is how difficult it is to see the detail, especially on the Space Heater sweater.  It’s partially due to the color of the garment – those darker colors are always a challenge to photograph and it’s no different on video.  I think sound quality also continues to be an issue.  It’s not awful, but not as clear as I’d like it to be.  Yeah, I know, I’m fussy.

So, I hope you enjoy this.  This clip features three designs from our Spring catalog, the Space Heater Pullover knit in Northampton, the Hanging Garden Cardigan knit in Colrain Lace (2/10 Merino/Tencel) and the Tanglewood Cascading Cardigan which was originally knit in Lenox, but we’ve given it new life as a spring garment in Southwick.


Let me know what you think.  Do you feel that three garments makes the video too long?  Would you prefer seeing two garments at a time  or would you prefer to see each garment done as a separate video?  I really want to make these videos what you want them to be so let me know your thoughts!


28 Responses to “More Valley Yarns Designs”

  1. DonnaB Says:

    K – Nice job! Let Jen know she was fantastic. I certainly hope she gets a huge raise for being the official WEBS model!


  2. MarcieF Says:

    I just wanted to say hi, and how great I think your site is! I’ve been knitting my whole life, but really only recently started to discover the whole world of yarn that out there, and isn’t acrylic…so much to discover! I’m really looking forward to making some great purchases!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Great job! I love the 3rd sweater.

  4. chppie Says:

    Although a bit long I didn’t mind it. If however I were looking for a pattern and there was a video available it would be nice if I could follow the link on the pattern page to watch the video just for the pattern I’m interested in.

    I also noticed that if you click on the higher quality option on YouTube that the resolution improves significantly.

    By the way Kathy, what were you wearing? That wrap was really attractive.

  5. KathyElkins Says:

    Nice points and thanks for the tip. I’m still pretty much a newbie on this Youtube stuff.

  6. ~Kristie Says:

    These videos are wonderful and no it wasn’t too long. I “liked” the Hanging Garden Cardigan in the catalog, but now that I’ve seen it here, I love it and I’m definitely adding to my Ravelry queue. See you soon at Stitches West!

  7. janell Says:

    great video! not too long at all, it captured my attention

  8. Rosann Says:

    I love the wrap that you are wearing. Can you tell the name of the pattern? Thanks

  9. ReluctantPenguin Says:

    What a great idea! Not too long… I was able to “fast forward” (drag the bar) through the pattern I wasn’t interested in and look at the other two in detail. Can you please tell us something about the shawl you are wearing?

  10. Donna in VA Says:

    I want to know the pattern for your wrap also.

  11. KathyElkins Says:

    Thanks Kristie! See you next weekend. Be sure to say hi!

  12. KathyElkins Says:

    Thanks Rosann and to everyone who liked the wrap I was wearing in the video. My MIL Barbara made it for me. It’s knit in Noro Kureyon and edged in our Valley Yarns Berkshire. The pattern is in one of the Noro pattern booklets by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. I’ll have to pull the booklet on Monday when I’m back at the shop and I’ll post more information then!

  13. Becky Says:

    It’s a bit long, I think each garment in a separate video would work well. 🙂

  14. spinnerknitter Says:

    I’m SO loving these designs, they’re on my “List to Do”!!

  15. Sandra Says:

    Great video! I think I would prefer each garment to be featured in its own segment though.

  16. mj Says:

    is it Sursa? the wrap….

  17. Carol Says:

    I thought it was just right and I appreciate you making the video. I too loved your wrap!

  18. Deborah (mtmom) Says:

    I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for making it, Kathy!

    I learned so much from seeing these garments in 3-D and having you point out various structural features, like how the sleeves or layers are joined, and ESPECIALLY that the Tanglewood is a *rectangle* plus sleeves — never would have guessed — now it makes sense! And seems doable!

    I certainly hope it wasn’t too embarrassing for your lovely model. She did us a wonderful service — thank you, J!

  19. Debbi Says:

    i love seeing how the garments flow on Jess! Great job!! =)

  20. Janelle Says:

    You have beautiful yarns and great information!!

  21. Tan Says:

    I agree with the commenter who wanted to know what YOU were wearing! I think three garments in a video is fine. The length was good. I like that you talked about the construction of the hanging garden cardi.

  22. Jingle Says:

    I really like that pullover knit! That would be great for my office! It’s always freezing in here!

  23. Karen Says:

    I really like the video idea! I think I would prefer one video per garment – I can pick and choose that way! And thanks for Webs – I’ve done some real damage to my budget, happily 🙂

  24. Lisa Maxwell Says:

    business first, I found your web site from knitpurlgurl, great marketing tool. I like the three sweaters on the same video, you provided just enough information to help me decide whether each sweater was a project, I could, would or will do. Thanks so much, it is a great web site.

  25. Donna in VA Says:

    Just bringing this back up in the hopes that now Stitches is over, you’ll be able to tell us what this pattern is, please.

  26. dransdell Says:

    I really like the wrap you are wearing Kathy, I didn’t see your reply as to the book it is in. Do you mind sharing? Thank you and love the video’s.

  27. Mary Lynn Says:

    Great video. So often with flat pictures . . . you get exactly that . . . this really works for me!

  28. Gerry Hartsoe Says:

    I would like to know what the pattern is of what you are wearing in this episode.

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