September 9th, 2009

NEW Bamboo Interchangeable Needles

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That’s right everyone!  We FINALLY have Bamboo Interchangeable Needles again! 

Steve & I have been working on this project for what seems like forever!  Many of you may remember that at one time we did carry a bamboo interchangeable set but had to discontinue it for a variety of reasons.  We’ve searched long and hard to find a partner to produce the set for us at the level of quality we expected.  Needless to say, we saw a lot of crappy needles along the way, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new set.  Let me give you tour:

Included in our set is the following:

Nine sets of tips in sizes #4 to #11.  We will also have size #3 available seperately.  The tips are made from high-quality, hard bamboo and won’t split or splinter.  Sizes #4-#6 have a gold-tone base while sizes #7-#11 have a black base, which indicates which diameter of cable should be used.

Four sets of cables in three different lengths (16″, 24″, 32″) – that’s two cables in two diameters in each of the three lengths are included.  The cables themselves are soft and flexible.  Our joins are smooth and secure and do not require a tool of any sort.  Just simply screw on your tips and start knitting!

The set also includes two adaptors (one in each diameter) that allow you to combine cables up to 64″.  There are also two pairs of knobs so you can remove your tips from any active project and use them on a different project.

We’ve also included a Knitter’s Gauge made from durable plastic that will assist you with tracking your gauge and determining needle sizes.  It also has a handy cutting edge!

The set is presented in a gorgeous silk case that folds up for easy storage or travel.  It’s light weight and the construction ensures that everything has a place and stays in their place securely.

Our Bamboo Interchangeable Set, with everything I’ve listed here retails for $109.99.  We think this is a dynamite price considering all of the parts and pieces included.   Additional tips ($6.99) , cables ($3.99 for a pkg of 2), adaptors ($1.00 each) and knobs ($2.00/pair) will also be available separately, along with the #3 tip.

We’re taking preorders now for the sets.  We’ll have some advance sets shortly and will have significant stock within 2-3 weeks.  Open stock will follow later this fall.

I hope you are all as excited as we are.  I know there are many of you who lamented over the demise of our previous set.  We think this one is even better and well worth the wait.

I’d love to hear what you think or answer any questions in the comments!


P.S.  It appears that the software I use for comments and WordPress are having an issue.  I was wondering why nobody was commenting!  I was feeling very sad.  I’ll be looking into this and will post back as soon as the glitch is fixed!


82 Responses to “NEW Bamboo Interchangeable Needles”

  1. amyknitty Says:

    I’m commenting! And putting in dibs on a set for review for Knitty! We must test this babies out!

  2. amyknitty Says:

    “THESE” babies. my brain must be fried.

  3. Lynn Says:

    Just placed my order– these needles look great. BTW, the fall catalog is beautiful. It’s just a question of which of the lovely projects I’ll have time to knit. I don’t comment often, but I read every one of your blog posts and listen to the pod-casts. Keep the blog-posts coming!

  4. booksNyarn Says:

    These look gorgeous! I love bamboo and wooden needles and there are very few interchangeable sets that include 16 in. cables. Usually you have to buy that as one entire cable needle. So glad you have introduced this.

  5. Laura Says:

    They look awesome, Kathy! I love the silk case to keep them in, too. Sweet.

  6. judy - so cal Says:

    They look beautiful! Unfortunately I have 3 sets of interchangeables already otherwise I’d be first in line to order them.

  7. Anderknit Says:

    Kathy –
    Just wanted to say that these look mighty tempting! I’ve been lamenting that I don’t have a set of the previous incarnation of your bamboo interchangeables.
    But before I dive in, can you describe how the joins work, given that there’s no tightening tool? Have you tested them to see if they will stay screwed in with “normal” knitting motions? I know that other interchangeable sets (that shall remain nameless) have some problems in that regard…

  8. penny Says:

    These are mightily tempting especially with a US3/3.25mm option which makes *this* primarily dk or lighter knitter happy. 🙂

  9. dorayme Says:

    These look lovely. I have one of the older sets and love them, but one of the cables has defective threads so it has ruined a few of my tips by stripping out the plastic inside. . .
    On your new tips, I love the case and some of the additional goodies you include. How flexible are the cables with some of them being thick and some thin. . . also the black larger ones, is the material plastic? After what happened with my first set I’m a bit leary of a plastic join.

  10. melissaknits Says:

    Awesomeness, those needles.
    And look, I can comment again!

  11. KathyElkins Says:

    I’ll enjoy handing them to you in person in just a couple of weeks! Woohoo!

  12. KathyElkins Says:

    Thanks Lynn! I appreciate you reading & listening! Everyone who works on the catalog is so glad you like it! Each one is a labor of love.

  13. KathyElkins Says:

    Thanks Laura!

  14. NitRN Says:

    I have a set of interchangable needles, but they untwist at the join and I find my stitches falling off whic frustrates me to no end. I hope to hear how others find these after they use them for a while. It would be a great purchase for me if the join does work. Post how these needles are working.

  15. wondermike Says:

    They look wonderful, Kathy!! I might be getting a set in the very near future. 🙂

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  17. Patti Blezenski Says:

    These look fantastic. I’ll be watching to see how others like the cable and connections before I order……but I’m hoping you have a winner here.

  18. amy Says:

    Backtracking a bit to this post. I noticed these immediately upon getting the new catalog, and I’ve let my husband know they’re all I want for Christmas. Do you anticipate having them in stock again for Christmas ordering? Because they went on backorder pretty quickly!

  19. jenniferdoll Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me, this is a great set! I would love to try!! 🙂

  20. Ragdoll Says:

    KnitPurlGirl sent me over here to check these out.

  21. jagadeeshdev Says:

    KnitPurlGirl sent me over here to check these out!! Super great needles! Can’t wait to have a set, I love bamboo!

  22. JessSeeley Says:

    KnitPurlGurl Sent Me and these look fabulous!

  23. Figaro Says:

    I have been waiting patiently for a good set of bamboo interchangeables to come out and there they are! I think I am one of the last knitters out there with no circ set but that will be changing soon now that these are here! Oh and KnitPurlGurl sent me over here…

  24. mimsfam Says:

    This is a lovely set. I have 3 different interchangable sets already but may need to add the bamboo needle set to my collection. ;0) BTW, Knit Purl Girl sent me.

  25. Robinmb Says:

    Sent here by KnitPurlGirl. I love the new needle set!

  26. Tina Says:

    KnitPurlGurl mentioned this blog on her blog. Wow, these look really neat. I like the fact that they screw on and are don’t need turning pins. The color-coordination is nice, too. Plus, the case is gorgeous!

  27. Helen Says:

    Found your blog from KnitPurlGurl. I’m really curious about this needle set!

  28. Carol Says:

    Saw these on KnitPurlGurl/s site and fell in love with these. Love your blog!

  29. Vegkat Says:

    What an amazing set! KnitPurlGurl sent me over, and I’m going to be spending some time looking around, for sure!

  30. Kristen Says:

    These look great and the case looks perfect. I like the colors and it looks convenient. Oh- and Knit Purl Gurl sent me!

  31. Absynthe Says:

    Lovely! I’m a new knitter and love bamboo needles over all others.

  32. kathyn Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me over with her link to giveaway. If my number doesn’t come up, I know I’ll ask for these for Christmas. 🙂

  33. jjphotoftw Says:

    So excited about this new needle set! Oh and KnitPurlGurl sent me 🙂

  34. knitpurlgurl Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I WANT a set of these!! ‘Wish I could enter my own giveaway ;P ‘Will start saving my pennies.

  35. puggerhugger Says:

    I was sent over by knitpurlgurl! Ok not only do I lust after this set, but Im also looking to test some new cotton blend yarn for a design I am making up for plus size knit knickers. Wish me luck!

  36. iaudrey Says:

    these are definitely going on my wishlist for the holidays. before seeing this, i was considering the knitpicks, but i love my bamboo dpns over metal and plastic. i know i’ll love these.

  37. LiveLaughLoveCj Says:

    I think I am in love. What a fantastic set! This is on my wish list for the holidays for sure! In fact I’ll make it easy for the hubby and purchasing them, wrap them and act all surprised come Christmas! LOLOL Oh and KnitPurlGurl sent me, just so you know.
    I’ve also added your blog as one of my favorite places on my new knitting blog:

  38. Kristin Says:

    Saw these on KnitPurlGirl and they look beautiful! I am looking for a set of interchangable needles!!

  39. Katerina Says:

    Hey Kathy,

    i’m behind on my podcasts, but will be catching up this weekend – great to hear about the bamboo interchanglables! (and that your comment section is now fixed!) It was on KnitPurlGirl’s blog that I realized I needed to catchup on my episodes to hear all about them!

    Can;t wait – and keep up the great podcast!

  40. barknknit Says:

    Wow…these are awesome!!! If you are looking for reviewers..I would love to review these for my podcast!! They look pretty cool!!.

  41. fallsknit Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me over here to check these out. They look fantastic. I would love to try them.

  42. Sara Says:

    These look amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on a set.

  43. cricket54 Says:

    Ooooooh….these look wonderful! KnitPurlGurl gave me the “heads up” about this set. I’ve not used bamboo interchangeables yet (only nickel-plated so far), but these are very, very tempting.

  44. Katie Pike Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me here. I love the way these look!

  45. mlj1954 Says:

    Knit Purl Girl sent me here and boy am I glad she did. Those needles look fabulous. I love the warmth of working with bamboo and wood needles. Thanks.

  46. danielle Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me over here….and I have to say your needles are beautiful! I love the gorgeous case they are in also!

  47. Julianne Says:

    knitpurlgurl directed me over to comment! Love the needles, fingers crossed to win a set. Been in the store once but wished I lived closer so I could come all the time. It’s a 14 hour drive from where I am!!

  48. jeana Says:

    These are just gorgeous! Knitpurlgurl told me about these, and they’re just stunning.

    A friend has told me that you can knit all of your projects on needles like these, and we all could throw out or straight needles if we had a set like this. Is this true?

  49. Michelle Says:

    KnitPurlGirl sent me! What a beautiful set.

  50. SecretAgent Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me. These look amazing! Definitely going on my wish list if I don’t win! They look totally awesome!

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