January 22nd, 2009

New Berroco Spring Yarns!

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I hesitate to even utter the “s” word, as most of you are in the deep freeze.  Despite the frigid temperatures, it’s that time of year again when new yarns begin arriving in earnest here at WEBS.  Besides, thoughts of new yarns and projects can’t help but make us all feel a little warm and fuzzy inside, right?

Berroco is usually the first of our major vedors to ship their spring line.  We’ve actually had the yarns in house for awhile, but between the craziness of the holidays and the fact we were waiting on the arrival of the spring pattern books, we haven’t really talked much about the yarns.

First up is Mica, which is a 31%cotton/26% silk/23% nylon/20% linen blend.  Each ball has 108 yards and knits at 5.25 sts/in on a #6 needle. The yarn itself has a bit of a sheen to it, but once knit up, the fabric is not at all shiny.  Mica is $8.00/hank and has lovely pattern support in it’s own dedicated book and in Norah Gaughan Volume 4 (which from this point forward will be referenced as NVG4).


Latitude is also new for spring and it has a blend of 48%cotton/48% rayon and 4% binder thread.  Each ball has 109 yards and it knits at 5 sts/in on a #5 needle.  I like Lattitude because it’s got a bit of texture to it, without being too busy.  Again, Lattitude has it’s own dedicated book #282.


One thing the Berroco line was missing was a spring basic.  Well, it’s no longer missing.  Berroco is introducing Pure Pima which we are affectionately calling a 50/50 cotton/cotton blend.  It’s 50% mercerized cotton/50% unmercerized cotton and is available in a gazillion colors.  Each hand has 115 yards, knits at 5.5 sts on a #6 needle and will cost $6.00/hank.  It is soft and lovely and Norah obviously loves this yarn because it’s all over NGV4.


There are 35 total colors and we’re carrying 31. 

New additions to existing lines include Bonsai Colors and Seduce Colors. 



These two new yarns are featured in a shared pattern book #283 .

Plus Sox has gone all sparkly (bestill my heart):


The Comfort product line has been rounded out with the addition of Comfort Chunky and Comfort Baby.  If you have not knit with Comfort, it’s a yarn worth checking out.  I know some of you may be turned off by the acrylic/nylon blend, trust me when I say you would never guess that fiber content if you were in a blind touch-test.  Plus, the price points can’t be beat and a dedicated Comfort pattern book.

There are , five new pattern books plus NGV4 – 77 totally new designs.

All of the yarns are in-store and on-line.  If you check out this week’s podcast you’ll be able to catch an interview iwith our Berroco rep Andra who gives a lot more detail, espcially on the patterns.

You can also checkout last week’s Knitbits, which is Berroco’s weekly e-newsletter.  Lots of great info about the new spring yarns and designs.  The Berroco blog also has a great behind the scenes video from the spring photoshoot!

I will leave you all with this shot from San Diego:


I know it’s hard to look at when you’re freezing, but maybe it will help just a little.  The large ship in the background to the right is the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan.  I’ll give a full TNNA update later this week!



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  1. Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) Says:

    Ah, sigh — GORGEOUS new yarns, Kathy!
    *When* will I have time to try all these luscious new things?!

  2. Vismajor Says:

    Oh man! Sparkly sock yarn? I know what I’ll be adding to my Webs wishlist… 😉

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