December 27th, 2010

New for Crocheters

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Hi Everyone

I hope for those of you who celebrate Christmas the day was all you wanted it to be.  Ours was low-key and wonderful.  The last couple of weeks have been a frenetic race to get everything ready.  Although knit and crochet gifts were not to be this year, I am pleased to say that I was able to string and finish 3 necklaces in time to give as gifts.  In my glee I forgot to take pictures to show you, which is truly ashame because they were lovely – simple but lovely.

The craziness of the past few weeks definitely took a toll on my blogging.  There were lots of items I wanted to highlight as gift ideas that just never happened.  That’s okay – I’m sure you and yours took care of things for yourselves. One item that I cannot let pass us by is a new set of crochet hooks.  Karen our Store Manager showed them to me around Thanksgiving (I think) and it was instant love.  I see a lot of new products, many of which are sent to me as samples.  Rarely do I keep anything.  They usually find a home with a staff member.  In this instance, I was not letting go.  That decision was made without even really testing the hooks.  I looked at them and held them but did not put them through their paces.  I was already in love – they won my heart before I actually ever saw the hook – they had me at the case:

blog122710A 002

This is the ETIMO Crochet Hook Set from Tulip.  I swear whomever designed the case and selected the fabric must have thought “Well, what would Kathy Elkins over at WEBS like?  She’s a black & white & grey gal and loves silver sparkle so let’s go with a fabric like that”.  Now, I know that isn’t what happened, but I want more things made from this fabric.  It is awesome.  I’m not sure my pictures capture the spackle.  How’s this one:

blog122710A 003

There are actually 2 sets that offer two different size range of needles along with a different case and hook construction. This set comes with:

  • 8 hooks [D-3 (3.25mm), E-4 (3.50mm), F-5 (3.75mm), G-6 (4.00mm), 7 (4.50mm), H-8 (5.00mm), I-9 (5.50mm), J-10 (6.00mm)]
  • High-grade silver-handle thread scissors
  • 2 yarn needles
  • ruler
  • beautiful foldable case with 2 extra hook slots plus a zippered accessories compartment

Tulip Etimo Crochet Hook Set

The handles have a nice shape and a cushioned rubber grip.  The only thing I don’t like about these hooks?  I only wish the hook shaft was made of steel which would mean a silver finish which I think would make this set even MORE scrumptious.  The brass-colored finish is a bummer to me.

If only they had done the same thing with this set as they did with the Tulip ETIMO Steel Crochet Hook Set.

Tulip Steel Crochet Hook Set

This set is lovely, has the same construction but not only is the case different – same style, different fabric, which isn’t bad either just not as endearing as the sparkle fabric.  This set also features a completely different range of hook sizes:

  • 8 hooks [No. 0 (1.75mm), 2 (1.50mm), 4 (1.25mm), 6 (1.00mm), 8 (0.90mm), 10 (0.75mm), 12 (0.60mm), 14 (0.50mm)]
  • High-grade silver-handle thread scissors
  • 2 yarn needles
  • ruler
  • beautiful foldable case with 2 extra hook slots plus a zippered accessories compartment

My set is $79.99 and the steel set is $69.99.    Not inexpensive but when you look at everything you get, it’s not outrageous either.

Also, while we’re talking crochet I wanted to let you know we are adding a line of crochet thread as well!  I’ll post more when it’s in and on the site.  I’m personally partial to crocheting with all types of yarns but I know the crochet thread is something many folks want to use – you asked, we responded!




6 Responses to “New for Crocheters”

  1. alvb Says:

    Nice set! Too bay they look like “Boye-style” heads. I’m a Bates girl. 😉

  2. Hapi Kamper Says:

    Beautiful sets. Love the sparklies!

    And very excited about the crochet thread — looking forward to finding out more!!!

  3. KathyElkins Says:

    alvb – Hmm – I have always been a hardcore Susan Bates girl myself. This image from our website – those are my hooks in a little wooden vessel my grandfather made when my mom was a child. Mostly Bates hooks in there. I don’t have a Boye hook here but I compared a G hook from Bates to the G hook in the Tulip set and I honestly couldn’t see much difference. The “gutter” on the underside of the hook might be a tad deeper on the Bates hook, but when I put them head to head establishing a chain and a few rows of sc, hdc and dc the Tulip was flawless and no different from the Bates. Now, that is just my experience – I’ve been given lovely gift hooks over the years (glass, fancy woods, etc) and they have been horrible to work with – the debate on what is a better hook is very personal. For me, the were comfortable to work with and flowed smoothly through the loops. I’ll have to pick up a Boye hook along the way and give it a whirl. We don’t carry them in the store. Thanks for the feedback and for reading!

  4. KathyElkins Says:

    Hapi – what do you look for in crochet thread? What size, range of colors, price? What do you currently use?

  5. KathyElkins Says:

    Sorry my response wasn’t a “reply”!

  6. DonnaMB1223 Says:

    You use the toothpick holder that Papa made for your hooks – great idea! Nana didn’t crochet but she would be so pleased, my child 🙂

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