September 17th, 2009

New Lexie Barnes Collection

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Hi Everyone

I am tickled to share with you Lexie’s new collection which features three new fabrics, some new styles as well as old favorites!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s new.  First up is the McCoy Bag:

Shown in her new Kiri fabric, this is Lexie’s roomiest bag ever and is perfect for large knitting projects or even as an overnight bag!  It has tons of space and lots of pockets.  The McCoy retails for $189.

Also new is Coco:

Coco is Lexie’s new case for circular needles and interchangeables.    It features 20 clear, sturdy pockets, 8 tool pockets, 2 large hidden pockets and 1 large clear zip pocket.  If you love circular needles, this will be your new go-to case.  Coco retails for $69.  I love this new fabric, called Leopard.

Also new is this darling storage cube:

Shown in the new Delilah fabric, the Ruby storage cube can hold your WIPs or some of your stash.  It folds flat and retails for $99.00

We will also be carrying the following styles in the new fabrics:

Lady B

4 Sizes of Minis 
(scroll down the page to see all four sizes)

These are all available for pre-order and will be in stock in November – just in time for the holidays!

Do you like the new fabrics?  What’s going on your wishlist?



  • Dena

    I love the new fabrics. But I’m going to have a difficult time choosing. Can’t wait to see the new Coco case in person.

  • melissaknits

    I really think I love Leopard. I also adore Coco and McCoy. Christmas is coming!

  • Melissa (meliabella)

    SO excited! Love them all, but am always partial to the lady b!

  • Angie

    KnitPurlGurl sent me to your blog, and I love it! I’m a follower now ;)

  • carissah

    KnitPurlGurl told me to come and check this blog out and I love it! I am totally loving these bags!

  • dabates

    I have never been to the Blog before.. there is alot of GREAT information here.. I am now going to start following this blog and your twitter.. lots and lots of great infos here.. Thanks for all the work you guys do.. Glad that KnitPurlGurl let me know about this site

  • Sarah

    KnitPurlGurl sent me here–this is a GREAT blog and is now in my daily reads! Thanks for all the great stuff!

  • Erin C

    I’m in love with these new bags by Lexi Barnes! Awesome! KnitPurlGurl sent me to your blog and I’m glad she did!

  • chiccraftychick

    Super cute bags. Great blog. Knitpurgurl sent me. So glad she did.

  • Laura Fitzpatrick

    KnitPurlGurl sent me

    Love your web store

  • edina

    KnitPurlGirl sent me here! I love that McCoy bag!

  • zaneta

    Love the takkle! :) knitpurlgurl sent me :)

  • zaneta

    I meant I like the bag lol… don’t know why i typed takkle lol

  • ellybahri

    Hello! I love your sweet deals on your website. Also: Nice blog! Love all the pictures of the beautiful products. Knitpurlgurl sent me to your blog :)

  • Marissa

    Great fabric! She hits another one out of the park…and my bag collection continues to grow.
    I was sent here by Knit Purl Girl, and so glad I came. I’m a new follower-thanks!

  • moonhonu

    cute new bags!

  • Logan

    Though I do enjoy printed fabrics of all sorts, I really wish it were easier to find traveling bags/cases that don’t look like purses! ^ – ^ Guys knit too!

  • Cat

    I love the storage cube! It would be so useful for holding my breeding stash… ;)

    Like so many others, KnitPurlGurl sent me here.

  • Karen

    KnitPurlGurl sent me. Your interchangeable bamboo needles are gorgeous!

  • Sharon Rose

    KnitPurl Gurl sent me. :) I’m glad the bags are coming out with some new fabrics. I like the Kiri!

  • Knittingdancer

    I love the Coco case and the Mccoy knitting bag. The KnitPurlGurl sent me to blog on your site.

  • Robyn

    I came by to check out your blog from KnitPurlGurl blog. I really like it!

  • Marlitharn

    KnitPurlGurl directed me over here, and I’m glad she did! I love that cube, but I’d have to redecorate my entire living room to match it!

  • manuelajochum

    Knit Purl Gurl sent me here! I love reading blogs and this one will sure be visited by me again!

  • monicanorman

    I love the McCoy bag. It’s roomy enough to hold an afghan in progress, yet pretty enough to take anywhere.
    Knit Purl Girl recommended this website.

  • Pricilla

    I have come over from knitpurlgurl.
    The storage cube is adorable!
    thank you

  • Serendipity Handmade

    KnitPurlGurl sent me — glad to have found you!

  • Cheryl Branche

    I love the new fabrics. KnitPurlGurl sent me. I want to get the book, The Culture of Knitting.

  • Catt Groen

    KnitPurlGurl sent me to you blog and I love it….and I certainly like these bags!!