December 2nd, 2009

New Shop Models

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Two new shop models are now gracing the floor at WEBS.  We are constantly getting in new models from our vendors and our staff is constantly whipping up new projects for the floor.

The first one that caught my eye and that of most of the staff is Mayer:

This is a free pattern from Berroco and it’s knit in Berroco Peruvia.   When I came back from vacation yesterday, it instantly caught my eye.  Everyone who saw it was also taken by it and I think several staff members have already hoarded the yarn to make it.

I love the waffle stitch pattern and the big ribbed collar.  I’m short and styles like this can sometimes overwhelm me, but I really liked how this looked when I tried it on.  If I knit it, I think I will make it a little shorter though.

Mayer comes in 6 sizes ranging from 32″-52″ finished chest and takes 6-10 hanks of Peruvia, depending on size.  The garment itself is one of those that is flattering on many different body types.  We love those.

The other newbie on the floor is this Ruffled Drape Front Jacket knit in Ritratto from S. Charles Collezione:

I *heart* this jacket.  It’s stunningly beautiful.  Although at first pass the construction seems simple enough, it’s actually quite interesting.    It’s done by casting on at the cuff and knitting to the middle back.  Then, the pattern suggests joining the live stitches in the center of the back using the 3-needle bind off.  While this will work just fine, you will get a seam that will show on the RS.  This will bug me.  Since the stitches are live, I think I would graft them together using the kitchener stitch.  Yes, it’s a lot of kitchener, but once you get your rhythm going it will move along and you won’t have that bothersome seam.  The fronts are knit separately and joined at the shoulder and armholes.

This jacket is sized in 36(40, 44, 48)” finished chest measurements and requires 7-9 balls of Ritratto.

Again, both patterns are free from their respective websites,  just click above.  Yarn can be purchased in the shop or online and remember our yarn discounts apply!

Happy Knitting!


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  1. --Deb Says:

    I agree, that Mayer sweater is gorgeous!

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