March 6th, 2010

New Spring Yarn – Greenfield

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We are very excited to introduce a gorgeous new yarn to our Valley Yarns collection – Greenfield:

Greenfield is a gorgeous 100% unmercerized Egyptian Cotton.  I will readily admit I am not a lover of cotton for knitting.  Blue Sky Alpacas’ Cotton was about the only cotton I’ve found any affinity for until Greenfield.  They are two very different yarns so it’s truly not fair to compare them.  The point is, I’m really, really pleased with Greenfield. 

I am particularly happy with our color palette.  We’ve launched this yarn with 17 colors and I love them all.  They work well together but are also very capable of standing on their own merits.

Greenfield is a classic worsted weight cotton with a gauge of 4 1/2 sts = 1″ on #8 needles.  Each 50 gram ball has 88 yards.  This is a hand wash with Eucalan, lay flat to dry yarn.  Could you machine wash it?  Yes – on cold, gently, with a good quality wash.    Greenfield is $3.69/skein and of course it’s discountable.

We’re launching Greenfield with two great designs and trust me when I say there are more to come!

First up is the Oriel Cardigan:

I *heart* this cardigan.  It’s beautiful and feminine and can easily be worn dressy or casual.  The bodice can be lengthened quite easily if preferred and the cap sleeves can also be easily altered for more coverage.  I love it in yellow – which will be prevalent in ready-to-wear this spring.  I know it’s not a color everyone can wear.  I think our golden yellow has a nice tone and is more versatile than the average yellow, but I might just be a little bit biased.

Kirsten took the stitch pattern from the Oriel Cardi and also created a fun and functional Scarf:

For the Oriel Scarf, Kirsten opted not to block the scarf once it was finished as we really liked the texture it created.  This is a versatile accessory that can truly be a 3-season piece for most of us. 

NOTE:  My apologies for the small pictures.  I had to take them off the website as I didn’t have the originals uploaded.  Sorry!

Again,, I know cotton is a love/hate relationship for most of us.  Putting that aside, how is everyone feeling about the addition of this yarn to our line?


4 Responses to “New Spring Yarn – Greenfield”

  1. Angie Says:

    This could be the yarn I’ve been waiting for! I am generally not found of knitting with cotton either but have dreamed of a soft hoody to slink over my head after a day at the beach/pool/some exotic location (I digress) in a light, soft and airy fabric. Now for just the right pattern to complete the dream!

  2. Stasia Says:

    The color palette is lovely. 🙂

  3. Dawn Says:

    As being someone who is allergic to wool….this is GREAT! I hope Kirsten makes some more patterns for it!

  4. deb Says:

    I love cotton yarn and am so happy to see you offering it, espicially in those georgous colors.

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