December 31st, 2015

No Resolution

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I have NEVER been a resolution-setter, and I know if I did make myself a list, I’d cheat before the Ides of March. I have, however, been giving myself a stern talking-to about my lack of organization when it comes to knowing what I have in my stash. In the last month, I’ve brought home three different patterns, knowing I had yarn in my stash to make them. However, once I crawled on all fours through the closet where I keep my stash yarn (piled into plastic bins, no system whatsoever), I realized that I didn’t have enough of one yarn, didn’t have the needles I needed for another…it was anarchy.

Getting organized in 2016. Read more on the WEBS Blog at

If I was going to run down the organization rabbit-hole, I think I’d need to go through every single needle and set I have. I’d need to record it somewhere (there’s an app for that!) so I always have it with me. I’d need to really sort out the yarn I have, by weight, and if I was super-insane, by fiber. I’d need to go through every single pattern I have lying around in various formats and find a place to keep them free from coffee-spillage and my own absent-mindedness.

If I were to be an organized knitter in 2016, WEBS has a few items that I think would help. This Grellow and Gray Sirka Counter would enable me to finally get rid of about 10 different, useless, row counters and stitch markers. It keeps track of up to 3 separate counts and doesn’t move unless you advance it. GENIUS.

I could know what needles I have by knowing where they are–and this Knitter’s Pride case holds a multitude of different sizes, even crochet hooks and tools. And they’re gorgeous.

Chic.a clear zipper-front pouches are just the thing for all my tools. Cable needles, blocking pins, stitch holders, probably even my double-pointed needles. I can just peek inside and wave to all my goodies.

And time. Time is what we all need more of. In 2016, I definitely plan to take more time to do the things I love to do.

For help inĀ getting yourself organized be sure to check out our “31 Days to Get Organized” series of blog posts!

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7 Responses to “No Resolution”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Link fail. The “Knitters Pride Case” link takes you to the Grellow counter. (The Grellow counter link also takes you to the Grellow counter.)

  2. Carol Says:

    Just one step forward can make a big difference when organizing. Last year’s resolution for me was just one item. Add all my stash to ravelry. Took a month, an hour a night. But that one step led to the next, finding all my needles stuck everywhere in the stash. Also discovered how great ravelry can be to peek at your stash to see if you have yarn for the next wishlist pattern.

    Looking forward to these blog posts to help me tame the craft room chaos further.

  3. Roberta Says:

    When I first learned excel about 20 years ago, I needed practice the new skill so created databases if just about everything I had. I used a business card case to carry many of the database that were small, including the one listing my needles and hooks. Also have a db of knit/crochet pattern books.

    When I bought my second iPod touch (instead of a smart phone), I bought the 64 gig model, downloaded the free app for excel and then emailed and saved some of my most frequently referenced db. Now they’re always at hand when I’m shopping.

  4. Judi Says:

    Carol….your post just made realize that that is an area I need to improve on with ravelry….I think I just made a resolution!!! Thanks! …I think!

  5. Lori Says:

    To Roberta, would really like to understand in more detail what your process for organization was/is. I have several ideas, however Would like to bouce you ideas around too. Thanks.

  6. Donna Meyer Says:

    I use a 3-ring binder with plastic sleeves for my circular needles. Wooden straight needles are in one roll and tie and another holds metal. DPs are in another with the small sock sizes in its own roll.

    Colorful pencil cases keep all the accessories organized. I have one for sock knitting, one for general knitting, one for crochet and one for travel.

  7. Sara Says:

    Great catch, Ruth! We’ve updated that link.

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