December 27th, 2013

On the bookshelf this week: Cozy Knits

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Cozy Knits from Tanis Grey has 50 projects to keep you knitting all winter long. Whether you need a quick birthday gift, a new hat to match the coat you got over the holidays or you are determined to get a head start on your gift knitting for NEXT year, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for here.

With projects that range from hats and mittens to simple sweaters and adorable pieces for baby, you’ll find yourself knitting up colorful and interesting projects in no time.

Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite quick and cozy knit project and you could win a copy! All comments must be posted by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Dec. 31. Please make sure to leave us a way to contact you if you win! The winner will be drawn randomly and posted here.

Edited, Monday January 6, 2014:

And our Winner is –  Debra who said, “Of the four projects on the cover, I can see making all four (and there’s 46 more to explore!). Hats and mitts are always needed and fun to work up quickly.”

Congratulations Debra! Keep an eye on your inbox, we’ll be contacting you soon.


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143 Responses to “On the bookshelf this week: Cozy Knits”

  1. mary12345 Says:

    My favorite quick knit project is always a hat. Hats are perfect for my friends and family of any age….and something my teenage children actually ASK me to make for them! This book looks like a great reference. I am bergamom on Ravelry. Happy New Year!

  2. Kate Says:

    I knit three pairs of fingerless mitts this year, which were very well received. They’re quick and easy with worsted weight yarn. I love the projects in this book – some things I could definitely see myself knitting!
    chalimar16 on Ravelry

  3. Melissa Says:

    If I need something in a hurry, my default is generally a hat. They go up fast, and chances are, it will fit.

  4. Joan Says:

    My quick and cozy project is baby socks.
    People always love getting them.

  5. Jen Says:

    I love to knit mittens and hats. This would be right up my alley!

  6. drae Says:

    the Cabled Knit Tam is my favorite.

  7. Michelle McMillen Says:

    Fingerless mitts are my favorite quick-knit project to make, give and wear.
    mmcmillen AT macnet DOT com

  8. cheryl Says:

    Definitely a hat…….quick and fun. cmhopson on Ravelry.

  9. Kathy Says:

    Hats and fingerless mitts for me.
    conradk on Ravelry

  10. Susan Says:

    Mittens out of chunky yarn. Also the Toboggan Noggin, which can be a hat or a neck warmer. I made several of these (both mittens and the TN) for preschool teachers a couple years in a row. They were all a hit!
    madtownmama on Rav

  11. Heather Sullivan Says:


  12. Christine Lima Says:

    When I need something fast and cozy I knit up a hat – usually something with fair isle or some stitch patterns to keep it interesting.

  13. JudyAnn Says:

    A hat, hopefully out of Aran weight yarn!

  14. Sheila Says:

    Fingerless mitts for me.

  15. Martje Hague Bryce Says:

    I love making cowls as a quick gift! Need them here in Buffalo, NY. LOL!

  16. Barbara Kluver Says:

    My go-to quick knit is usually a cowl. I love trying different patterns! I end up giving them all away, so I never have any to wear when I need one :>( …

  17. mz Says:

    Chunky cowl :) from soft and squishy chunky yarn. or loosely spun thick-thin is nice too.

  18. Dawn Marie Hughes Says:

    Any scarf pattern is my quick knit fav! I am a scarf junkie!

  19. Mandi N Says:

    A simple knitted hat done on circular needles, with a dense ribbed cuff that’s long enough to be folded up to make double coverage for keeping the ears warm.

  20. donaldsg Says:

    Fingerless mitts, for sure. No fiddly fingers to knit or kitchener closing.

  21. Doris Moran Dempsey Says:

    Cowls, scarves and mittens are my go to cozy knits. Cozy for 2 reasons: knitting small things while sipping tea and watching a good movie, and the 2nd reason is the recipient will have a “cozy” knit gift to wear!

  22. Carolyn Brown Says:

    My favorite quick project is a cotton knitted hand towel with a buttoned handle for hanging from an oven door! bojo6978 AT gmail DOT com

  23. Barbara MacIntosh Says:

    I just love making hats when I need a quick project, especially when I can make it in a baby or toddler size!!!

  24. Jacqui Talotta Says:

    Snoods….relatively quick to make, very popular in my family. I am currently
    Knitting my third one this Winter.

  25. Pam Says:

    Hats or cowls! I love the hat on the cover!

  26. Carolyn Kotlas Says:

    My current favorite is cowls. They work up faster than scarves and everyone I’ve given one to loves them.

  27. Michele Hawn Says:

    I would have to say cowls also, but also hats for the grand babies. I just have to have something going on the needles all the time!!

  28. Tammy Ross Mattson Says:

    My favorite quick knits are cowls and fingerless mitts. Add in a hat and you’ve got a great set! One of these days I might even make a set for myself… If I had this book to use :-)

  29. Diana C. Says:

    I LOVE to knit cowls and infinity scarves, and that mint green cowl pictured above is looking yummy!

  30. peggy bergman Says:

    The quickest project fo rme is a hat. But I must admit that my favorite is a scart, with a simle lace repeat.

  31. Amy Williams Says:

    I love to knit hats and cowls as gifts.

  32. Ellen Says:

    Gauntlets, cowls, and hats!

  33. Lisa R Says:

    I’m really glad cowls are so popular lately. I whipped up my own simply pattern to give my youngest girls for Christmas at the last minute! I’ll be making several hats in the next week as I travel with another daughter…quick, cozy…and easy to carry.

  34. Wendy Farmer Says:

    I love knitting mittens! They are cozy and always a welcomed gift!!

  35. Tracey Says:

    I love knitting them all – hats and mitts especially though. So satisfying when you can knit something quick and useful that looks like it took HOURS, and as a bonus they are always welcome gifts to people..

  36. AnnP Says:

    Cowls or even “neckwarmers” ( which are smaller) are what I choose for a quick and cozy knit

  37. Dianne Says:

    Hats are my easy and quick go to. I also love cowls. The deep, warm cowl that I knit for my daughter this Christmas has been repurposed as a skirt!

  38. Lisa Says:

    I enjoy knitting scarves, but I must admit hats are starting to become a close second. mrsbudda on Ravelry or mrsbuddasattic at gmail dot com

  39. Martha Says:

    I knit several tams this Xmas for my closest friends! Poodlesread on ravelry.

  40. KnitterKitter Says:

    Cowls and hats are my go to quick and cozy knits. Thank you for the chance to win :)

    KnitterKitter on Ravelry

  41. Tracy H Says:

    Hats are my go to quick knit…you can never have too many

  42. Laura Says:

    Hats are always cozy to knit AND keep recipient’s head warm.

  43. BK Says:

    Hats, mittens, and scarves. These are a few of my favorite things!! :-)

  44. Laura Says:

    Oops, contact info: whimZknits on Ravelry. Sorry.

  45. catherine leonard Says:

    Love boot toppers out of bulky yarn. So quick, easy and fun! Reach me on twitter @CatcatLeonard

  46. thebockster Says:

    I love making scarves- the cozier the better! thalia . bock @ gmail . com (no spaces)

  47. MaryJo Says:

    My favorite cozy knit is a pair of mittens. My go-to pattern has a cable on the back. These mittens are quick and cozy too.

  48. ana Says:

    Hats for sure!

  49. BarbOutsideBoston Says:

    Thick soft mittens made from Valley Yarns Valley Superwash!

  50. ereader2012 Says:

    Hats and cowls. Great for everyone!

  51. freres Says:

    The Slip Stitch Diamond Hat is my favorite of the projects I could see from the book. Contact me @ gelert on Ravelry

  52. anne Josephy-Zack Says:

    Hats in bulky yarn. annejz on rav

  53. Kristen Sylvia Wilkinson Says:

    I have found over the years, I most enjoy making the small projects. This book appears to be another addition to my library.

  54. Linda Says:

    Hats are my favorite quick knit project.
    lmecoll on Ravelry

  55. Sandy Foster Says:

    I made some mitts that i just love!

  56. seamer45 Says:

    I love to knit mittens from a very old Jack Frost pattern book. I’ve made many pairs, 2 needle, #3 or #4 yarn, or if you prefer sport or worsted weight yarn. Some with cables, some with stripes, all just the best and most fun to do. I somehow managed to lose my first Jack Frost Book and found a replacement which made me a very happy knitter.

  57. Penni Malin Says:

    I always seem to go with cowl, hat and fingerless mitts for a warm cozy gift set. They are always appreciated and it makes them feel like I am giving them a hug!!! Each is a small project and almost instant gratification!

  58. Beverly Davis Says:

    I prefer to make hats and fingerless mitts. They are always welcome in Wisconsin…can never have too many! Ravelry ID bdgrammy

  59. Alexis Says:

    Cowls and fingerless mitts.

  60. Robin Barnett Says:

    My favorite cozy knit project was a collared shawl from my 86 year old father. The collar gives the shawl a more masculine look and he wears it all the time to keep the drafts off his shoulders while watching TV.

    Ravelry ID – faenster

  61. Michele Sewell Says:

    Fingerless Mitts and Hats are always needed in Maine.

  62. lynnf Says:

    Most definitely the hats & mitts…great gifts!

  63. Vero Ruf Says:

    Hats with aran or bulky yarn… I can finish one in a few hours, possibly add some cute touches like initials, college lettes or a pompom with a little more time and I have a quick personalized gift. It’s all I made this year for the holiday gifting season. I even made one for the Yankee Swap for my office… [Ravelry: vruf]

  64. Laurel B Says:

    I love cowls … Warm and cozy … And fingerless mitts!

  65. Nadine F Says:

    Cowls seem to be the quickest knit. With 2 at a time fingerless mitts a close second.

  66. Dena Says:

    Great book!

  67. Beverly Says:

    Love making cupcake hats for babies, And have figured out a matching mitt pattern. Big hit with new mothers.

  68. Melinda Rucinski Says:

    I am obsessed with hats and cowls. I am giving them away, because I can’t stop knitting!

  69. Stugy Says:

    I absolutely love making hats especially for those I love

  70. Elaine Says:

    Just made a pair of fingerless mittens for my mother-in-law – she has animals to feed in the morning, in her barn, and her hands get so cold! A surprisingly quick knit – I’ve never made them before.

  71. Belchickie Says:

    Hats are my fav quick and cozy project :)

  72. Corlene Says:

    I love all the peojects that i’ve seen so far. The cover hat is adorable!!!

  73. joan Says:

    My great niece was born December 17th and would love to make the baby sweater.

  74. Becky Geer Says:

    I love making mittens. We all need them and (sadly) we all lose them!

  75. Deb Says:

    Mittens are my choice!

  76. Saisquoi Says:

    Cowls. I’m on a huge cowl kick and I just can’t make them quickly enough!

  77. Jen Riley Says:

    I’m on a cowl and fingerless mitten kick. Love quick items, breaks up working on the sweaters and afghans haha.

  78. littleheck Says:

    Hats and fingerless mitts are super fun to make!

  79. Monique Lazartic Says:

    I love the fingerless gloves with the colorful designs. I would dye to have this book pun intended lol

  80. Dbsknit Says:

    I love making cowls and scarves in the chunkiest yarn I can find.

  81. Patricia Orner Says:

    Scarves are my favorite cozy knit to make, followed by shawls as a very close second.

  82. Casmith79 Says:

    I have been knitting the Greyre Cloche. So quick with bulky yarn.

  83. Emily Schofield Says:

    I recently made a big chunky cowl out of Malabrigo Rasta and it was so quick and satisfying!

  84. Sandy Foster Says:

    I like making scarves and shawls, but I’d like to make some hats and maybe some cowls!

  85. Ginny Says:

    Hats and mitts are my fast and fun knits. I must be the only knitter who hasn’t knitted a cowl. I do like the looks of that light green cowl.

  86. all year knitter Says:

    Of the four projects on the cover, I can see making all four (and there’s 46 more to explore!). Hats and mitts are always needed and fun to work up quickly.

  87. CindyT Says:

    I love the cover projects and would love to see inside!

  88. Mippy Foofalina Says:

    I love making a lapghan or a Snuggle! :D

  89. Loretta Says:

    LOVE, LOVE scarves. I’m never cold if my neck is warm.

  90. Sara Mattson Says:

    Dishclothes are the easiest to knit. I’ve come to like socks and bulky mittens.

  91. E Chak Says:

    My favourite quick and cozy knit is a cowl. Can’t beat it for warmth and blocking out the cold.

  92. Kathleen Says:

    My favorite quick knit is to make hats. I love making hats for my daughter

  93. Robyn Burnside Says:

    I would love to make the Twist & Shout Cables and Garter-Stitch Scarf. I would probably use this pattern over and over. There are so many great patterns in this book.

  94. Aerie703 Says:

    I think I would make one of the cowls, such a fun and favorite present.

  95. Pbcreed Says:

    I made a bandana for my sister’s dog, embroidered with his initial, amd a matching hat for her. Made out of the Lumio reflective yarn, it worked up very quickly and will help keep them safe during walks at night!

  96. dswgr6 Says:

    I like knitting fingerless gloves, socks, and scarves when I’m thinking cozy!

  97. c8h10n4o2 Says:

    I have a chunky cabled cowl pattern that I can make in a couple of hours in a pinch. (caffeine72 on Ravelry)

  98. Olivia Says:

    Mittens….I love to mix up all the leftover bits of yarn for fun mittens.

  99. Marilyn Fenton Says:

    That book has lots of fun projects. I especially like the fair isle mitts.
    Wahoomerryf on Rav

  100. Betsy Pratt Says:

    My favorite quick knits are hats of any type – baby, adult, plain, slouchy, cabled, ribbed – anything! And a chunky yarn makes it extra quick,

  101. Carmen N Says:

    I discovered late in 2013 that I love making hats! They’re so quick and stylish!

  102. Carol H Says:

    My favorite quick and cozy knit or crochet project would be a hat as they are useful for gifts even here in Florida.

  103. Connie Kline Says:

    Quick would have to be dishcloths – but cozy? that would be scarves. Everyone loves a soft, squishy scarf when the wind is cold.

  104. Almost American Says:

    I made my DD a hat that was quick and easy a couple of winters ago and she still loves to wear it. Other than that, scarves & cowls are my go to quick and easy and very portable projects.

  105. Chris Peter Says:

    Matching cowl and fingerless mitts in bulky wool makes everyone happy in a hurry!

  106. Leanne Says:

    I especially like the climbing vines cabled leg warmers!

  107. beverly Says:

    i love knitting cowls

  108. Katie Connell Says:

    I designed a matching hat and fingerless glove set that is made from one skein of lion brand homespun-nice and cozy and quick :)

  109. suburbancorrespondnt Says:

    Any cowl or fingerless mitt pattern will do!

  110. Suzanne Says:

    My quick knit, go to project this season has been cowls. I do love a cozy hat or a cozy pair of mittens, but I’ve been obsessed with cowls lately.

  111. Connie Johnson VanKleeck Says:

    A cozy cowl!

  112. Chanda Kim Says:

    Drop stitch cowl with a boucle yarn. They knit up so fast and have such a pretty lazy look. I made a bunch of them as Christmas presents this year

  113. Janet Jones Melcher Says:

    What a great way to get next years Christmas knitting done!

  114. Karen Cesarz Says:

    My favorite projects of late are, cowls, mittens and hats & recently slouch hats. Knitting has never been by forte, but I can honestly say it is becoming less intimidating, more relaxing & enjoyable. You can teach an old dog new tricks:)

  115. Susan Jacobowitz Krisch Says:

    i love hand warmers because my hands are always so cold

  116. Jessie Says:

    I love making hat. I have a few days off, I already make four hats for the family, quick and easy, and fun too!

  117. aglass5 Says:

    My favorite quick and cozy projects are hats knit with bulky yarn – the stitches just fly off the needles. ( at gmail)

  118. Donna Gerber Says:

    Cowls and scarves are a great quick project to stay cozy and warm!

  119. Taddy Says:

    I just made the Quick Slip Cowl. Love the Berroco Brio yarn and the instant gratification of a quick project.

    (Taddy on ravelry)

  120. Stacey Melquist Says:

    I love making hats as a quick and cozy project

  121. Lou Says:

    I love making scarfs, hats, cowls. I just love to knit.

  122. Kerry Says:

    I made a cowl late last winter in Cascade Eco+ that I’ve been wearing a lot lately. Very soft and warm, and the shade of blue is beautiful.

  123. Says:

    I have enjoyed making cowls this year in a variety of yarns and colors ordered from Webs. I had lots of happy friends with the handknit cowls that I gave them for Christmas. And I even kept a lovely one for myself.

  124. GinaC Says:

    Cowls are my favourite cosy project – and often make for a quick gift, esp since winter seems to last so long here :).

  125. Marrinan55 Says:

    Mittens and gloves

  126. Ginny Czuprynski Says:

    Hats and mittens for kids who need them :)

  127. Cheryl Leader Says:

    I love making baby items because they are always soo cute! I also love making cowls and fingerless mitts for me.

  128. Kimberly Butler-Gilkeson Says:

    I love knitting up a pair of baby booties! So fast so easy…especialy in a bulky weight yarn! ♥♥♥♥

  129. Shannon Y. Says:

    I think cowls are a nice quick project and what could be cosier than something you wrap around your neck?

  130. Happy M Says:

    I love the hat on the front cover! It would be fun to learn how to make it! :)

  131. Deb Holbrook Says:

    I love knitting hats and mittens (my ears and hands are always cold!) :)

  132. Debby Says:

    Hats 7 Scarfs or cowls are my quick projects!

  133. Pam Says:

    Hats are definitely my fun quick projects!

  134. Brenda Barnes Says:

    Hats, FTW! @Brenda Barnes on Twitter.

  135. Catherine Kahrs Says:

    Wrist Warmers. Basically just a tube with a hole for the thumb. Quick, cozy and they make great gifts.

  136. Sue Higgins Says:

    For me its been fingerless mitts.

  137. Judy11 Says:

    Mittens and hats have been m go to quick knit gifts. But I would love to get into cowls and the one in here looks perfect. Fingers crossed!!

  138. Maryellen C Says:

    Hats are the best quick project.

  139. Connie Says:

    I love making fingerless gloves and wristers. They knit up quickly and they have maximum fashion impact :)

  140. Sara O. Says:

    I love knitting hats and mittens!

  141. Susan Harrison Says:

    I made 4 hats for Christmas presents this year – just started three of them the Sunday before Christmas – quick knits are the way to go!

  142. Karen Grauman Says:

    The green cowl pictured would look lovely in a bamboo blend I have stashed!

  143. chris Says:

    My absolute favorite quick knit is a hand warmer pattern I’ve adapted over many uses. The original is knit flat and seamed but I prefer to knit them in the round, and I also added a detail of a thumb (rather than just a thumb hole- thumbs get cold, too!). It’s simple to adjust the cast-on and rib to any yarn. Knitting up a pair is an easy couple of hours and a sure-to-please gift!

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