November 29th, 2013

On the bookshelf this week: Scarf Style 2

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With the Thanksgiving holiday not yet 24 hours behind us some of you have kicked into overdrive to get your holiday gift knitting finished. Ann Budd’s new book, Scarf Style 2, is a great resource for smaller, fast and yet beautiful knit gifts.


Whether you’re a fan of cables, fair isle or brioche, cowls, shawls or scarves this book has something for everyone!

Leave a comment below and tell us which scarf is your style and you could win a copy! All comments must be posted by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Dec. 3. Please make sure to leave us a way to contact you if you win! The winner will be drawn randomly and posted here the following day.

Edited, Wednesday December 4, 2013:

And our Winner is –  Diane who said, “This book is on my wish list!

Congratulations Diane! Keep an eye on your inbox, we’ll be contacting you soon.



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178 Responses to “On the bookshelf this week: Scarf Style 2”

  1. Jayne Says:

    Beautiful scarves! Need to make one for this year 🙂

  2. Amrey Says:

    I love anything Ann Budd does.

  3. Cindy Hawk-Souppa Says:

    cowls are my style…I love the versatility…can be capelets, neckwarmers, or hoods…they allow for so much personalization in length and width…and you don’t have ends that fall forward and drip in your way!

  4. Sherri Napier Says:

    I love to make scarves, they make great gifts for Christmas. Just knitting my first cowls.

  5. Estella Says:

    I wear cowls a lot! However, a good LONG scarf is wonderful too!

  6. Margie Says:

    I like to wear small shawls as scarves…so lightweight yet so cozy!

  7. hwest Says:

    Scarves always make the nicest gifts. They are easy to make, but can be as intricate or simple as you want.

  8. Leslie Latham Says:

    Pretty! I love wearing scarves as a way to show off my brooch collection, as well as keep my neck warm in frosty Northeast temps. And they are fantastic gifts for others!

  9. Judy LaLonde Says:

    Love scarfstyle–has been my go-to book. Can’t tell you how many scarves I have made many times, different yarns, different colors–all so rewarding! Would love to win a copy of scarfstyle2!

  10. BSue Says:

    I love the Style series books! You can never have too many cowls, scarves or knitting books!!

  11. Peggy G Says:

    This book is on my wish list!

  12. Shannon Stoney Says:

    Fair Isle is always my style.

  13. asg156 Says:

    I love scarves! This would be a great book to make all kinds of presents from.

  14. Natasha Holtz Says:

    This book has been on my wish list for awhile now … I’ve flipped through it at the book store and it looks fantastic. Personally I love the cowl on the front cover… its lovely!!

  15. Karen Says:

    Would knit every one of these!!

  16. Sheri N Says:

    Big rectangular scarves are my favorite. I love the first Scarf Style and am sure I will love this one too.

  17. Ana Says:

    Big fat chunky cowl 😀

  18. Margaret Hulbert Clark Says:

    Would love this book. I just love your store. Here’s hoping to be the winner.

  19. k parsons Says:

    I love great color and interesting texture with any scarf, but am especially partial to long rectangular scarves.

  20. Lynmarie Dolson Pugh Says:

    I like shawlettes as scarves, & love Ann Budd.

  21. Dinah M. Says:

    I love a variety of scarves and cowls- can’t say I have a single favorite!

  22. Leah Lockwood Says:

    Love it!!!

  23. 349Browniemom349 Says:

    I love to both knit and wear scarves and shawls. My favorites though are shawls. Would very much like to win Ann Budd’s scarf book.

  24. Jennifer Simoneau Says:

    Love cowls, long and loopy!

  25. Doris Says:

    THis is a book I’ve been wanting to get. I have the first Scarf Style and have made nearly every scarf in it. Would love this one too!

  26. peachknits Says:

    Anything wide, light, and lacy. Would love to win this book!

  27. Frances Says:

    I love scarves that have beautiful little details, from color to texture to stitch pattern. It must, of course, keep the chill out of my coat gap 😀

  28. JoAnna Bleasdale Says:

    Looks like a great book!

  29. dswgr6 Says:

    I like stole type scarves and they have to be long!

  30. Dana Nelson Says:

    I make scarves for WWII museum to donate to Veterans and am always looking for new patterns. This looks like a great book

  31. Kathy Spilker Says:

    I’ve knitted so many of the scarves from Scarf Style I – I’m ready for a new challenge

  32. Jess Miyasato Says:

    Scarves are my go to project lately. With a toddler and one on the way I don’t have time for any big projects. I would love some new patterns to try out!

  33. Suzfisc Says:

    Would love to win

  34. Edie Says:

    I think right now my favorite type of scarf to wear is a wider longer wrap. I’m cold all of the time lately because I am having chemotherapy. I love to knit scarves of all types as gifts. They always fit! There are so many great patterns, I rarely knit the same one twice!

  35. marvalice1 Says:

    I love long, lacy scarves. In the bay Area, it doesn’t get too cold, and I love knitting lace, so it’s my go-to pattern. I make my scarves long so they can wrap around as much as I want them to. Scarf Style 1 was great – I’ll love Scarf Style 2!

  36. Michelle Chua Says:

    Airy Lace Scarf. It is light and airy for those summer evenings in New Zealand, plus I like how it has a channel closure. Just in case its a windy BBQ day!!

  37. Gloria Monacelli Says:

    I love cowls..and shawlettes…great for gifts!
    And I love Ann Budd!

  38. Beverly Says:

    I love scarves with a definite design element to them. Also, I like cowls that are especially warm and cuddly. Thank for offering this book as a prize.

  39. LorRae Says:

    Have the first, would love the second

  40. PuddleThumper Says:

    how did you know i NEEDED more scarves in my life? Cowls, lace and i love the two-tone brioche.

  41. Kat Gatzke Says:

    I like long, lightweight scarves and I’m starting to like longer cowls too.

  42. Ellen Says:

    Must have more scarves!

  43. Appy Says:

    I can never have enough scarves!

  44. Laurel Says:

    I love cuddly cowls !! I can’t knit enough of them !!

  45. Heather HS Says:

    I’m really into shawls these days… something crescent shaped.

  46. Lynn Says:

    I wear scarves almost daily so I can never have enough.
    I love making them for myself and to gift to others.

  47. Jen Says:

    I like a long scarf I can wrap around my neck a lot.

  48. Patti Weeks Says:

    Star Palatine

  49. Ann Hovey Says:

    I love scarves as they keep me warm and cozy where ever I go and I love adding the splash of interest through the color or technique.

  50. Karen Grauman Says:

    I’m loving the lacy plum shawl/scarf on the cover

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