October 4th, 2013

On the bookshelf this week: Scottish Knits

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This week we’re excited about the color play in the newest book of patterns from Martin Storey, Scottish Knits.

Scottish Knits by Martin Storey

In Scottish Knits, Martin Storey pays homage to beautiful Celtic cables and colorwork with 17 stunning and innovative handknits accessible to knitters of all skill levels. The projects include garments, accessories and home goods, many of which feature different color patterns or textures within a single piece.

2 colorful cardigans from Scottish Knits

Scotland has a rich tradition in handknitting thanks to the exquisite hand-dyed yarns that have been spun in the Scottish islands for centuries. Traditional techniques have been handed down through generations, resulting in a treasure trove of stitch patterns, textures, and colors. What happens when beautifully crafted handknits meet a Scottish sense of color and whimsy? You get an exquisite book of Scottish-influenced designs that knitters will crave.

Leave a comment below and tell us what colors of Rowan Fine Tweed you’d use for either cardigan above and you could win a copy of Scottish Knits! All comments must be posted by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Please make sure to leave us a way to contact you if you win! The winner will be drawn randomly and posted here the following day.

Edited, Friday October 11, 2013:

And our Winner is –  Ara who said, “Love your website, your blog, your yarn, and would love to win this book. The designs look intriguing. Just starting a sweater today with yarn purchased at Webs.”

Congratulations Ara! Keep an eye on your mailbox, your copy of Scottish Knits will be arriving soon.



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173 Responses to “On the bookshelf this week: Scottish Knits”

  1. Brenda Nash Says:

    Would love love love to win this!

  2. Susie Sanders Says:

    Wow! I can see both sweaters in soo many different colors that it would be hard to chose! Red, blues, purples, grays, etc.

  3. Paula Hendrickson Says:

    I love Bainbridge, so I’d use that for the ribbing & button band. I also love Wensely, add some Leyburn for a little pop of gold, and round it out with neutrals – maybe Nappa, Pendle, Malham… So many lovely colors to choose from, it’s hard to choose.

  4. MsCodyT Says:

    These are beautiful knits, I would love to make them for myself and my family! :#

  5. Martha Says:

    Looked at a color wheel to figure this out! For the Ross cardigan, Bedale, Wensley, Richmond, Leyburn, Bell Busk, Nidd,Buckden, Bainbridge. thank you for the offer, the book looks beautiful.

  6. Amy Rouleau Munson Says:

    I must have this book. 🙂

  7. Robin Says:

    Both of the sweaters are beautiful. I would use the same colors as shown above for the Ross Sweater. I found several combinations I would use for the Thistle sweater, Keld and Leyburn, Nidd and Muker, Wensley and Richmond.
    contact: luvroyarn@att.net

  8. Gloria Stutzman Kincer Says:

    I would use the colors shown for the Ross cardigan – I love it as is. My daughter and son-in-law live in Scotland so I would be thrilled to win this book and then share it with her.

    Edited to add: email address is haftaknit@gmail.com

  9. Tahirra Says:

    I would use Bainbridge, Leyburn, and Tissington for a nice Autumn color scheme to make the cardigan on the right.

  10. Megan Siegal Says:

    I would love to make the sweater on the right with Hawes, Nappa, and Malham. Beautiful!!!

  11. Anne S Says:

    I’d do the Thistle cardie in the colors shown, but would probably use blue based palette for the Ross one. Don’t like the camel/ochre color. If I don’t win, might just have to buy the book and place an order for the yarn (-:

  12. Karen Says:

    Martin Storey’s designs are always beautiful, but this book raises the bar to stupendous!

  13. Susan Harris-Rohde Says:

    These are beautiful! I would loveito try my hand at colorwork like this.

  14. Lauren Strauss Says:

    I want this book! I love the one on the left.

    I doubt seriously I could afford enough Rowan yarn to make either one of them!

  15. Alejandra Says:

    There is anything like to knit fair isle and get relax. Maybe is the grade of concentration that we need, make us forget any problem.

  16. Darth Grrrl Says:

    I really like the Thistle Cardigan’s current colorway. I might be tempted to swap Dove Dale for the blue, but maybe that’s too on the nose.

  17. margaretk Says:

    The cover sweaters and hats look amazing!

  18. Julie Grimes Says:

    Beautiful knits! I would love to try to make some of them! 🙂

  19. donaldsg Says:

    I LOVE the knits in this book, especially the thistle cardigan. I am from Scotland and would love to make that one, but I’ll have to build my skills first. I’ve never done any colourwork at all.

  20. Julie Whitmore Says:

    Julie Whitmore –I’d use any colors in the pink-plum range to make one of these beautiful sweaters

  21. VIVI Ginsberg Smith Says:

    I crochet often because it can be faster for me and when I’m tired my focus doesn’t have to be what it is with knitting. These are so splendid I most assuredly would put down my crochet hook to make hmmmm it would be difficult to choose how many. Really beautiful, classic and worth the time, don’t think they would ever go out of style do you?

  22. jthoptimist Says:

    i’m of scottish descent and knit sweaters for everyone in my family ~ would *love* this book!

  23. Sharon Morey Says:

    coffee table book for the gorgeous colorways alone…

  24. Amy Olmsted Says:

    I love all things Scottish! and these knits are glorious!

  25. jthoptimist Says:

    first thing i would make would be the cropped argyle pullover, for one of my granddaughters, who would just love it! i would use bainbridge, muker, pendle and nappa, with pendle and buckden for the border.

  26. Anisa Says:

    Ooo, I love that complex one on the left! It’s hard to know how many colors are required, but I would probably go a little more autumny with Tissington, Bainbridge, Arncliffe, Leyburn, and Burnsail. Maybe I can work Settle in there too.

  27. jthoptimist Says:

    i also would love to make the short-sleeved cardi that’s shown in red, though i would use hubberholme with some banding trim in dent. i know it’s not as spectacular as others, but i like it and i love the hubberholme color, which this sweater would showcase nicely.

  28. Catherine Kelly Says:


  29. Stephanie Smietanka Risotto Says:

    Burnsall, Tissington, Arncliff, and Leyburn……..I would love to work those colors into the Ross cardi. I’m in such a Fall mood 🙂

  30. Mary Beth Wyko Says:

    This is the kind of knitting I aspire to one day. I’d use colors like Wensley, Nappa and Muker. I love a cool color palette.

  31. shelstev Says:

    Gorgeous! I would use Hawes, Gunnerside, Buckden, Keld and Richmond.

  32. freres Says:

    For the Thistle Cardigan, Gunnerside, Muker, & Askrigg. I can’t quite tell how many colors are needed for the Martin Storey Ross cardigan; but probably Pendle, Nidd, Malham, Nappa, Burnside, & Wensley. You can reach me as gelert on Ravelry.

  33. Serena Says:

    Gorgeous patterns! I’d use Hubberholme, Tissington, and Arncliffe for the Thistle Cardigan. Or Dove Dale, Buckden, and Settle.

  34. Katie S. Says:

    So beautiful! I love the timeless, rustic look of fair isle.

  35. Rhonda Culbert Says:

    I’ve recently researched the Scottish side of the family and found out the ones I thought were Englsh are Scots also. Would love to knit a sweater or accessories in their honor.

  36. Crystal Litzenberger Says:

    I would absolutely love to knit the Thistle Cardigan! I think the colours I’d probably use are Nidd, Nappa, and Keld. Or perhaps I’d try Bainbridge, Buckden, and Askrigg. So many lovely colour combinations!

  37. Chris B Says:

    Wow, I love that Ross Cardigan! And it looks like it uses just about every color. I don’t think I’d change a thing.

  38. Michele Costigan Says:

    Those patterns look gorgeous! I would love to win!

  39. Jean Says:

    With my Scotch/Irish decent these beautiful sweaters are a no brainer for me. And, what a lovely for to use all of the beautiful colors I love so much. Takes the pain away from just having to choose just a color or two. LOVE!

  40. mz Says:

    I would make the Thistle Cardigan, with colors Hubberholme, Arncliffe, and Settle, because that’s thistle color!

  41. Gwinzi Says:

    Love the Thistle cardigan! I think I’d like to switch whatever blue that is to the shade Settle, though.

  42. allie aller Says:

    MMMMM…colors 382, 386, 369, 379, and 387 should do it for the cardie on the left.

  43. Barbara Nolan Says:

    I would love to do the Martin Story Ross cardigan in richmond, wensley, buckden, bainbridge, and dent

  44. RenCW Says:

    All of the colors of the Rowan yarn are lovely. It’s hard to decide. I think I would use Wensley and Nappa and/or Buckden. Thank you!

  45. DJ Beld Says:

    The cover designs are bea-u-ti-ful! I would love to make any one of them! It would be difficult to choose where to start!

  46. AnneS Says:

    These are beautiful!

  47. Angela A Says:

    Great patterns, they look fun and challenging!!

  48. Heather Baylis Says:

    Love the colors and patterns!!

  49. Susan Hatton Rostand Says:

    I love Martin Storey’s designs!! Even better when Fair Isle work is involved!!!!

  50. Rebecca Wilson Says:

    I really like 365 Askrigg, 368 Gunnerside. and/or 370 Skipton, there are so many gorgeous colors it is hard to decide.

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