October 4th, 2013

On the bookshelf this week: Scottish Knits

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This week we’re excited about the color play in the newest book of patterns from Martin Storey, Scottish Knits.

Scottish Knits by Martin Storey

In Scottish Knits, Martin Storey pays homage to beautiful Celtic cables and colorwork with 17 stunning and innovative handknits accessible to knitters of all skill levels. The projects include garments, accessories and home goods, many of which feature different color patterns or textures within a single piece.

2 colorful cardigans from Scottish Knits

Scotland has a rich tradition in handknitting thanks to the exquisite hand-dyed yarns that have been spun in the Scottish islands for centuries. Traditional techniques have been handed down through generations, resulting in a treasure trove of stitch patterns, textures, and colors. What happens when beautifully crafted handknits meet a Scottish sense of color and whimsy? You get an exquisite book of Scottish-influenced designs that knitters will crave.

Leave a comment below and tell us what colors of Rowan Fine Tweed you’d use for either cardigan above and you could win a copy of Scottish Knits! All comments must be posted by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Please make sure to leave us a way to contact you if you win! The winner will be drawn randomly and posted here the following day.

Edited, Friday October 11, 2013:

And our Winner is –  Ara who said, “Love your website, your blog, your yarn, and would love to win this book. The designs look intriguing. Just starting a sweater today with yarn purchased at Webs.”

Congratulations Ara! Keep an eye on your mailbox, your copy of Scottish Knits will be arriving soon.



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173 Responses to “On the bookshelf this week: Scottish Knits”

  1. AnnP Says:

    I bought a cardigan like these on my Honeymoon in Scotland (33yrs ago), this year I found a few moth holes 🙁 …I can darn them but would love the chance to knit another from this book.

  2. Arachne646 Says:

    I love choosing the colours for stranded projects, and I’d probably start with 370 and 386, but all of them are lovely, and would make wonderful “fair isle” style designs.

  3. Marcy Desmarais Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, something to sit and drool over and then with great deliberation decide which one to do first

  4. Colleen Says:

    I choose ALL THE COLORS! muh haha!!

  5. LittleGlinda Says:

    Beautiful! I would love to get my hands on this book!

  6. Brenda Says:

    Looks like a book even more awesome than Starmore’s Aran Knitting. No small praise!

  7. Nancy Haffner Says:

    gorgeous colors – fun to knit stranded designs

  8. Elizabeth Moldenhauer Says:

    I love knitting fair isle. These patterns look amazing!

  9. sheilakars Says:

    Thistle sweater in 374, 370, 361 would be my choice colours.

  10. NoraB Says:

    What wonderful color work !

  11. Jennifer Ainge Says:

    These sweaters look so cute!

  12. Ellen Wetherbee Rosewall Says:

    I’ve never knit Fair Isle but this looks beautiful – might make me want to try!

  13. Cindy Silkworth Says:

    I just returned today from two glorious weeks of touring Scotland. Saw many grazing sheep all over the Scottish Border area, Arran and Islay but had difficulty finding yarn to purchase. Luckily,I did find some beautiful hand dyed local yarn in The Silver Yard craft gallery in Penrith. Can’t wait to turn into something gorgeous!

  14. disqus_nW4ZgJj9YN Says:

    Tissington, Dent, Richmond, & Hawes. But all the colors are gorgeous! Would love this book!
    not sure what is going on with the posting options, I selected facebook to sign in to post but have no idea what that disqus crap is. sorry

  15. Karen Winslow Says:

    I have been knitting since I was about 6 yrs old dropping stitches as my mom helped me pick up lol! By the age of 11 I was making sweaters for my nephew and mitts too. At the young age of 17 I was pregnant with a very wanted baby…knowing intuitively that she was a girl (I knitted a bunting bag, mitts [no thumbs] and hat all in pink) it fit perfectly and I had for the first time designed my own pattern from a couple good ones to make the outfit. I had a house fire and no longer have that outfit but think of it often.
    I have also entered many articles into a local fair for judging and the most recent was last September 2012 I entered an outfit and received first place!! (it was a sweater and hat nordic style knit on round needles and double pointed.
    So these knitts I would love to try as they are to die for and would gladly knit many and enter into the Hymers Fair next year and promise if I win that I will send you the results of my entry in to the fair.
    Thank you
    Karen Winslow
    Thunder Bay, ON.

  16. Aerie 703 Says:

    I would choose brown, black, grey, tan, and cream for the fantastic designs.

  17. BookMoot Says:

    Beautiful colors. Beautiful patterns.

  18. Karla R Says:

    Tissington, Dent, Richmond, & Hawes. But all the colors are gorgeous! Would love this book!

  19. Barbara Says:

    The previewed sweaters are definitely calling my name!!

  20. Nancy J Says:

    My maiden name is Cunningham! I must have this!

  21. Robyn Burnside Says:

    Amazing – I am not a proficient knitter, but I would attempt at least the tam, just to enjoy these fantastic patterns in a small way.

  22. Elizabeth Badoud Says:

    The Thistle Cardigan, I would use Tissington, Wensley, and Burnsall. I think this would be a stunning combo of colours for the pattern.

  23. Laurilee Jordan Says:

    Those tams are beautiful

  24. KMJ49 Says:

    Burnsall, Beresford, Buckden…it would be GLORIOUS!

  25. Peggy Chutoi Says:

    Love the patterns

  26. Emily Boyd Says:

    I love Fair Isle! I would use Burnsall, Dent, Gunnerside, and Keld.

  27. Anita Dodds Says:

    For the thistle cardigan I would choose Bainbridge, Arnclef, and Wensleydale. All the colors are beautiful ..

  28. Emily Buckmiller Says:

    I just got back from Scotland a month ago, and I would love love LOVE to have this book and make something to remind me of the beautiful countryside!

  29. Twentytoes Says:

    I love Gunnerside. I’d probably choose it and then choose my other colours to contrast and complement!

  30. E Chak Says:

    I would use Tissington, Arncliffe, Bedale and Litton to knit the Ross cardigan. Love both designs though!

  31. Deborah VonBrutt Says:

    I would love this book!! I have always wanted to knit a beautiful sweate like these. I think I would use the colors as they are shown.

  32. Jan Dymond Says:

    What a legacy it would be to make these patterns up for all my Grandsweeties and Great Grandsweeties so that they can remember their Celtic ancestry after I’m gone, eh? Everytime I knit, I’m aware that my Grandmothers over the centuries made the very same stitch as I do every day; so learning the actual patterns they made would be amazing.

  33. Maryellen C Says:

    All of these colors are great, but I especially love Skipton and Hawes.

  34. Ara Says:

    Love your website, your blog, your yarn, and would love to win this book. The designs look intriguing. Just starting a sweater today with yarn purchased at Webs.

  35. Lisa Bennett Says:

    So Pretty! I love the mittens and the sweaters are beautiful?

  36. Rose Says:

    It has been a good few years since I have done fairisle designs and the patterns of Martin Storey always catch my eye and tempt me to start another. I would so dearly love to win this book and surprise my Scottish husband with a pattern from his homeland.

  37. Sue Naegels Says:

    Oh no! Choices – such pressure! I love this yarn. I would knit the Scottish Thistle sweater in Tissington and Hubberholme against a background of Arncliffe, or Richmond and Monsal Dale against Buckden. I’m a blue/green fanatic but at this time of year I feel the spicy tones too. Just beautiful!
    It’s been a long time since I did fairisle – decades in fact. I did make 2 fairisle sweaters for myself and I have added colourwork into other projects. It’s high time I started another fairisle project. This book would definitely be the inspiration for me!
    Sue Naegels

  38. Melissa D. Hellman Says:

    I love the patterns, but don’t understand why so many of them are knit flat in pieces, rather than in the round with steeks! That said, I’d probably do the Thistle Cardigan, as shown but with Dove Dale purple in place of the navy.

  39. Robin Says:

    Contact: luvroyarn@att.net

  40. CarolynEll Says:

    I love the Thistle Cardigan! I would use Buckden, Richmond, and Dove Dale. I’m not crazy about the stripes on the sleeves, however, so I would probably eliminate them.

  41. Kathy Spilker Says:

    These are so gorgeous and so classic – worth every moment of knitting time.

  42. cheri Says:

    Love the ross cardigan, the rust and teal colors are perfect

  43. Margery G Says:

    The Ross cardigan with a base color of Keld would be lovely.

  44. Gagabonnie Says:

    Wow, this book looks amazing!,

  45. Alex Says:

    Those are gorgeous sweaters! Right now, I’m thinking Bainbridge, Monsal Dale, and Pendel. Not sure how I’d portion it out, but I’m loving those colors!

  46. Brenda Boyd Says:

    I love the thistle cardigan and would most likely use Buckden and Litton.

  47. Susan Says:

    I’ve heard great things about this book and, of course, would love to win a copy!

  48. Christine Lima Says:

    I’d go for neutrals and tonals, something a bit subtle for those designs would suit me well!

  49. knit sanctuary Says:

    I love the Rose Cardigan! I love the deep red color, so I’d probably keep the colors the same! Rav = misformonkey

  50. Lorrie Dee Says:

    beautiful sweaters! one more thing to add to the list of things I’d love to knit.

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