October 18th, 2013

On the bookshelf this week: The Art of Seamless Knitting

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Did you know that November is NaKniSweMo – National Knit a Sweater Month? That means it’s the perfect time to give away a copy of The Art of Seamless Knitting by Simona Merchant-Dest and Faina Goberstein

This book walks you through the ins and outs of seamless knitting with chapters on lace, cables and textured stitches as well patterns worked with top-down and bottom-up construction. You’ll find pullover and cardigan sweaters as well as accessories and loads of tips and tricks for increasing and decreasing in pattern.

Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d love to make a seamless sweater and you could win a copy! All comments must be posted by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Please make sure to leave us a way to contact you if you win! The winner will be drawn randomly and posted here the following day.

Edited, Wednesday October 23, 2013:

And our Winner is –  Carmen who said, “I would love to make a seamless sweater. I have yet to finish a sweater for myself because I’m too worried about how I’m going to put it all together!”

Congratulations Carmen! Keep an eye on your inbox, we’ll be contacting you soon.


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  • aqf

    I love knitting seamless sweaters, but could use more tips on customizing fit, especially at the armholes. (aliceq on ravelry)

  • Deb

    I love knitting seamless sweaters because when the knitting is done, the sweater is done!

  • Kate

    I prefer knitting seamless sweaters because I don’t enjoy sewing pieces together. I knit all the pieces of a cardigan in three weeks in January, but never got around to finishing the thing until August!
    chalimar16 on Ravelry

  • Beth w

    Sewing and finishing are the worst part (in my mind) to the finished product. If I don’t have to weave in ends or sew up seams, I’m a much happier knitter. Case in point–the one sweater that I knit for myself and still wear had very little sewing necessary

  • Judy M

    Would love to make a sweater. Never tried them before but seamless sounds like a neat idea.

  • Michelle McMillen

    Because I don’t love seaming, that’s why! And I seriously need to jump on the NaKniSweMo bandwagon; I’d better start preparing!

  • Sandy Foster

    I’ve never done a seamless sweater before and would love to try. The photos you’ve posted here are beautiful, and I’d have a difficult time choosing which one to begin with! :)

  • Amanda

    I love seamless sweaters! Sewing pieces together is not very fun for me.

  • Sheila

    I like seamless sweaters because when you’re done with the fun part (the knitting, duh), you’re done. No months of sweater pieces sitting in a bag waiting to be seamed together.

  • Wendy TC

    I always try to convert a knitting pattern to eliminate as many seams as possible. I HATE SEAMING! (Sorry for shouting…). This would be a wonderful addition to my knitting library. Thanks for the give-away,

  • Kelly H.

    This fall, it seems, is sweater mania for me. I’ve got 4 in my project bags, in various stages of doneness, plus another 2 in the sidelines and a Sister-In-Law (knitworthy) who’s just inquired about me knitting her one, too! Seamless sweaters just work best for me – one less, fiddly step means less time and frankly I prefer the stretchiness of non-sewn seams anyways.

  • Pauline S

    Why seamless? So you can try on as you go and NOT have to sew!

  • Jeannette Hansen

    If the other sweaters are as gorgeous as these two, I need this book. I don’t mind seaming, but would rather skip that part if possible.

  • Patti Weeks

    All the fun, none of the necessary evils!

  • Barb Thames

    I love seamless garments of any kind; or conversely, I hate seaming. It’s not one of my best skills so I do my best to avoid it entirely — and that includes Kitchener stitch. Nothing I seam or close ever seems to look it’s best.

  • Melissa D. Hellman

    I dislike seaming, so I strongly prefer seamless sweaters (and seamless everything else!) unless there’s a reeeeally good reason for a seam.

  • Guest

    Seaming is an art. I’d rather admire the lovely work that others may do and take the seamless way out for myself.

  • Barb

    I love to work on circular needles and try to avoid seems on everything. However, I have not dared try this on a sweater because fit is so important and I don’t trust my math enough to try. This book would truly help.

  • Hind Del Pilar

    It would be great to make a seamless sweater that fits.

  • Mary Fran Olson

    Oh, wow. I have four sweaters worth of yarn (bought from Webs, of course) and I’ve been hemming and hawing over patterns and which to start. I need this book because I hate seaming!

  • joanne

    One seamless sweater completed…and once the few tails are woven in…it is Done!

  • Rachelle Crosbie

    I love seamless sweaters simply because once they come off the needles they’re pretty much done aside from the ends and blocking. sewsable on Rav

  • Kitten With A Whiplash

    I’m one of those “make it up as you go” kniters, because somethimes the yarn doesn’t tell you what it wants to be until you’ve worked with it a while. Seamless construction is always such a plus when working this way, and I’d love to have some expert guidance for my future designs. Thanks for the giveaway. KittenWhiplash on rav.

  • Mimi

    There’s beauty in the efficiency of seamless knitting, both art and science.

  • Sharon M2

    I don’t care how hard someone tries to convince me seams are important for fit and stability! Who wants to sew up sweater parts ? I’d rather just knit and be done. toomanyufos on rav

  • Jaimie

    I hate seaming. Knowing how to convert a pattern to seem less would be very helpful. :)

  • Karina

    Like many of the others here, I hate seaming and sewing in ends. I know there are some interesting and different techniques that I could learn from thinking through a pattern without seams. I’m all for it! Thanks for offering it!

  • Elle

    I don’t mind weaving in ends, but despite several seaming classes, I’m just not a very good sewer. Seaming turns my lovely hand-crafted sweaters into so-so “home-made” sweaters. This book sounds perfect.

  • ADroz

    I find seamless sweaters much more intriguing to knit than knitting in pieces – I actually don’t mind seaming, but I love seeing the structure develop organically from increases/decreases rather than being imposed from without with seams. (adronzek on rav)

  • sara

    Seamless is so much more of a challenge and I love it!!!! Ravelry name slimysara or slimysara@yahoo.com

  • Heather HS

    I would love to make any sweater and a seamless one sounds easier!

  • bergamom

    I enjoy seamless knitting, it’s actually creating a garment (rather than just fabric pieces that later have to be sewn.) I would enjoy learning more seamless techniques. I am bergamom on Ravelry.

  • Sarah from Ctown

    I’ve made 1 top down seamless top and really enjoyed the process. I loved being able to try it on as I went to ensure I had fit it correctly. As someone relatively new to garment knitting it gives me a little more confidence. Thanks for a chance to win!

  • af

    I love being able to try on the piece without pinning together all the pieces first. Thanks for the chance. I’m guppymommy on rav.

  • Ginny

    I loathe seaming knits. Even with better techniques (mattress stitch ) I never thought the seams looked good. This looks like a very helpful book.

  • Mimi Fan

    I learned how to knit with pieced knitting, and this technique will be much faster and easier – maybe more knitted garments then!

  • cnuland

    I would love to make a seamless sweater. I have yet to finish a sweater for myself because I’m too worried about how I’m going to put it all together!