July 25th, 2012

Raglan Hoodie Giveaway

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Have you had a chance to check out the latest issue of KnitSimple? The Fall 2012 issue is packed with fantastic patterns and includes a fantastic Raglan Hoodie that is knit in our Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky.

The comfortable hoodie is accented on the cuffs and edges with a darker color. The piping is created by whipstitching the pieces after finishing. You could even try some other color combinations. For a very different look, you could use two very different colors.

This project is knit in pieces and seamed. You pick up the stitches for the hood and knit them after seaming the sweater together. It is sized S-3X with finished measurements of 38 ½” – 52.” It takes 8-13 skeins of Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky in light blue and one in dark teal.

Would you like to win a kit to knit this sweater? Leave a comment here on the blog with what you most look forward to with the change of seasons. One comment will be randomly chosen and will receive KnitSimple Fall 2012, Berkshire Bulky in light blue and dark teal, and the needles to complete the project. You have until Wednesday, August 1st at 9:00am EDT to comment. We’ll announce the winner after that.

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440 Responses to “Raglan Hoodie Giveaway”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Such a cute hoodie!

  2. Wlw75 Says:

     I  can’t wait for the weather to change for the fall!  Football, chili and sweaters!

  3. Gracey Says:

    I look forward to the leaves changing colors….I think it’s the prettiest time of the year…and I love the crisp feel of the air….autumn is my favorite season…

  4. Natasha Says:

    Fall brings cooler, crisper breezes; football; hot cider and corn mazes; afternoons in the recliner with a lap full of cats and knitting. Best time of the year!

  5. Jane Compeau Says:

    I’m really looking forward to being able to wear my sweaters!

  6. Laura Says:

    Getting to wear the sweaters I’ve finished since it got too warm!

  7. Kittenwithawhiplash Says:

    I look forward to all the wonderful squashes, apples and pears. But I will miss the summer fruits. I have been practically living on peaches, nectarines, cherries and berries. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Anita Says:

    What a great hoodie!  I’m looking forward to wearing sweaters!

  9. Cori Says:

    Not breaking a sweat with the slightest movement.

  10. Maureen Says:

    It has been so very hot here this summer. I am just looking forward to the cooler weather and the foot ball games.

  11. Ardosa Carboni Says:

    I love the look of that sweater with the dark piping.

  12. sassykathy Says:

    I am looking forward to wearing all of my handknits, but mostly my wool sweaters!

  13. Kate Says:

    I’m looking forward to being cool again! Also, wearing long sleeves and watching everything around me change color. 

  14. RR Says:

    Thanks for the contest! This looks like a fantastic knit!

  15. marciepooh Says:

    I look forward to being able to sit outside for more than 5 minutes without roasting. Maybe in September or October,

  16. hotknitter Says:

    I love the renewed feelings that accompany seasonal changes.
    hotknitter on rave

  17. Mmcmillen Says:

    I don’t do heat, and with hot flashes now it’s even worse. Can’t wait for cooler weather!

  18. Rachel R. Says:

    I’m probably in the minority, but I love summer – the longer days, the hot weather, all of it!  But I will say that I look forward to fall because that’s when football season starts up!  Sundays, my husband and I pretty much watch NFL all day together – not only do I love the game, but my knitting time increases by leaps and bounds!

  19. Jessica Says:

    I look forward to being able to wear the sweater I’m knitting! And the shawls, and the scarves…. Can’t wear too much wool when it’s 100 degrees out!

  20. Dee Says:

    I look forward to getting my wool sweaters out of storage!

  21. slipped2 Says:

    The colors of autumn cause me to desire the same colors in the yarns I use for my knitting. Also the beautiful contrast of the sky with the leaves to blend with the browns and golds of my yarn. 

  22. Liz Says:

    I love the cool weather of fall-more opportunities for knitwear!!

  23. WordLily Says:

    I’m most looking forward to a break from this heat! So miserable, the weather, this summer.

  24. Kate Says:

    I’m looking forward to oatmeal in the mornings, afternoons spent walking my dog through the beautiful countryside, and hot chocolate before bed.

  25. Tahirrak Says:

    I am looking forward to the colors of the leaves changing, and being able to wear warmer knits.

  26. Laura Westby Says:

    I’m looking forward to the cool snap in the air and wearing sweaters again!  And the NY Sheep and Wool Festival :}

  27. Nancy Says:

    Looking forward to that crisp fresh air and to wrap myself in something knitted! Never would there be a more cozier feeling!

  28. Mrs Carol Says:

    I look forward to the colors of fall in nature and in yarns.  Such beauty in both.

  29. VickiB Says:

    Out riding on the motorcycle checking out fall foliage and the nice cooler weather!

  30. Heather Says:

    I can’t wait to wear a sweatshirt!

  31. Tonya H Says:

    As can be expected, I most look forward to fall for the sweaters and cowl I get to wear again. I’m also a fan of getting back to soup and chili season. I love a good bowl of soup on a chilly rainy day (which is many days here in the Northwest :)

  32. Knitdream Says:

    OMG! All the fall colors in yarn! Especially GREEN!!!! I just keep filing up my plastic tubes with LOTS of greeeeeen yarns!

  33. Smilingturtle Says:

    The thing I most look forward to about the change in seasons is the fall foliage. Love the colorful leaves.

  34. Dabroskie Says:

    I’m looking toward to colder nights and more comfortable days.

  35. Emely Says:

    Cooler temps, rain, and less pollen.

  36. Rellie Says:

    I look forward to the amazing display of colors.  How colors that my Art teacher would have said were impossible to put togehter for a forest, sky, marsh … ARE!!!!  The crisp smells of frosty mornings.

  37. Scubaaquagirl Says:

    What I look most forward to with the changing of the seasons are the colors and projects.  I tend to lean towards the colors of the seasons with my yarns.  While knitting away whatever my friends and family would love for the season. 

  38. Adria Says:

    I’m looking forward to taking the next step in our business…..opening a coffee shop……I dream of gazing at the fall days through the window of the coffee shop with my coffee and knitting!  

  39. Janellez29 Says:

    I love the changing of the leaves the most.  My preferred color palette can really be described as “organic” so I love the browns, oranges and muted greens.

  40. jensun7 Says:

    I love the colors and the variety of temps that we have up north, and being that I’m new to knitting sweaters, I’m looking forward to seeing my kids wearing my newest creations =)

  41. Jean Ashley Says:

    Sorry for the repost. Sometimes, my fingers get the better of me :-)

  42. Jennifer Harmon Myers Says:

    I love fall in the Pacific NW! The air gets crisp, the apples are ready for picking, and the evenings are perfect for curling up in front of a warm fire with my knitting and a cup of sweet and tart apple cider.

  43. Jean Ashley Says:

    What I most look forward to is wearing sweaters, watching football
    (while knitting, of course), and watching the world turn
    colorful–here’s to hoping that the drought here won’t affect the fall
    colors too badly. The sweater is very cute; thanks for the chance to win
    a kit!

  44. Violetlauderdale Says:

    The weather getting cool enough I can wear my sweaters. :)

  45. Sherri Napier Says:

    I’m looking forward to making Christmas presents for family and friends.  I don’t do alot of knitting in the summer (expecially not this year, because we’ve been so hot), but do alot in the fall and winter.

  46. Ditetre Says:

    I look forward to wrapping up in a shawl and sitting out on the deck…..

  47. Allie Says:

    I can’t wait to wear these socks and hats I’ve been busily making this summer. And not melting when I leave the house…that will be great as well.

  48. caitzilla Says:

    I look forward to sweaters, chili, college football, and warm apple cider!

  49. Betti Mace Says:

    I am looking forward to my first fall in a new area of the Midwest. I look forward to cooler temps and the opportunity to wear all my fun socks again. My daughter would love the hoodie – in blue – just as you have made it!

  50. M1mckenzie Says:

    I look forward to school starting up!!!!

  51. LadyKate Says:

    I’m looking forward to cooler days, bright autumn colors, and the eventual return of snow.

  52. Sara Richardson Says:

     I’m looking forward to cooler weather so I can knit something larger than socks.

  53. Jessica Becker Says:

    Wearing hats again!

  54. Laurel Says:

    I love raking up the leaves & jumping in them with my kids. <3 :)

  55. Fluffylinus Says:

    I’m looking forward to the birth of our fourth child, sleeping with the windows open, and roasting marshmallows over a bonefire.

  56. Betti Mace Says:

    I look forward to my first fall in a new area in the Midwest. Wearing all those fun socks I have made will be just great! My daughter would love the hoodie – in blue, just like you made it.

  57. Carolyn Robbin Says:

    I look forward to wearing my handknits and buying more yarn at Webs!

  58. Poemlady Says:

    I will, as the leaves turn orange and gold, wear my hand knits. I will also hibernate in snowy weather happily knitting and spinning.

  59. Jennifer R. Says:

    Being in the mountains of WV, I always get excited when the  leaves begin to change for the Autumn. My children & I would go for drives through some of the secluded, rural areas just to see nature @ it’s finest. The children are both grown, but my husband and I continue the tradition.
    I LOVE this pattern & LOVE Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky!

  60. Purlil Says:

    Wow great looking sweater!

  61. susan Says:

    i look forward to the smell in the air

  62. Crystajewel Says:

    I love the cooler weather and the fall leaves. I also like the oranges and yellows and reds. I love everything about autumn.

  63. Andrea Says:

    Great looking pattern! I look forward for fall for the break in 3 digit temperatures. Summers are long in AZ…
    Thanks for the chance to win :-D

  64. lorraine Says:

    im looking forward to sweater weather..when i can break out all my knits and twirl around in the falling leaves :)

  65. Celia Says:

    As a new knitter, I am very excited about learning everything I can about my new hobby. I love it all!

  66. Pam Says:

    Wearing cozy hand-knitted sweaters.  I finished one in June, so I’m looking forward to October.

  67. Deena Says:

    The aspens and the cottonwoods turning bright yellow.

  68. Kcscrapper Says:

    I love the touch of teal in this…what a perfect fall look!!!

  69. Lynn Lisiewski Says:

    this is beautiful & I need it

  70. Sandy Tomezik Says:

    I look forward to fall for the cooler weather, which always inspires me to knit.

  71. Jerseychicadee Says:

    Putting the air conditioner away for the year

  72. Sarah M Says:

    I love the crisp air and changing colors.  And as a skier I’m always excited about the daily reminder that winter is coming!

  73. Dbeasley814 Says:

    I love working on sweaters and blankets, but it’s just too hot to do that right now.

  74. Jennifer Poppke Says:

    Summer is still my favorite season because we have so many hours of sunlight, but after this hottttt summer in the south, I’m looking foward to cooler temperatures and hikes in the woods.

  75. Christine Says:

    I’m looking forward to the crisp air that comes with fall–it’s my favorite season!

  76. Lisa L. Says:

    Sweaters, soups, fires with a glass of wine in the backyard, and all the gorgeous colors of leaves and yarns!

  77. Redheadedstepchild36 Says:

    I look forward to the weather being cool enough to wear a sweater. I am working on one now, in the evenings, so I will be ready for fall.

  78. Cecilia Hendricks Says:

    My favorite things about the season’s change are pumpkin spice lattes and wearing sweaters again. 

  79. Pirateemma Says:

    Autumn: when all the comforts of home are at their bes

  80. Knitter113 Says:

    When it gets cold and snowy, I am looking forward to knitting afghans that my 4 grandchildren have requested

  81. Angus38075 Says:

    Shutting off the ac and beiing able to go for long walks.

  82. Nogaga Says:

    I look forward to cool air and elegant, stylish sweaters!

  83. Beans99 Says:

    I really like this magazine and this store.
    Would love to win this package of yarn!
    Looking forward to? …  well it’s only just got warm in my neck of the woods, but we’ll probably be glad when it cools off again.  The slightly slower rate and the long warm evenings are also great.  Prefer to be able to wear more clothes, including sweaters, so will hope I could knit something to wear!

  84. Karey Says:

    I love the different smells of each season!

  85. Mrsungeek Says:

    Here in CA there isn’t the extreme in seasons like other parts of the US. But I’m looking forward to wearing sweaters all day long, not just at night, and the fall colors.

  86. Nicki D Champ Says:

    What I most look forward to with the change in seasons is the ability to let my hair out of the eternal summer ponytail. Wearing a hat,sweatshirt,jeans outside and tromping around in the leaves and eventually snow. I cannot wait for the snow days where friends come together to eat, play, watch movies and enjoy company on a harsh day. This is what yearn for on these 104 degree days.

  87. Anita Kronowitz Says:

    The crispness of the air when fall arrives in New Mexico.

  88. Pirateemma Says:

    Autumn: when all the comforts of home are at their best.

  89. Carrie Kuhn Says:

    Cooler weather.  I’m so sick of this heat, and knitting in cool weather on my deck sounds so nice right now.

  90. Carol1225d Says:

    What a gorgeous sweater and wool.  Love the colors.  Thanks

  91. Lunnfran Says:

    The change of seasons means I will be able to wear more of my hand knits, plus feel more comfortable knitting with wool and alpaca, my favorite fibers. 

  92. Sweetdrk1 Says:

    I look forward to being abe to strut my stuff in my hand made pieces. There is nothing like being able to say “I made it!” when asked “where did you get that?”

  93. Lilypea_4 Says:

    I’m looking forward to being able to use the latest scarves and wrist warmers I knit over the summer!

  94. Marybeth P. Says:

    I look forward to each and every fall because it’s the perfect time of the year to knit, wrap oneself up in all the glorious colors and textures of yarn that are so cozy and comforting as well as giving us knitter’s the opportunity of self expression and satisfaction of creating such beautiful items like that sweater.

  95. Bonn310 Says:

    I look forward to fall when i can wear the wonderful sweaters people create.  I want to win to finally make one for me…  

  96. kristen Says:

    I cant wait for cool crisp breezes, warm sunny afternoons, leaves changing colors. Fall is one of the best times of year!

  97. Ssoflute Says:

    I’m so looking forward to getting some energy back with cooler temps!!! It’s been so hot this summer that all I’ve wanted to do is sleep…..

  98. Tracienix Says:

    Wearing my hand knits and seeing the people I live wearing theirs!

  99. Momyof8 Says:

    I am looking forward to the cooler weather and bringing out my shawls and sweaters again. Walking to school with crisp mornings and Friday night football games. The changing colors of the leaves and seeing the corn get harvested leaving bales in the fields that look like marsh mellows in a cup of hot chocolate. Ahhhh. Fall

  100. Lkenn Says:

    It’s been so hot this summer – I look forward to being able to wear the sweaters I have knitted this summer!

  101. OrigamiGrrl Says:

    I look forward to the change of the leaves, the smell of winter in the air, and most of all, an end to this southern heat.

  102. Foranpdx Says:

    As the weather turns cooler I love wearing all my hats!

  103. Thebeane45 Says:

    It would look really great in fall colors…..brown, orange and green.  I like that is with bulky yarn.  It will knit up quick.

  104. Aprilholland Says:

    By day, I’ll work up a sweat back to school as vice principal of an extraordinary high school; by night, I’ll be chilling watching projects fly off my knitting needles.

  105. Greyeye521 Says:

    Sweater weather !!!!!!

  106. Carol Furman Says:

    Bundling up with my sweats and my puppies to stay warm…

  107. Nancied Says:

    My favorite time of the year is fall and I look forward to it every year.  Not just because the leaves change, but I can again bring out and wear all the great sweaters that I’ve knitted over the years.  My friends are always amazed that not only do Ihave the time to make these, but I like to create and knit very complicated sweater patterns with colors, cables or lace.

  108. Tricia Werntz Says:

    Cute and the denim look is so in trend this year.

  109. patti b Says:

    I look forward to the weather being cool enough I can work on my blankets some more. It’s just too hot to knit on the larger projects in the summer!

  110. Mary Cooper Says:

    Cool days, bulky sweaters, and knitting with wool again!

  111. Lbrossmann Says:

    The fall color.  It’s ever changing.

  112. Anna Chiara Bellini Says:

    Right now what I’m looking forward is the seaside and my month-long vacations… but they’ll be knitless, and getting back to my fibers will be a very nice reason to love september just as much as august :-)

  113. SueD Says:

    The colors, the smell, sweaters and the food! 

  114. sharon 9351 Says:

    September has always felt like the beginning of a new year. As a student, parent and teacher, new pencils, and pens and now new yarns and projects and the chance to wear hand knits. I’ll enjoy my favorite hobby and my favorite season!

  115. Joyce Owens Says:

    It has been 114 degrees and so I can’t wait for fall!!!!!. Although it comes later here in Las Vegas, it does come and then sweaters are perfect for the whole fall and winter season. I love sweaters and I love fall.

  116. Casemgr Says:

    I like changing wardrobes do I can feel like my clothes are new.

  117. Eileen Says:

    I look forward to a new palette of colors – on the trees outside, in fall foods served at the table, in everyone’s wardrobe and in my knitting bag! 

  118. Jessica Lopatin Rigollaud Says:

    I look forward to wrapping up in wool to keep warm – blankets, socks, sweaters, you name it!

  119. Jacqui Georgi Says:

    I’m most looking forward to again wearing the cabled sweater I made as well as wearing new sweaters that were finished when the weather was too hot. :-)

  120. Gkleing3 Says:

    I like the opened windows after the heat, before the cold.

  121. Mmesser_gcs Says:

    This sweater looks like it would make a great Christmas present. I look forward to working on larger projects when the weather cools during the fall season. I have already started some projects for fall.

  122. Zed Says:

    Wearing woollens again!

  123. Amy Hufford Says:

    I look forward to the cooler weather since we always tend to have such hot and humid summers here. I love being able to layer and wear my hand knits

  124. Lastminutelinda Says:

    I’m in Arizona, so I most look forward to some relief from this heat so I can knit again.  This sweater would be perfect for the coldest of Phoenix days.

  125. Apeksha82 Says:

    The cool weather, the colorful fall leaves, and getting to wear my handmade scarves!!

  126. Kat F Says:

    The best thing about cool weather is snuggling with great fiber!!!

  127. Shannon Says:

    This year I am looking forward to the cooler weather, and I always love the look and smell of fall.

  128. Bre Says:

    I look forward to wearing the sweaters ive worked hard on. I love working in the bulkier yarns and thick cables. I enjoy the just a little crisp air and the changing of the leaves.

  129. Cbk622 Says:

    Love the crisp air and cooler weather is what I’m looking forward to!

  130. Janet Says:

    Knitting by the wood stove!

  131. Cathy J Moses Says:

    I look forward to cool nights to sleep and beautiful colors to be inspired by.

  132. Kathy Says:

    I’m looking forward to being able to wear my woolens!

  133. Lauren B Says:

    I look forward to wearing and seeing people wear all the items I have knit.  It’s a bit hard to do that at 100+ degrees daily in Dallas :)

  134. Cathy J Moses Says:

    I look forward to cool nights for sleeping and beautiful colors of fall to be inspired by.

  135. Amy Says:

    I look forward to knitting on a afghan without dying of heat exhaustion.

  136. Angela Says:

    looking forward to cooler weather!!

  137. Jessrose18 Says:

    I love the fall colors and all of my fall clothes – especially sweaters!

  138. Lkersch Says:

    With the change of seasons, I look forward to knitting and wearing sweaters!

  139. Mcaarakelian Says:

    I love to see the leaves changing colors, time for comfort food galore and the new yarn that comes into the shop where I knit!!

  140. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    It’s winter here so I’m just looking forward to warmer days and drier washing!

  141. pearls85 Says:

    The only thing I look forward to in the cold weather is knitting more.

  142. Knitting4nathan Says:

    Fall is my favorite season! Hoodies, jeans, hand knit sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats. Hot cocoa and crunchy leaves!

  143. MaryE Says:

    I look forward to making hats, gloves, mittens. Now that I have started knitting I am going to dos sweater.

  144. Suziehulahoop Says:

    I look forward to the craftyness of the entire season, from Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving decorations, through Christmas gifts, through to New Years decorations!  Let the crafting begin!

  145. CTYankeeRN Says:

    It’s always the smell of fall that keeps me busy and motivated….because winter is coming!

  146. Masudede Says:

    I look forward to fall so I can wrap myself in my favorite alpaca throw!

  147. Kmnsw Says:

    Looks like a fun sweater to knit!

  148. Coxmi8 Says:

    I can’t wait to wear all the hand knits I’ve made this summer!

  149. Valleyp Says:

    I look forward most to cooler temps this year!!  Fall is my favorite time of year – cooler weather and beautiful colors.

  150. Shirley Says:

    I most look forward to the crisp, cool air and the changing color of the leaves. I love being able to wear my knit scarves!

  151. Lisa M Says:

    Fall has such glorious colours, smells, changes, making one want to cozy up and cuddle in warm wool sweaters!

  152. kat Says:

    Rhinebeck, fall colours and knitting

  153. Judy Says:

    I look forward to curling up in front of the fireplace while the leaves fall outside, and knitting something for my grandkids. 

  154. Kim Andrews Cyphers Says:

    I love the crisp cool mornings and the colors of the leaves.  Sitting on my deck knitting away is a perfect way to spend a fall day.

  155. Kim Andrews Cyphers Says:

    I love the crisp cool mornings sitting on my deck with a cuppa tea knitting away.

  156. Kcole_33 Says:

    Football, of course! Oh, and pumpkins and knitting 24/7!!!

  157. Jencie Says:

    I love seeing the changes in my environment during the changes of seasons- the flowers blooming, the scents and the changes of weather- I LOVE it…it’s so pretty, and living in the PNW we have such a range of nature to experience :)
    Thank you!

  158. Laurie Says:

    Love hoodies, can’t wait until it is cool enough to wear them again! Love hiking in the woods when the trees are changing and knitting with wool and alpaca.

  159. sabrina Says:

    Knitting sweaters in cooler weather!

  160. Barbara Nana Says:

    I love the cooler, fresher weather….great for knitting!

  161. Carlyjminer Says:

    I can wear all of my lovely knits again without sweltering in the heat or looking a fool and I can warm friends and family with my hand knits too.

  162. Mary Lou Says:

    Look forward to the beautiful colors of fall.

  163. Sheila OKeefe Says:

    I’m always looking forward to the return of the sun in the spring and summer. I live in Oregon, so I have to confess I dread the return of the rains, the grey gloom, and the short days in the fall. Maybe winning some nice yarn to make myself a cardigan would cheer me up…

  164. Mayeuxkeys Says:

    The cool weather!

  165. Lily Alisse Says:

    Our fall is more of an indian summer! So, we look forward to warmer weather in the fall, but never too warm, so always an opportunity to knit and thus wear more wool! :)

  166. Kvernon2 Says:

    I love the fall season with crisp, cold air and a chance to pull out my favorite sweaters.  Karla

  167. Brenda Baty Says:

    Wow!  So pretty.  The main thing I look forward to with the change of the seasons is the weather.  I look forward to the cold.  We did not have a cold winter last year and I want cold, cold, cold.

  168. Diane Says:

    I like how the smell in the air changes in the early morning when I am off to work.

  169. sandi Says:

    As summer fades away into fall, I look forward to back to school time!  I love it as much now as a teacher as I did when I was a child.  

  170. Errin Says:

    Apple Cider Doughnuts and wool! 

  171. Amanda Says:

    I most look forward to wearing sweaters, shawls, & boots!

  172. dswgr6 Says:

    I would love this!  I can’t wait til the hot steamy weather is gone.  Cool crisp nights and warm sunny days are my favorite weather combinations.

  173. guest Says:

    I love to unpack all my fall sweaters from the closet! Makes me feel so cozy.

  174. Jears1 Says:

    My daughter would love her mother to make this for her. AND blue is my favorite color. This could actually turn into a battle. *smile*

  175. Marthacameron Says:

    I live on the west coast where we really do not get four distinct seasons, like the ones I remember from my childhood in eastern Canada. But there is a distinct change in the air that I look forward too every Fall. I also prefer cooler weather. Hoodie looks so unique…I only knit things that I could never buy. Thanks!

  176. Michelle Harrison Says:

    I moved to the mountains from Florida and had my first “real fall” in 45 years. I like the the crisp sting of the air, the lovely leaves, and the occasional grey, overcast days that are perfect for a day of knitting by the fire.

  177. Mary Osborn Says:

    I always look forward to fall because our daylight goes back to normal and I can sleep without black out blinds. We have allot of daylight in Alaska in the summer time!

  178. Marthamccormick Says:

    Knitting beautiful sweaters like this!

  179. stefanie Says:

    I am really looking forward to sweater weather again.  It’s hard to believe it’ll ever come back – today it was 100 degrees in Chicago!

  180. Michelle Kroll Says:

    I look forward to the bulky, quick knits of hats and scarves.  It feel odd to be making such items when it is 90 degrees outside.

  181. Knittingneedles Says:

    This would look fantastic on my daughter.. I love the Berkshires!!! Lived there for many years!!! and the yarn isn’t too bad either!!!! :) !!!!

  182. Orim_27 Says:

    I look forward to crisp nights, jumping in leaves and apple picking with my family.

  183. Lyn4ty Says:

    Looking forward to the crisp cool weather, smuggling in with my latest knitting project, wonderful Colorado that come with the turning of the leaves, the coming holidays and really good hotly chocolate. Would love making that wonderful goodies sweater to wear while walking through the local apple farm.

  184. Hurricane Says:

    I look forward to the cooler air, the changing leaves,Halloween, the days having a set rhythm, knitting during my younger son’s soccer games and being able to wear my big loose sweaters.

  185. Rambony1 Says:

    Fall is a fresh start; reminds me of 1st day of school and new backpacks and all kinds of new goodies; but now that I’m a big girl who knits, those new goodies are all the chunky beautiful yarns of Fall.  Can’t wait!!!

  186. Patricia Says:

    I absolutely love it when the weather gets a little cooler (below 80). I feel cool enough to be able to knit items for Christmas. Thank goodness for airconditioning or I’d never get any knitting done. Of course when the weather finally cools down enough here for afghan knitting, it’s almost too close to Christmas to start anything. LOL

  187. Adegeb Says:

    In sunny San Diego, we don’t see much of a cool down in the weather.  I like to think of the Fall as the beginning of the local’s summer.  All the tourists have gone home, the kids are in school, and I can sit on the beach with my knitting and enjoy some quiet time.  And this little cardi would make the perfect “winter coat.” :)

  188. Kylene Says:

    I am looking forward to cooler weather and having the chance to wear all the socks I’ve knit this summer.

  189. Cindi Says:

    Knitting the hoodie you’re offering, lower temps, being able to open my windows and turn off the air, hayrides, apple orchards and mums on my front porch!

  190. Cricketswool Says:

    I like the way the hood is picked up and knit in on this sweater.  That sounds like a sensible and easy approach for someone like me who tries to avoid seams as much as possible.

  191. Mrobin9505 Says:

    I love the change to cooler weather, but not cold!

  192. Judy Says:

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. Cool able to plan Christmas gifts, the new colors, Just the excitement of the season.

  193. Rdb1356 Says:

    Love your store and every time I am back east I stock up. Love your helpful employees and the selections you have. keep it up!

  194. Jane Hartin Says:

    Cooler temperatures! It’s so frustrating to try to knit when the temp outside is in the 90’s or worse. Give me a nice fall day with temps in the 60’s, breeze is blowing, hazy sky with sun slanting through bare branched trees – I feel better already. Thanks!

  195. Jen. Says:

    Warm woolen goodies!  Fresh apple cider from a press!  Back to school!

  196. Jane Hartin Says:

    Cooler temperatures! It’s so frustrating to try to knit when it’s in the 90’s outside, or worse. Give me a day with temps in the 60’s, breezy, with hazy sunlight gleaming through bare branched trees. I feel better already. Thanks!

  197. Tcbarnes13 Says:

    It has just been too darn hot to do much knitting this summer so I am looking forward to fall to pick up my needles and yarn again.

  198. Laurel Says:

    I most look forward to the cooler weather (which makes knitting so much more pleasant), being able to wear hand knit scarves, and the fall colors.

  199. Snickerdoodle Says:

    I’m sure it’s not original, but I love that I can wrap myself in my favorite handknit sweaters. There’s just something extra special about fall or winter wear that provides something intangible, something I don’t get from summer knits.

  200. SailorMoon091677 Says:

    The beautiful colors and the crispness of the air – and it means ski season is coming soon!

  201. KatieD Says:

    I love everything about fall! Most of all, I love fall colors, and the start of wool knitting season.

  202. L Frankenfield Says:

    I enjoy the cooler weather and apple picking

  203. Knitting_dancer Says:

    I am looking forward to all of the fall smells.

  204. Aliceb321 Says:

    Being from the hot and humid south, I love the brisk, crisp fall mornings in Louisiana!

  205. Maggie Says:

    wonderful!  Thanks for the chance to win!

  206. Jennifer Meyers Says:

     cooler days outside, the colorful leaves, and friends coming to visit for our Rhinebeck visit!

  207. Kristi77swe Says:

    I look forward to the colors of fall; yellow, red and orange against the blue sky! Crisp air and also it is my favorite time to go to the beach!

  208. 2treasures Says:

    Oh I’m just looking forward to cooler weather and some rain! It has. Been unbearably hot and dry here. As for knitting I want to start a cardigan once it cools down a little right now knitting with a nice light cobweb lace!

  209. Rnwendy63 Says:

    What I look forward to most with the change of seasons from summer to fall, is it’s time to wear all the yummy, thick, richly colored & beautiful sweaters & scarves! This is the best season as far as fashion goes in my opinion!

  210. PatriciaC Says:

    Love the whip stitch detail.

  211. Michelle Schwerdt Foulis Says:

    I’m looking forward to knitting something big like a seater or an afgan….getting bored with Hats and socks!

  212. Michelle Schwerdt Foulis Says:

    I’m looking forward to knitting something big like a seater or an afgan….getting bored with Hats and socks

  213. Hind Says:

    I look forward to knitting wool sweaters in the fall, it’s just too hot in the summer

  214. Baniccoli Says:

    I’m anxious for the cooler weather to pick up some projects that I started in late spring but couldn’t bare to work on with the incredible heat this summer. One is my owl sweater….would love to work on this adorable cardigan. Love love love whip stitching!!!

  215. Sara Hendrickson Says:

    Cozy fires, cookies, knitting, colors, and snuggling with the hubby!

  216. Diane Meyers Says:

    Looking forward to cool weather to wear my newly knitted wool blends.

  217. Karen H. Says:

    Knitting, cooler temperatures, knitting, leaves changing, knitting, comfort foods, knitting, holidays, oh, and did I say knitting!?!?!?

  218. Dhelin1 Says:

    I love the change in seasons; living in Upstate NY, we get the best of colors in every season. Knitting new colors with each season brings a freshness to my work just like the cool night breeze of the Fall blows away the heat of summer.

  219. Martha Horan Swan Says:

    Wearing wool!

  220. Cguigli Says:

    Planning, swatching and starting holiday knitting projects.

  221. Martha Horan Swan Says:

    Wearing wool!

  222. Gladys Heaton Says:

    Fall favorite view for the wonderful change of seasons is the leaf color of the dogwood tree in a beautiful rusty red.  It is a lovely contrast from the pretty and creamy Spring petals.

  223. Linda Sasso Says:

    Fall!  The perfect season to take out all the woolen sweaters again!  Love the colors, the chilly mornings, the crisp fresh air, wrapping up in a hand made afghan at night!  And football! 

  224. Ann Says:

    When Summer has passed I look forward to knitting Christmas gifts,one way I can send warm,cozy “hugs” to family in the UK. :)

  225. rachelb Says:

    the crisp smells of fall in the air

  226. Mmhaber Says:

    Best part of fall is throwing on a cozy sweater and going to the orchard to fill our baskets with apples!

  227. Heather Adele16 Says:

    I can’t wait to wear my red hooded cape, so cozy for Halloween! And I can justify buying some warm, luscious yarns for those Christmas scarves, not to mention the smell of wet fall leaves, & pumkin pie…..

  228. Nightblueiris Says:


  229. lima Says:

    Can’t wait for cozy knits

  230. Wendy Says:

     The cooler weather and being able to wear my sweaters! 

  231. Debbie Gudger Says:

    I’d love to win the pattern and yarn! Thanks for the great podcast and for challenging me to try new things!

  232. JillS Says:

    I love the changing colors of the leaves and the cooler temperatures!

  233. Debbie Gudger Says:

    Oops, hit return too soon!  I love knitting in fall cause my huge sweater projects keep me warm as I’m knitting and I know I’ll be wearing them as soon as I can finish them.

  234. greening Says:

    I love taking my handknits out of the dry-cleaner’s bags and discovering them all over again as if they were “new” clothes and combining them with actual new pieces. I like being able to layer again, as I live in a hot climate, and be more creative in my combinations. Most of all, I enjoy the switch from little cotton or linen things and a lapful of cozy wool! Thanks for the giveaway; I saw that pattern in KnitSimple and dogeared the page.

  235. Rebecca Mc. Says:

    My favorite thing about the changing seasons is the different smells each season brings. Fall smells like fallen leaves and pumpkin pie, winter smells like crisp snow and evergreens, spring smells like rain and flowers, and summer smells like salty sea air and suntan lotion!

  236. Jeswartz Says:

    I am most looking forward to saying bye bye to the humidity and hello to hand knit sweaters!

  237. Janeg Says:

    Although I’m not looking forward to the change of seasons in the southern hemisphere as we go into spring and then into summer because it reminds me that my knitwear days are coming to a close for the year I do look forward to the Autumn or Fall change of seasons you guys in the northern hemisphere are coming into as all the new fabulous designs and patterns are coming out for me to plan next years knitting!

  238. Debbie Saenz Says:

    I look forward to the changing colors and cooler temps.

  239. jamie e Says:

    Cooler weather = sweaters and shawls!

  240. Tishville Says:

    Wearing wool! In Virginia we don’t have many months to wear it.

  241. Pamelajrice Says:

    Look forward to spending the cooler fall evenings knitting.

  242. Lee Says:

    I can start knitting sweaters again as the summer heat passes and the cool fall begins.

  243. Bonniejoysanpietro Says:

    Wow! Can’t believe that fall is around the corner. I have yet to try and make a sweater for an adult. Would love to experience it.

  244. Angela R. Says:

    I am with SueD on this one, love the colors, smells, sweaters and food!! Especially here in Germany, as an American overseas to be able to experience the seasons in another country is a wonderful opportunity.  And there is some great yarn here as well.

  245. Rose Kelly Says:

    I look forward to the brilliant fall colors balanced with crisp temperatures.

  246. Wake731 Says:

    When it’s over 100 degrees, people look at you strangely when you pull out a ball of wool and start knitting.  When fall arrives, people are wondering if you might be making that lovely warm item for them!

  247. meppybn Says:

    What a great pattern!!!    Love it so much :)    Change of seasons to me means change of visuals – winter to spring = greening up and potential of life, spring to summer = flowers galore and warmth, summer to autumn = harvest and sunshine, autumn to winter, dormancy and seclusion and along with all that, the expected change of wardrobe and WOOOL, whoot, whoot!!

  248. Shari H Says:

    I love a good apple crisp on a Fall day, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and a handknit scarf wrapped around my neck.

  249. CS Says:

    I look forward to the fall foliage and apple picking!

  250. GrammaJPB Says:

    Harvest fairs, apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin picking and cooler weather for knitting….. love fall!

  251. Doreen Says:

    Fall means empty nest for me again.  What a fantastic way to think of my daughter as I sit by the fireplace and knit to my heart’s content with my two bichons by side.  Light blue and dark teal, perfect colors for a college student!!!!


  252. Issumatuq Says:

    Fall is my favorite time. I adore the fall colors, the smell of burning leaves and the cooler days and nights. To look out across the Kentucky hills awash in yellow, red and orange has always made me wish fall could last forever.

  253. Lynette O Says:

    My husband & I are moving back to Western Mass so I’m so excited for fall. Also after 4 years in Nashville I can’t wait to knit with wool again!

  254. Jessica Says:

    I love watching football while I knit. And the chance to break out the sweaters again.

  255. Turtleknits Says:

    The kids going back to school!

  256. susanjd Says:

    cooler weather and a perfect opportunity to wear cardigans!

  257. LaurelB Says:

    I mostly look forward to anything pumpkin. I love pumpkin.

  258. Arielluria Says:

    I look forward to being able to wear my knitted items with wild abandon! :D….and try to wear as many as possible at once without looking silly.

  259. bethany Says:

    watching the leaves change, knitting heavy things without dying of heat stroke, and the food!!

  260. Sheila24rn Says:

    The fall so beautiful with the falling leaves. However, I can’t wait for the snow to fall so that I can go skiing!!

  261. Christine Says:

    I look forward to the change in clothes, some of the fall veggies, and the end of sticky weather!

  262. Ann L. Says:

    I look forward to sweater weather and the brilliant colors that come along with it.

  263. Joy Hanes Says:

    Knitting all summer, can’t wait to wear it!

  264. Bonnieknits Says:

    I can’t wait to start working on hats and mittens. I love trying new yarms and finding one that becomes my favorite for making gifts. I feel a real sense of accomplishment after making a hat to keep a loved one warm!!!

  265. Simoncas Says:

    Hmmm – I love summer, so seeing fall come is always a little bit sad to me – but I do like the fall colors, especially on a sunny day :)

  266. Agbaker Says:

    CCollege football is a big part of our Autumn! And, of course watching football means lots of knitting time

  267. Doctorhopie Says:

    I love every season, I really don’t have a favorite.  What I love about the change of seasons is the way each season has its own particular smell, light, flavor, feeling.  The beginning of each season is like that moment when you just start to unwrap a gift.

  268. prymnumber Says:

    Wow!  I love the homey, comfy look of this hoodie!  It looks like something I’d wear ALL winter!

  269. Reedandposhi Says:

    I look forward to cooler weather so I can knit by the fire…

  270. Rbacklund Says:

    I find I love fall the best because it prods my creative juices to begin attacking the ever-growing Christmas gift list. Just had a new grandson in June so it’s time to get the planning done. Ohhhhh… did I say excuse for more yarn???

  271. Mperezlope Says:

    I’ve been looking for a hoodie pattern to knit this Fall.  This one is great!  Would love to win it. Melanie1 on Ravelry. 

  272. Carol B Says:

    I enjoy making mittens and hats for holiday gifts!

  273. Kim May Says:

    Fall is my favorite season – everything is crisp and the color palette simply marvelous.  It’s a wonderful time to work on those projects that were put on hold during the heat of the summer, and of course, start a couple new ones!

  274. Kim Says:

    The new Fall class offerings at WEBS!  

  275. Momofspencer Says:

    I love the cool breeze of autumn. That crisp wake up and wrap yourself up in mommas afghan for my morning coffee. I am longing for it now!! I get inspired most on those morning to think up my next knit or crochet pattern. Winter makes want to bake and my kitchen usually needs a change of decor so dish towels need to be trimmed nit / crocheted button tabs like my gramma taught me. Spring & summer has my nieces making lists of swimwear cover ups they want that year.

  276. AnnA Says:

    In the past, I’ve always been a summer girl. The heat, the fun, the freedom from school .

    But this year, I’m finally done with school (forever!) AND this fall marks the arrival of my twin babies! It’s definitely a season to look forward to. :)

  277. thistledown54 Says:

    After the heat and humidity of summer I look forward most to cool mornings and coffee outside in a handknit sweater, of course. 

  278. Cproth2 Says:

    I am looking forward to knitting an afghan that I bought the yarn for last spring. It’s been singing a siren song to me all summer but it is much too hot to knit with an afghan on my lap. C’mon Fall!

  279. Lisanycz Says:

    Love this sweater. I’m most looking forward to the beautiful changing leaves.  We get a gorgeous fall here the colors are just magnificent!

  280. Roseofisabel Says:

    Going to the apple orchard and baking pies for the family!

  281. Rockferiee2330 Says:

    The beautiful scenery, photography, and knitting with a cup of apple cider.

  282. peggy b Says:

    I look forward to the cool air providing comfort for outdoor activities after a steamy summer.

  283. angie Says:

    Autumn is my favorite season!! I love the crisp air, layering on handknits as it gets closer to winter, and the beautiful colors of leaves turning.

  284. bellaboo Says:

    Looking forward to cooler weather–but that also means my oldest daughter leaves for college.  I’m sending her off with one “knitted with love” sweater.  Maybe I can send her off with two?

  285. Debbie Palmer Says:

    Color changes, the smell of fall, firepit & sweaters.

  286. Debbie Palmer Says:

    Color changes, the smell of fall, firepit & sweaters.

  287. Debbie Palmer Says:

    Color changes, the smell of fall, firepit & sweaters.

  288. Dawn Says:

    i look forward to fall the most with season changes… a time of cool breeze, crisp leaves, and beautiful colors.  perfect knitting season… however, i knit year round… a little summer weather never prevents me getting my needles and yarn out!  :)
    thanks for the opportunity!

  289. Marilyn Says:

    The leaves changing colors as cooler air comes in!  That is what I love about fall.  And football games and dreaming of things to make for Christmas gifts!  I always want to do more than there is time!  Love fall and I would love to win this kit to knit the sweater!  Thank you!

  290. Ellenmg Says:

    Autumn in South Texas is very different from those I experienced growing up in Wisconsin but still my favorite season.  I look forward to throwing open the windows and turning off the A/C.  The fall festivals kick off here and remind me, no matter where I live, autumn is my reset button. 

  291. Prularouge Says:

    I’ve used Northampton recently for 2 projects and loved how easy it was to knit with, and the finish was gorgeous, soft, with good stitch definition. I’d love to try Berkshire and this pattern looks super cute. Please declare me the winner and send me the kit!

  292. Prularouge Says:

    Oh and with change of seasons, I look forward to roast dinner with crackling and sitting in pjs on the sofa knitting with a steaming mug of tea, guilt free, as bikini season is a long way away :)

  293. Marjorie Says:

    Beautiful sweater.  Hope I win!
    Marjorie Wilhelm

  294. Absolutelymagic Says:

    I have been looking for a hoodie pattern. I like that it buttons. Would love to win. TY

  295. Jen Funk Says:

    The changing leaves. Always the fantastic fireworks of colours in the trees.

  296. 3dzupko Says:

    This definitely looks like something I would make and wear!!

  297. Krclinton Says:

    I really look forward to the cold weather. Like to sit out on my 4 season porch in front of the gas fireplace and watch the snow fall outside, while knitting. Bliss!

  298. Peaceable Liberal Says:

    This was the project that I most loved in this magazine! I think it’s lovely. We’re in a drought right now, so I’m looking forward to some rain and cooler weather!

  299. Halley Sanders Says:

    I look forward to the combination of crispy leaves underneath my feet and soft yarn running through my hands, as I knit for the up-coming season of gift giving.

  300. Heather Says:

    I’m from Oklahoma, where autumn lasts for approximately 12 hours, but I like knowing that winter is coming and we can soon light a fire in the fireplace and drink hot chocolate and cuddle with the kittens and knit…all at once!

  301. Linda Hensens Says:

    I love the cooler weather that comes with the fall. Plus, I get to really enjoy dreaming up new projects to either wear myself or for my friends and family. Alas, I am only 1 knitter, and I only have 2 hands.. so it takes a minute to finish each project. The fall and winter months are my absolute favorite of each year. Spring comes close behind, and summer..well let’s just say this knitter doesn’t care for the 100+ degree weather that has been in NC this summer. 

  302. Gussek Says:

    I look forward to wearing all my knitted stuff!  The hoodie is beautiful! I would love to win! 

  303. Ann Says:

    I like fall…It is my favorite time of the year….the colors of the leaves changing is beautiful….I like the warmth of summer but it always feels good to have cool mornings when you need a sweater.  I liked it when I was a child and it meant a new school year…a fresh start…a few new items of clothes….and my birthday is in October!….I have always thought of the day after Labor Day as the “new year”….ty!

  304. Cteam76 Says:

    I love the cooler weather so I can wear sweaters again.

  305. Michelle Maher Says:

    I look forward to the cooler weather and colorful leaves New England has to offer. Fall is my favorite time of year.

  306. Michelle Maher Says:

    I look forward to the cooler weather and colors that New England has to offer. Fall is my favorite time of year. Harvest festivals, County fairs, the smell of fallen leaves and apples and pumpkins…. mmmmm.

  307. Bwh1 Says:

    the sweater looks cool, enough detail to make it interesting and can see it in so many different colors. would be fun to knit! 

  308. Mello Says:

    I can’t wait for cooler weather, the changing colors of the trees, and enjoy hot drinks on cool days as I crochet or knit

  309. Mrsmattesky Says:

    I love the changing colors of the leaves! And the foods. : )

  310. Danimmc Says:

    I’m waiting for the beautiful leaves of autumn, the chill of early mornings and the sound of fallen leaves as you walk over them. Sitting in a lawn chair knitting and drinking a steaming cup of coffee as your work of art drapes cozily over your body.

  311. Beth Says:

    I love the cooler weather, the turning leaves, and the sweaters!

  312. Abigail Lee Says:

    I’m looking forward to pumpkin bread. YUM!

    abigail.lee {at gmail.com

  313. MMAB18 Says:

    I can see this sweater on my daughter when she starts law school this fall.  It’s beautiful.

  314. Karclock Says:

    The cool crisp part of fall and hopefully the leaves turning colors :)

  315. Ashley A. Says:

    i love the sweater!! its gorgeous and so different.

  316. Kim Says:

    I love autumn more than any other season, but I guess that comes with being from Colorado. When the leaves start changing, my family would always hop in the car and drive through the aspens in the mountains, and the sight is really one that everyone should experience. Plus, cooler weather means more time spent doing things I love, like baking pies and other treats, and, of course, knitting and crocheting. Snow comes early in the rockies, got to be prepared!

  317. Avennett Says:

    I love the fall leaves!

  318. Shimz Says:

    The Fall is my favorite time of year. I look forward to being able to wear my sweaters and knit jackets again. 

  319. Juldahl Says:

    Love this sweater! Shabby chic!

  320. Georgie Albright Schuttauf Says:

    People who are not from Florida say we don’t have a change of season… that isn’t true.  October, November and December, the careful observer will find amazing splashes of color!  In January, February and March, you’ll see lots of folks gardening (our state fair is in February), playing outside and enjoying the sunny, “winter” days.  While the rest of the country is enjoying the summer months, we often find that we need to take extra layers to the theater, restaurants, etc., because the a/c is so cold to those of us who are used to the heat.  This lovely sweater would be perfect for July in Florida!

  321. Shortknit Says:

    Autumn is a wonderful time of year. I always feel autumn is a time to slow down, stop, and soak up the beauty that surrounds me. I love the colors of the leaves on the trees as they change.  In the summer, they are a mass of green, which is beautiful, but in the fall, I always feel their “true identity” becomes visible. And the colors are spectacular and inspirational.  I also love the cool crisp air in the morning and in the evening, pulling up a blanket or putting on a sweater.  There is not another season that even comes close to autumn!

  322. akidosmom Says:

    I can’t wit to wear my sweaters again!

  323. Melissa Chattaraj Says:

    I most look forward to being able to wear my knitwear without sweating! :-)

  324. Lora Baker Says:

    With fall I love the cooler days and the leaves starting to change color. Also by the time fall comes around I’m ready for a wardrobe change, wearing jeans and sweaters. Early fall is my favorite time of year.

  325. ellenronnie Says:

    My hair will welcome the low humidity of the cooler seasons! I adore the colors of fall so much. Although it does signal the coming of the dark, cold weather to come, I hold onto the the colors and the crunchy leaves as long as I can and rev up the needles to make warm and colorful knits for me and my family.

  326. ellenronnie Says:

    My hair will welcome the low humidity of the cooler seasons! I adore the colors of fall so much. Although it does signal the coming of the dark, cold weather to come, I hold onto the the colors and the crunchy leaves as long as I can and rev up the needles to make warm and colorful knits for me and my family.

  327. Linda Rumsey Says:

    I love Autumn because I can happily knit away and not get the funny looks like I’ve been getting all Summer. People seem to think I shouldn’t knit just because it’s hot!

  328. ellenronnie Says:

    Please forgive the double post. My laptop “hiccuped” and this happened. Tried to delete one, but couldn’t.

  329. Marianna Says:

    This is a lovely cardigan — and I love cardigans!  The yarn is great.  For me it will be a winter jacket, it doesn’t get that cold during the fall where I live — then again, it may be an unusual fall…. one never knows.

  330. Johann Mitchell Says:

    Count me in to enter for the giveaway!

  331. Artsyshell Says:

    I’m so looking forward to finally wearing all the socks I’ve been knitting all summer in between projects! :-)

  332. Zita H Says:

    so pretty i d love to try it! 

  333. Deb Says:

    I look forward to the end of the hot & steamy south Florida summer and the start of my busiest time at work. :-)

  334. Laurie McKay Says:

    The colors of the leaves changing, the crisp air, making pumpkin pies, and more knitting are the reasons why I look forward to the change into fall from summer! That hoodie jumped out at me in the last issue. I have to make it for myself!

  335. Jdrbell Says:

    I love being able to put on a sweater to take the chill off.  I have a very snuggly alpaca one that I cannot wait to take out and wear again! 

  336. alicia hall Says:

    Cool weather, warm wool, apple cider, hot soup, and my family’s annual Halloween trip to Cedar Point!

  337. Decembermoon Says:

    For me the seasonal change to Fall weather is always welcomed for the vibrant color changes in nature and the cool, crisp weather that begs for the soft and cuddly.  Thus a great partnering of the season’s change and the creation and use of cozy, knit or crocheted items, for one’s self or for gift giving.

  338. Cathy Says:

    I love the fall and spring time season the most …….the fall for the ending of summer with the beautiful colors of autumn and the spring time for the renewal of the colors :) very inspirational 

  339. Vacabella Says:

    wearing sweaters again!!!!!!

  340. Ajl7053 Says:

    Fall is my favorite. I live in Massachusetts. Fall is: apple picking, knitted clothing, pumpkins, corn, halloween, Topsfield Fair, apple cider donuts, corn mazes, falling leaves, crisp air, high school football, and the start of hockey! Fall is fabulous!!

  341. Debhusby Says:

    Love the cozy sweaters of fall! I have yet to knit one though so this will give me the perfect opportunity! My favorite thing about changing seasons is the “change” always gives me a chance for a new start!

  342. Horatio252 Says:

    I love scarves and always enjoy the  opening of my storage box full of colors,lengths,shapes,thin & thick, and the smell of fall they bring to mind  :  )

  343. Tgboris45 Says:

    I can’t wait to start wearing all of the great sweaters I’ve gathered. Summer is great but fall is my fashion season. Just a pair of jeans, a simple shirt and a great sweater – who can beat that?!

  344. Esther Says:

    I look forward to a predictable rhythm when school is back in session. I also prefer the cooler seasons’ clothes.

  345. Judy 1946 Says:

    I like the invigorating chill of fall. It’s such a welcome feeling after the long hot summer especially this year. I also love the smell of a fall campfire and the fact that you need a sweater !!!!

  346. Nels6921 Says:

    I picked it up last week! Cuuuuuuuuute stuff!

  347. Balihaibeads Says:

    I most look forward to being able to wear my lovely handknitted items when the weather turns cool.  I’ve got over 50 pairs of handknitted socks in my sock drawer, loads of beautiful shawls and wraps, countless scarves and hats, and sweaters galore.  Three years ago I moved to Michigan from Southern California and now I am able to wear them all.

  348. Leslie Says:

     I look forward to the trees and their beautiful colors and the cooler temperatures and working with wooly yarns.

  349. Denise Conner Says:

    I’m looking forward to starting a new sweater once it’s cool enough to wear it while I knit. Also looking forward to my first New England showing of the leaves.

  350. Debby Says:

    Getting all my heavier hand knit sweaters out to wear on the cool, crisp fall days!

  351. Lauranna33 Says:

    My favorite time of year. The best time of the year to live in my beautiful state of Michigan. Going UpNorth in the fall is the best, where running, biking and knitting are my idea of pure bliss!!
    Jennifer C

  352. Silverlb52 Says:

    I like the magazine and buy it often. It would be great to win something!!!

  353. Nicole Esposito Says:

    Looking forward to warm days & cool nights – perfect sweater weather! 

  354. Katherine Says:

    What a great giveaway.  I loved this pattern the first time I saw it.  Me likey!

  355. Tish Sentell Says:

    I love the colors and that I can wear all my pretty socks.

  356. Nanhaf Says:

    Crisp clear mornings.

  357. Carolyn Says:

    More than anything, I think, I’m looking forward to opening the windows and filling the house with fresh air and nature sounds.  Our summer weather (110 degree days, 80 degree nights, and humidity) keeps our house all closed up for way too long!  Then, second on the list is getting to wear sweaters, scarves, and handknit socks.

  358. Pegj1111 Says:

    Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the crisp autumn mornings, the leaves that crunch under your feet, and the beautiful colors of the trees with their changing leaves. The coolness in the air is a relief from the hot summer days. It’s a good time to pull out the warm sweaters that have been knitted in years past, or to think of new sweaters to knit (such as this cute raglan hoodie!).

  359. Ashleigh Bronner Says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the feeling of new beginnings. I’m sure it’s linked to years of going back to school in the fall so even now as an adult, I still feel the excitement & anticipation. I also love the cooler weather and the wonderful soups and baked goods that become bearable again.

  360. Ashleigh Bronner Says:

    NOTE: Had to repost because my name isn’t showing up for some reason. Sorry for the double post.

    My favorite thing about fall is the feeling of new beginnings. I’m sure
    it’s linked to years of going back to school in the fall so even now as
    an adult, I still feel the excitement & anticipation. I also love
    the cooler weather and the wonderful soups and baked goods that become
    bearable again.

  361. Jazegirl Says:

    My favorite change of seasons is summer to fall, I love to walk through the leaves!

  362. Venice_smith Says:

    With fall comes the opportunity to knit warm, woolen items.

  363. Pjo_nl Says:

    I love the change in colors !

  364. Josephine Says:

    I’m looking forward to the fresher air.

  365. sampoulter Says:

    We usually vacation in the fall, so I’m looking forward to a cruise! Now, what knitting projects should I pack?

  366. Laura Says:

    Fall is my favorite season because of all the glorious colors and smells of the outdoors, not to mention the fact that I get to wear my sweaters and get inspired to knit and cook and even clean!  I can’t wait for apple picking, raking leaves, knitting up a storm, planning my Christmas list and snuggling under an afghan for a quick afternoon nap!  What’s not to like?

  367. Anniet Says:

    Fall is my favorite season! Beautiful colors, smells, things start to slow down and get.quieter as we prepare for winter.

  368. Hannah Says:

    I’m looking forward to being able to wear all the sweaters and shawls I finished once it got hot!

  369. Fioragiallo Says:

    I’m looking forward to wearing layers in the fall, including the things I’ve knitted!

  370. maggiewingsings Says:

    I’m looking forward to going for a long walk in the woods on a cool cloudy day after the trees have changed. And being able to work on lap-heavy knitting projects in comfort. And eating ALL the pumpkin foods. :-)

  371. maggiewingsings Says:

    Somehow my comment posted twice, and neither seem to have my name attached. >_<

  372. Meagan77 Says:

    I’m looking forward to knitting up a bunch of Christmas gifts!

  373. Clair Currey Says:

    I’m looking fowprward to fall because it will be cooler!

  374. That Jason Guy Says:

    I look forward to new opportunities as the seasons change. Each season holds different meaning to me. Fall is a reminder of the beginning of college and perhaps my favorite season. The weather gets cooler and the nights get longer. I look forward to snow in the winter, when we get snow anyway. Spring is a transition like fall and is my favorite time to be outside running. Summer has its moments and means swimming and drinking iced tea. 

  375. Suz Sherman Says:

    the change of seasons and the cool weather!  As we start to head into the 100’s here in Texas I get so exctied about fall – just the incredible beauty of it and the looking forward to the seasons and the holidays!  Suz Sherman

  376. ginsey Says:

    I look forward to having my friend’s growing baby blanket on my lap as I knit my love and prayers into this gift for her. That, and all the loveliness that fall brings in its glorious colors and yummy foods. And, I will celebrate my half century!

  377. Geea Says:

    I’m looking forward to winter for the toques, scarves, and peacoats.

  378. Ruth Dejam Says:

    I really look forward to the fall colors (my favorite season and colorways), walking outside with cooler breezes, and knitting for for the holidays.

  379. Carpmom11 Says:

    This looks like a fast fall knit

  380. LouiseF Says:

    Fall is my favorite season of the year. Not only do I get to wear my sweaters, I get to knit new ones!

  381. Ruth McGlew Says:

    I love waking up to cool mornings, smelling wood fires and apple pies baking, wrapping myself up in hand knit sweaters (and planning to finish at least one for Christtmas!), hearing the crunch of leaves under my feet as I walk my dogs, watching the colors change to gold, and having some time free to visit family.

  382. AnnH Says:

    I love the burst of the many colors of autumn & the cooler weather. Makes me feel like sitting on my swing, taking in the view & knitting.

  383. RubyDear Says:

    Love the turning of the leaves, and the way the crunch under your feet as you walk through them.

  384. Rla12 Says:

    With the chage of seasons comes a beautiful color change in our landscape and cooler weather. You feel like putting up your feet and covering up with your favorite knitted afghan and getting those knitting needles going again.

  385. Dkjstuff Says:

    cooling off enough to spend time outside. The holidays and time with family

  386. Uniity8 Says:

    Long walks with happy dogs! We both look good in our fall knitwear.

  387. Fischerc Says:

    I just love Fall. Everything it entails. The cool crisp weather, Halloween, sweaters, fall knitting. The changing of the leaves in the northeast is awesome. It is my favorite season.

  388. Marilyn Says:

    The cooler weather and Rhinebeck!

  389. Lindamgt Says:

    Cool, dry weather! This summer in NYC has been like living in a steam bath. I’m a prisoner of my air conditioner – and knitting a cotton vest, small and non-wool.

  390. LindyEvans Says:

    I look forward to knitting without needing the a/c on!

  391. Abby Says:

    I look forward to being able to turn the air conditioning off, and I live in a college town, so I can’t wait for all the people to come back, and for some of my activities sponsored by the university to start back up :).

  392. Jlb01 Says:

    Falling leaves and wearing sweater

  393. Kate Says:

    I love the cool, crisp weather and the colors of fall.

  394. Momastribe Says:

    I know someone who would really love to have me knit this for them. Autumn is my favorite season. One gets to wrap up in lovely yarns and sit with some hot apple cider, knit and enjoy the colors of fall.

  395. Bridget Clancy Says:

    I am not a fan of summer, so I look forward to fall, when the weather gets cooler, and the world just seems a whole lot cozier.

  396. Mcgonz08 Says:

    I look forward to all the new comfy designs and yarns to work with. I am a pretty new knitter and I absolutely love it.

  397. Gjew Says:

    I am looking forward to wearing my colder weather clothes.

  398. Vicky O. Says:

    Can’t wait to knit without the humidity!

  399. Marcia Travers Says:

    I love to cuddle up on the couch with my favorite afghan and knit. I love to go for walks with my dog Lola and keep warm in my autumn sweater. It’s a great time of year to start knitting christmas presents for people. :)

  400. Laural Says:

    The change in weather and knitting gifts for the holidays.

  401. kayP Says:

    am already looking forward to cooler , much cooler temps, walking hand in hand with my  husband of 26 years enjoying the changing colors of the leaves, eating soup and cornbread, having a bonfire, and wearing flannel shirts!!!

  402. Linda L. Says:

    I like the change of seasons because of the beautiful foliage, going to fairs, and having cooler weather to knit in :) plus it means my annual Webs excursion isn’t far away ;)

  403. Tyjochay Says:

    I love the way the wind changes. It tells you change is coming. And the way the sky colors turn somber. Pure bliss!

  404. suzan Says:

    the fall skies; the opportunity to knit with wool with abandon for the imminent winter?

  405. Megan Wright Says:

    I can’t wait for the cool crisp air!  It’s been so hot here this summer that I’m ready for cooler days where I can drink hot chocolate and snuggle up with a cozy blanket and knit.

  406. Megan Wright Says:

    I can’t wait for the cool crisp air!  It’s been so hot here this summer that I’m ready for cooler days where I can drink hot chocolate and snuggle up with a cozy blanket and knit.

  407. Desjcm Says:

    I even saw a few leaves changing in my neighborhood……..geese heading south.    Time for fall knitting.

  408. Teresa Rossomando Says:

    Chrysanthemums, Goldenrod and Back to School!

  409. Janelisesands Says:

    Cute and practical!

  410. Lois Says:

    With the changing of the seasons, I look forward to the myriad of beautiful fall colors in rust, gold, brown and red.  I am attracted to fall colors and interpret my feelings in the yarns I love to select for new fall and winter knitting.  What I am most looking forward to this year is the birth of my first grandchild, a little girl who will be born very near Christmas.  I am busy knitting many hats, blankets and sweaters, but, with the cooler weather approaching, I will feel inspired to knit even more.

  411. Shannon Fitzpatrick Says:

    For me fall is all about apple picking and pumpkin flavored everything. 

  412. guest Says:

    Wearing the sweaters I knit this summer to all of the harvest fairs

  413. Egwine Says:

    The first day of a new semester.

  414. Mstorey777 Says:

    I love the change in seasons when golden brown leaves are dropped to be refreshed and green next spring, when skies are gray or brilliant blue, and when the smell of the soil changes to show how progress is being made to melt white snows to dark vibrant earth.

  415. Jencie Says:

    I enjoy watching the scenery change, and the temperatures cooling (summer is my least favorite season:)

  416. Schwipknits Says:

    I look forward to the fall because the leaves on Minnesota’s north shore are beautiful. Also fall means the heat is over! I hate the heat.

    schwipknits@gmail:disqus .com
    schwip on ravelry

  417. SouthernChcknLady Says:

    I can not wait for the seasons to change!!! I have lupus and any uv exposure triggers my autoimmune response. Long pants and long sleeves, scarves, hats, etc, in South Louisiana at 100 degrees and 90% humidity is not fun.

  418. Vap55 Says:

    I look forward to to the smwll of Autuman and the beautiful tramnsformations of the trees the colors always amaze me.

  419. Pliv44 Says:

    Although I hate washing them in May,  I love knitting and wearing all my wool sweaters once the Fall brings lovely cool New Englanfd days.

  420. Jdewal Says:

    The weather is cooler and makes sleeping nicer. The changing of the leaves and the feel of winter just around the corner.

  421. Jenn R Says:

    Crisp mornings, bright colors, hearty soups and breads, and getting to wear sweaters again! Fall is my favorite season!

  422. Shari H. Says:

    Warm apple crisp, the crunch of Autumn leaves underfoot, a handknit scarf wrapped around my neck…these are a few of my favorite things!

  423. Ginny Says:

    I love the cooler weather.  Perfect for hiking to explore the changing woods.  Also it is time for wearing wool!  

  424. Mmesser_gcs Says:

    I love the cooler temperatures of fall and the colors of the changing season, giving me more opportunity to work on my larger projects.

  425. Carmen Says:

    This year I’m dying for some cooler weather. It’s been beastly and dry. I might even look forward to some sn*w.

  426. Nath Aman Says:

    After the hot summers, i’m looking forward to winter with some bright colors. I love making my family’s winter wear on my own. So, I am looking for some stylish yet cozy woolens. But most of all I like knitting and crocheting dresses for my daughter….


  427. Tuesday Says:

    The crisp crunch of fallen leaves lightly frosted breaking thru the waffer thin crust of ice on the soggy trail thru the woods.

  428. Marthasofie Says:

    Fall soups!

  429. Doreenmilazzo Says:

    Going to finish the Afghans its been too hot to work on and get started on chtristmas gifts

  430. Gibsongirlvictoria Says:

    I love the crisp air, the crunch of leaves, the sounds of my.children laughing in the yard. Hiking through the woods & apple picking. Coming home on a brisk evening, seeing the warm glow of lights through my windows, opening the door and having the warm, sweet, cinnamon apple pie scent wash over me. Settling down on the couch and sifting through my basket of yarn. The textures and colors silently calling to become a scarf, a pair of mittens, or a sweater for someone I love.

  431. starknitter Says:

    I know it is time to enjoy wearing the hand-knit sweaters.

  432. Steph Neid Says:

    I look forward to the change of seasons as an affirmation of the natural cycles–the productive tasks of summer gardening edges into knitting time but fill your cupboards with the taste of summer during winter months when knitting ramps up again.  Just like a large knitting project, the garden comes to fruition and there is an anticipated time of rest and reflection on a finished project.

  433. Hollybowan Says:

    I LOVE layering my clothes! I look forward to wearing turtlenecks, scarves, cowls, shawls, vests….. I get really happy that time of year.

  434. Bearkat2 Says:

    I love the way the deciduous trees start turning to vivid colours of yellow, red and orange; shedding their leaves with the wind, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the warm cozy sweaters that I can wear when I am outdoors enjoying all that fall brings!

  435. Gorget1234 Says:

    Looking forward to not having to justify yarn craft in warm weather to non-believers.

  436. Greyowl60 Says:

    I look forward to the crisp, chilly evenings after work – when I curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a lap full of yarn and knit, knit, knit. Mmmmmm, sounds like heaven! 

  437. Asteride Says:

    I look forward to fresh breeze.

  438. Liabass Says:

    I am looking forward to beautiful fall colors, the smell of the spices as I go back to baking, the scent of  tea or coffee in the morning, and the feel of alpaca, wool, yak, etc yarn going throuhg my fingers. I am anticipating the tastes, smells, colors, and the feelings of fall, and
     I find myself longing for these days more and more.

  439. Lpatrick_99 Says:

    I look forward to walking in the morning fog with my knit hat and fingerless mitts, feeling the nip of cooler mornings. Smelling the clean ocean scent and seeing the fall colors with dew on the leaves. I enjoy watching the sun break through the fog from inside my warm kitchen filled with the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

  440. Faith Castillo Says:

    The summer breezes reminds me to knit with lighter weight yarn-or on bigger needles with soft cotton/silk blended yarns.

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