July 25th, 2012

Raglan Hoodie Giveaway

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Have you had a chance to check out the latest issue of KnitSimple? The Fall 2012 issue is packed with fantastic patterns and includes a fantastic Raglan Hoodie that is knit in our Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky.

The comfortable hoodie is accented on the cuffs and edges with a darker color. The piping is created by whipstitching the pieces after finishing. You could even try some other color combinations. For a very different look, you could use two very different colors.

This project is knit in pieces and seamed. You pick up the stitches for the hood and knit them after seaming the sweater together. It is sized S-3X with finished measurements of 38 ½” – 52.” It takes 8-13 skeins of Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky in light blue and one in dark teal.

Would you like to win a kit to knit this sweater? Leave a comment here on the blog with what you most look forward to with the change of seasons. One comment will be randomly chosen and will receive KnitSimple Fall 2012, Berkshire Bulky in light blue and dark teal, and the needles to complete the project. You have until Wednesday, August 1st at 9:00am EDT to comment. We’ll announce the winner after that.

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  • Lauranna33

    My favorite time of year. The best time of the year to live in my beautiful state of Michigan. Going UpNorth in the fall is the best, where running, biking and knitting are my idea of pure bliss!!
    Jennifer C

  • Silverlb52

    I like the magazine and buy it often. It would be great to win something!!!

  • Nicole Esposito

    Looking forward to warm days & cool nights – perfect sweater weather! 

  • Katherine

    What a great giveaway.  I loved this pattern the first time I saw it.  Me likey!

  • Tish Sentell

    I love the colors and that I can wear all my pretty socks.

  • Nanhaf

    Crisp clear mornings.

  • Carolyn

    More than anything, I think, I’m looking forward to opening the windows and filling the house with fresh air and nature sounds.  Our summer weather (110 degree days, 80 degree nights, and humidity) keeps our house all closed up for way too long!  Then, second on the list is getting to wear sweaters, scarves, and handknit socks.

  • Pegj1111

    Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the crisp autumn mornings, the leaves that crunch under your feet, and the beautiful colors of the trees with their changing leaves. The coolness in the air is a relief from the hot summer days. It’s a good time to pull out the warm sweaters that have been knitted in years past, or to think of new sweaters to knit (such as this cute raglan hoodie!).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1220322880 Ashleigh Bronner

    My favorite thing about fall is the feeling of new beginnings. I’m sure it’s linked to years of going back to school in the fall so even now as an adult, I still feel the excitement & anticipation. I also love the cooler weather and the wonderful soups and baked goods that become bearable again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1220322880 Ashleigh Bronner

    NOTE: Had to repost because my name isn’t showing up for some reason. Sorry for the double post.

    My favorite thing about fall is the feeling of new beginnings. I’m sure
    it’s linked to years of going back to school in the fall so even now as
    an adult, I still feel the excitement & anticipation. I also love
    the cooler weather and the wonderful soups and baked goods that become
    bearable again.

  • Jazegirl

    My favorite change of seasons is summer to fall, I love to walk through the leaves!

  • Venice_smith

    With fall comes the opportunity to knit warm, woolen items.

  • Pjo_nl

    I love the change in colors !

  • Josephine

    I’m looking forward to the fresher air.

  • sampoulter

    We usually vacation in the fall, so I’m looking forward to a cruise! Now, what knitting projects should I pack?

  • Laura

    Fall is my favorite season because of all the glorious colors and smells of the outdoors, not to mention the fact that I get to wear my sweaters and get inspired to knit and cook and even clean!  I can’t wait for apple picking, raking leaves, knitting up a storm, planning my Christmas list and snuggling under an afghan for a quick afternoon nap!  What’s not to like?

  • Anniet

    Fall is my favorite season! Beautiful colors, smells, things start to slow down and get.quieter as we prepare for winter.

  • Hannah

    I’m looking forward to being able to wear all the sweaters and shawls I finished once it got hot!

  • Fioragiallo

    I’m looking forward to wearing layers in the fall, including the things I’ve knitted!

  • http://maggiewingsings.wordpress.com/ maggiewingsings

    I’m looking forward to going for a long walk in the woods on a cool cloudy day after the trees have changed. And being able to work on lap-heavy knitting projects in comfort. And eating ALL the pumpkin foods. :-)

  • http://maggiewingsings.wordpress.com/ maggiewingsings

    Somehow my comment posted twice, and neither seem to have my name attached. >_<

  • Meagan77

    I’m looking forward to knitting up a bunch of Christmas gifts!

  • Clair Currey

    I’m looking fowprward to fall because it will be cooler!

  • http://schwenker.wordpress.com/ That Jason Guy

    I look forward to new opportunities as the seasons change. Each season holds different meaning to me. Fall is a reminder of the beginning of college and perhaps my favorite season. The weather gets cooler and the nights get longer. I look forward to snow in the winter, when we get snow anyway. Spring is a transition like fall and is my favorite time to be outside running. Summer has its moments and means swimming and drinking iced tea. 

  • Suz Sherman

    the change of seasons and the cool weather!  As we start to head into the 100’s here in Texas I get so exctied about fall – just the incredible beauty of it and the looking forward to the seasons and the holidays!  Suz Sherman

  • ginsey

    I look forward to having my friend’s growing baby blanket on my lap as I knit my love and prayers into this gift for her. That, and all the loveliness that fall brings in its glorious colors and yummy foods. And, I will celebrate my half century!

  • Geea

    I’m looking forward to winter for the toques, scarves, and peacoats.

  • Ruth Dejam

    I really look forward to the fall colors (my favorite season and colorways), walking outside with cooler breezes, and knitting for for the holidays.

  • Carpmom11

    This looks like a fast fall knit

  • LouiseF

    Fall is my favorite season of the year. Not only do I get to wear my sweaters, I get to knit new ones!

  • Ruth McGlew

    I love waking up to cool mornings, smelling wood fires and apple pies baking, wrapping myself up in hand knit sweaters (and planning to finish at least one for Christtmas!), hearing the crunch of leaves under my feet as I walk my dogs, watching the colors change to gold, and having some time free to visit family.

  • AnnH

    I love the burst of the many colors of autumn & the cooler weather. Makes me feel like sitting on my swing, taking in the view & knitting.

  • RubyDear

    Love the turning of the leaves, and the way the crunch under your feet as you walk through them.

  • Rla12

    With the chage of seasons comes a beautiful color change in our landscape and cooler weather. You feel like putting up your feet and covering up with your favorite knitted afghan and getting those knitting needles going again.

  • Dkjstuff

    cooling off enough to spend time outside. The holidays and time with family

  • Uniity8

    Long walks with happy dogs! We both look good in our fall knitwear.

  • Fischerc

    I just love Fall. Everything it entails. The cool crisp weather, Halloween, sweaters, fall knitting. The changing of the leaves in the northeast is awesome. It is my favorite season.

  • Marilyn

    The cooler weather and Rhinebeck!

  • Lindamgt

    Cool, dry weather! This summer in NYC has been like living in a steam bath. I’m a prisoner of my air conditioner – and knitting a cotton vest, small and non-wool.

  • LindyEvans

    I look forward to knitting without needing the a/c on!

  • Abby

    I look forward to being able to turn the air conditioning off, and I live in a college town, so I can’t wait for all the people to come back, and for some of my activities sponsored by the university to start back up :).

  • Jlb01

    Falling leaves and wearing sweater

  • Kate

    I love the cool, crisp weather and the colors of fall.

  • Momastribe

    I know someone who would really love to have me knit this for them. Autumn is my favorite season. One gets to wrap up in lovely yarns and sit with some hot apple cider, knit and enjoy the colors of fall.

  • Bridget Clancy

    I am not a fan of summer, so I look forward to fall, when the weather gets cooler, and the world just seems a whole lot cozier.

  • Mcgonz08

    I look forward to all the new comfy designs and yarns to work with. I am a pretty new knitter and I absolutely love it.

  • Gjew

    I am looking forward to wearing my colder weather clothes.

  • Vicky O.

    Can’t wait to knit without the humidity!

  • Marcia Travers

    I love to cuddle up on the couch with my favorite afghan and knit. I love to go for walks with my dog Lola and keep warm in my autumn sweater. It’s a great time of year to start knitting christmas presents for people. :)

  • Laural

    The change in weather and knitting gifts for the holidays.