February 16th, 2009

Ready, Set, Knit! #117 – Interview with Betsy Perry of Classic Elite Yarns

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This week on Ready, Set, Knit! I had the chance to interview Betsy Perry, VP of Classic Elite Yarns.  Betsy takes us through the new spring yarns, designs and pattern books.

New yarns for the season include a new collection called Verde featuring three lovely new yarns.  Here’s a quick overview:

Allegoro is a blend of 70% organic cotton/30% linen.  Each 50 gram ball has 152 yards and knits at 6 sts = 1″ on #6 needles.  It retails for $10.95.

Solstice is 70% organic cotton/30% merino wool and has 100 yards/ball.  It knits at 4 1/2 – 5 sts = 1″ on #8 needles and costs $5.95/ball.

Sprout is a 100% organic cotton has a nubby texture and is a quick knit at 3 1/2 sts = 1″ on #10.  Each skein has 109 yards and costs $10.50.  All of these yarns qualify for WEBS amazing yarn discounts!

Classic Elite also has several new pattern books out this season and as always, they are classic, wearable designs.  Among my favorites is #9096 Johns Bay (which I keep calling St. John’s Bay because St. John’s is the capital of Newfoundland where my mom is from) and #9098 New Harbor.  Kudos to Jillian Moreno for her newest Curvy Knits booklet as well!

Pixie and I also highlight some books that have caught our attention recently so be sure to listen!

We’ve also announced the next KAL!  We’ll be knitting chickens!  Yes, chickens.  Blue Sky Alpacas has come out with an adorable chicken pattern using their dyed cotton.  I have been smitten with this project since I first saw the pattern.  Besides just being a fun project there are some good skills that get utilized including picking up stitches, working on dpns,  the kitchener stitch and various embellishment methods. 

We will also be holding a small giveaway in conjunction with the KAL along with some other surprises.  Stay tuned next week for more details!

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  • http://www.chappysmom.com –Deb

    Sometimes I feel like the only person who really doesn’t like knitting with cotton….

  • Debbi

    Chickens! Absolutely adorable… I’m looking forward to it!!

  • Debbi

    (ps – I love that the first two comments were by me, Debbi, and Deb. We’re awesome! )

  • http://rather-be.blogspot.com Deb

    Hi Kathy,
    Great Podcast this week. The new Classic Elite Yarns sound yummy…I hope my willpower holds out!
    Saw info about your contest with KnitPurlGurl on Facebook. Here’s my comment to increase my chances of winning!

  • KathyElkins

    The Debs/Debbis are definitely ruling the roost tonight! :)

  • KathyElkins

    You are so NOT the only person. I have to say – it’s far from my fave fiber but the Blue Sky Dyed Cotton has been really nice to work with. I’ve started projects with other cottons and literally flung them across the room. I think the first two C/E yarns will be great – they are blends. Although linen and I are not overly friendly. Sprout is very soft. I’ve yet to play with it yet, but I think there’s potential for us non-cotton folks. Besides, there’s lots of wools and alpacas and . . . . so many others that need our love and attention. It’s all good :)

  • KathyElkins

    Thanks for listening! Sorry if I tempted too much. Good luck with the contest! Hope you keep reading!

  • Vicki

    Chickens are fun! Are they stuffed?

    I saw your comment on Ravelry about the contest on Knit Purl Gurl and followed it back here. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and now I’ll be reading hers too!

  • http://www.thekniftyknitter.blogspot.com Melissa

    The chickens are so cute! Like Deb I normally don’t like knitting with cotton but I’m looking to try some new cotton blends this summer. Living in the Southeastern United States pretty much means I’ve got to find something breathable to knit with :)

    P.S. I love WEBS! I could spend hours on there just browsing and every time I visit I find something else I *HAVE* to have :)

  • KathyElkins

    Excellent! We love the blog love all around! Yes, the chickens are stuffed. I’m really enjoying knitting mine. It’s a fun but decently challenging knit.

  • http://kitten-with-a-whiplash.blogspot.com Kitten With A Whiplash

    I dislike knitting with cotton, although I used to like crocheting with it. until I had to give up crochet.

  • KathyElkins

    Sorry to hear that! In terms of the C/E yarns – two are blends. In terms of the KAL – get gauge and any yarn could be substituted. I’m actually looking forward to see how folks interpret the pattern. I’m going my own way on embellishment and I’m sure others will have their own take on the chickens themselves.

  • KathyElkins

    Thanks so much ! Now that we have our wishlist and saved shopping cart, you can put things aside until you are ready.

    I don’t envy your challenges in terms of knitting based on where you live, but beyond that, I’d trade places in a moment :) It’s been a long, cold miserable winter here although you’ve had some record cold as well!

  • Monica

    I can’t wait to try the Allegro!

  • Beth

    I love the new chicken patterns.

  • knitpurlgurl

    Being a country gal, I have to say that I am crushing on the chickens.. I am compelled to cast them on!

  • neknitsandbeads.com

    I’m glad to see more cotton yarns! I can’t wait to start knitting up my two color chicken…now off to make the tough decision on what two colors!!

  • Anna Griswold

    Hullo, just given some love for Knit Purl Gurl’s giveaway that you’re sponsoring. But I’m excited to discover your store! Love the close out & garage sale features! I will be back for my next yarn and/or spinning purchases that I’ll be making. THANKS!

  • Kathy

    Dear Kathy,

    Love your blog, your podcast, and your STORE! I saw your mention of the KnitPurlGirl giveaway and I’m posting here, as she instructs.

    BTW, not that you asked, but my fave yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace and my fave notion is the Rollie StitchKeepers.

    Thanks for all the great work you and your staff do!


  • http://www.wordmedley.com Mary-Frances

    I’m really excited about your giveaway contest and I’m subscribing to your blog. I have a lys and feel a certain loyalty to them but there is yarn that they just don’t carry that you do. . .yay!

  • Sherri

    So cool that you’re sponsoring the contest at knitpurlgirl’s blog! What a great basket of goodies! I have the latest podcast downloaded but haven’t had a chance to listen yet….all this talk of chickens has me very curious now. ;)

  • http://fiberfiend.com/blog Margit

    Those chickens are too cute!

  • ellie

    Great KAL…I’m in….and I checked out the contest too. Heading south to webs tomorrow.

  • Brooke M.

    Awesome contest you are sponsering!

  • Mary

    Those chickens are adorable!!!

  • knitpurlgurl

    Just ordered my Knit Chickens pattern and yarns!! So excited!

  • http://www.craftyashley.net CraftyAshley

    Those chickens are really cute. I think they would look great in my Mother in law’s kitchen! Leaving a comment for the contest! Yipee!

  • http://www.designbycece.com cesia

    those chickens are so cute!!

  • http://www.knittingcontessa.blogspot.com tina

    A double header! LOVE LOVE LOVE the knit chickens, I must do this!! AND, love the dual contest with KnitPurlGurl—- very cool and well, of course I am playing along!!! :)

    fingers crossed………

  • ikkinlala

    It’s so nice to see more organic cotton options – I don’t mind knitting with cotton, but the quantity of chemicals it takes to grow it means I usually choose other fibres (like hemp or linen) when I can.

  • NatalieServant

    Saw your tweet about the KnitPurlGirl contest, went there, now I’m back here, having indulged in some fantasies browsing the WEBS store.

  • http://knitflix.blogspot.com Janice

    Love the chickens! Would love to convert one into a tea cozy. Looking forward to the pattern.

  • http://www.ballatrina.blogspot.com Trina

    Hi Kathy

    I just discovered your podcast, so i’m slowly catching up on some of your past episodes – they are very inspiring :)


  • http://knit.tabithasheart.com tabitha

    Just wanted to drop by your blog and say hello and how much I am loving Valley Yarns. It is quickly becoming my favorite yarn.

  • PlazaJen

    I am so stoked to get my hands on Jillian’s new designs! I’ve already been a-browsin’ the different yarns I might use… :) Must TRY to finish a thing or three first, the living area is slowly being engulfed by WiPs and yarn…..

  • KathyElkins

    Thanks Kathy! The Misti Yarns are all just gorgeous. Thanks so much for commenting! I love hearing from everyone!

  • KathyElkins

    Mary -Frances – I completely understand the loyalty to your LYS. It’s so important to support them. We’re here if you can’t find something there or whatever you need. Our store customers always feel awkward when they’ve shopped somewhere else – I always tell them they can date whichever other yarn shops they want as long as they always come home :)

    Thanks for subscribing and posting!

  • KathyElkins

    I promise I won’t “cluck” through the entire KAL. You’ll understand when you listen :)

  • KathyElkins

    Be sure to say hi!

  • KathyElkins

    I think it would be possible. . . . .

  • KathyElkins

    If you have any trouble finding any of the past KALs if you are interested, just let me know! Thanks for listening!

  • KathyElkins

    Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m glad you are enjoying the Valley Yarns. We’ve got some new colors and yarns in the works too!

  • KathyElkins

    I know just how you feel!

  • ClaireLeah

    You know – I love your store (bought from you at Stitches a few months ago – totally bummed it won’t be in Baltimore again next year!

    However, that being said – I am probably not going to be knitting a chicken. I am posting in here – after reading about the contest with Knit Purl Gurl on Twitter –

    but, I also like Classic Elite yarn – one of my faves Bravo (a mix of fame and mohair) or Inca Alpaca.

    Have a great day

  • http://knittingnightly.blogspot.com casey

    First of all let me say thank you for the podcast… I love it… But secondly thank you for sponsoring other knitting related things like groups, blogs and kAL.

    Thank you


  • KathyElkins

    Hey – we’re not all chicken people I did not think I would ever knit a chicken either. But here I am and I’m loving it. Got to mix things up a bit every now and again.

    Stitches Hartford wll be interesting to say the least. Sorry we’ll miss you this year! Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  • KathyElkins

    Thank YOU for listening! So appreciated! We love being a part of this community and try to have some fun and do things a bit differently every now and again.


  • http://twocrazyknitchicks.blogspot.com/ Susan

    Hi Kathy,
    I came by way of KnitPurlGurl’s blog to say hello and tell you what a great bag full of goodies you put together for her contest!! I love your podcast (I’m a longtime listener) so this was just the push I needed to come out of lurkdom. Yea Webs!!


  • KathyElkins

    Yay for non-lurkdom! We need to abolish that! I have a blog post in the infancy stages about this experience. Your comment and feedback and that of everyone else is so important! I’ve got to figure out a way to get this interaction happening on a more regular basis. Any suggestions?

    I so appreciate you taking the time to post and for listening to the podcast!


  • noallatin

    I already read your blog but I’m back because of Knit Purl Gurl’s contest.