July 6th, 2009

Ready, Set, Knit #135 – Interview with Claudia Segal of Weavolution

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This week on Ready, Set, Knit we changed things up a bit.  We went back to the future in a way.  As most of you know, we started as a weaving business with my mother-in-law Barbara teaching weaving classes out of the basement in her home.  Fast forward 35 years and how times have changed.  Although the art of handweaving remains about the same, it has certainly benefited from modern day technology.

Enter a new social networking just for handweavers called Weavolution (www.weavolution.com) recently launched by Claudia Segal, two partners and a bevy of developers.  Weavolution is still in beta, with new and improved portions still in the alpha phase.  If you are a handweaver or are thinking about taking up handweaving, take some time to listen to my conversation with Claudia and definitely check out the site.

Pixie and I also get started on the Botanica Medallion Cardigan, which is featured on the cover of the summer issue of Vogue Knitting.

You can listen to Ready, Set, Knit  directly on our website or you can download it via iTunes.



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