February 13th, 2010

Ready, Set, Knit #164 – Interview with Stacy Charles

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Hi Everyone

On this week’s episode of Ready, Set, Knit Steve has some more new yarns to share with you.  I’m particularly tickled with the new Prism yarn that has arrived.  It was one of our finds at TNNA back in January.

New Yarn

Kami Bison from Fibre Isle
Jawoll Magic from Lang
Sekku from Noro
Revive from Rowan’s Purelife Collection
Calypso from Prism

New Closeouts

Suri & Silk from Misti Alpaca
Pima Silk from Misti Alpaca

note:  These two closeouts just arrived yesterday due to the snow storm mid-week.  They’ll be up on the site early next week!

Our guest this week is the amazing Stacy Charles of Tahki/Stacy Charles.  I adore Stacy and love every opportunity I get to spend time with him.  Tahki/Stacy Charles develops and distributes several brands of yarns including Tahki, S. Charles Collezione, Filatura Di Crosa and Teva Durham’s Loop-d-Loop.  With so much yarn and only a 1/2 hour show, we decided to focus on just the new Spring Tahki line this week.  We’ll have Stacy back on later this spring to discuss the other new yarns and designs!

Spring 2010 Tahki Yarns

Cotton Classic Lite
Good Earth Cotton


I had planned to have Pixie join us via phone but we only had a few minutes left after my conversation with Stacy.  Next week we do not have a guest and will spend a lot of time on our Fearless Finishing segment.

You can listen to Ready, Set, Knit! via our website or you can download the podcast on iTunes.




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